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The champion car brands connected nan marketplace person produced vehicles that person withstood nan trial of time. These brands person solidified their reputations by making value cars pinch fantabulous driving performance, reliability, and safety. Even more, nan buyers of these brands are consistently satisfied pinch their purchases, further underscoring nan value of these makes and models. 

There is immoderate configuration and testing to observe which brands nutrient nan champion cars. Consumer Reports’ rankings are based connected a operation of driving performance, safety, and durability factors. The mean Overall Score of nan vehicles reflects these factors. 

In 2023, respective vehicles scored astatine aliases supra 80 points, pinch a fewer ranging betwixt 75-80 points. Even more, of nan 34 cars tested, only 7 brands are wholeheartedly recommended, according to Consumer Reports. You tin confidently bargain immoderate exemplary from 1 of these 7 brands. However, location are still 10 brands that rank supra 75 points, and moreover if not each of their models person nan stamp approval, you tin still remainder assured that you’re buying 1 of nan champion car brands. 

BMW – 82 Score

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso CoupeImage Credit: Alessio Chiolo/Flickr.

Bavarian Motor Works, amended known arsenic BMW, offers a operation of luxury and performance. In 2023, BMW scored 82 points, and based connected testing, Consumer Report recommends each exemplary from nan brand. This German automaker designs sedans, wagons, coupes, convertibles, and SUVs. Recently, BMW released immoderate electrical models, specified arsenic nan i3 hatchback. The BMW 2-Series and 4-Series proceed to beryllium instrumentality favorites. But remainder assured, based connected BMW’s rankings, you can’t spell incorrect pinch immoderate exemplary from this brand.

Porsche – 80 Score

Porsche 911 964 Carrera 4 LiechtbauImage Credit: Total 911 Magazine/Youtube.

Porsche, founded successful 1931, is recognized arsenic a renowned luxury brand. Since its origin, nan Porsche marque quickly made a sanction for itself, rising done nan ranks and solidifying itself arsenic a highly respected luxury marque successful nan automotive industry. With a people of 80, Consumer Reports recommends immoderate exemplary from nan Porsche brand. However, nan Porsche 911 and Porsche Cayenne continued to beryllium revered models from this brand. 

Subaru – 80 Score

2008 Subaru Impreza WRXImage Credit: Rutger van der Maar/WikiCommons.

Subaru is tied pinch nan Porsche marque astatine 80 points. Unlike BMW and Porsche, Subaru is not a luxury brand. However, Subaru still has a dedicated following. The marque produces fantabulous all-wheel thrust off-road vehicles, which are awesome cars for families and individuals alike. You tin thrust connected and off-road pinch these cars, and they’ll clasp up good against nan various challenges. However, not each of nan brand’s models are recommended for purchase.

Honda – 78 Score

Honda Civic Type RImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Honda has earned respective awards for its reliability and substance efficiency. The Honda marque is all-around good, which is evident in its receiving “Best Overall Brand” and “Best Value Brand” awards. Over 10 years, Honda has won astir 20 awards, marking it a family sanction successful nan automotive industry. The Honda Civic and Honda Accord are 2 of nan astir celebrated models from nan brand, but immoderate of their models are expected to withstand nan trial of time. 

Lexus – 78 Score

White Lexus LFA connected racetrackImage Credit: Toyota Global

Lexus is portion of Toyota’s luxury division, automatically securing it arsenic a marque known for exceptional craftsmanship and reliability. Not each Lexus models are created equal, truthful diligent investigation is ever encouraged. By and large, Lexus pairs a luxury driving acquisition pinch precocious technology. Models for illustration Lexus ES and Lexus RX proceed to stay celebrated models.

MINI -78 Score

BMW MiniImage Credit:
Dietmar Rabich/WikiCommons.

In 1996, BMW acquired nan MINI brand, which instantly demonstrates nan strengths of nan brand. To nary surprise, MINI is considered a luxury brand. Although MINI is owned by BMW, MINI Coopers and different models from nan marque are each produced by MINI—which exists arsenic its brand. Any make from nan MINI marque has nan stamp approval.

Kia – 78 Score

2014 Kia SoulImage Credit: Kia.

Kia is simply a very affordable brand, and nan models produced are each highly reliable, pinch projected debased attraction costs successful nan vehicles’ first 10 years. It is known arsenic Korea’s oldest conveyance shaper and nan second-largest automobile shaper successful Korea. Affiliated pinch its genitor company, Hyundai, nan Kia marque has made a sanction for itself arsenic a coagulated brand. J.D. Power named Kia nan astir reliable mass-market shaper successful 2021, 2022, 2023. Any of nan models from Kia are noted arsenic a coagulated option.

Mazda – 77 Score 

Mazda MX-30Image Credit: Mazda.

This Japanese marque launched successful 1931, and since its inception, Mazda has transformed nan automotive industry. The marque gained nickname early connected arsenic a racing car but quickly advanced. The “Zoom-Zoom” driving accuracy combines customer committedness pinch driving comfortableness and safety. All of nan Mazda models person nan stamp of approval, but nan Mazda MX-5 Miata and Mazda 3 are immoderate celebrated options to consider. 

Toyota – 77 Score

Toyota YarisImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Toyota is recognized arsenic 1 of nan world’s largest automakers, and owed to their notoriety, they person crafted a estimation known for reliability, durability, and efficiency. Although Consumer Report scored Toyota astatine 77 points—with a 3-point driblet from 2022—the marque continues to nutrient awesome vehicles. However, immoderate of Toyota’s models execute amended than others, truthful it’s wise to investigation earlier becoming a dedicated Toyota fan. 

Hyundai – 76 Score

Hyundai Santa FeImage Credit: Vauxford/WikiCommons.

Although Hyundai’s kid company, Kia, is classed higher connected nan Consumer Report’s list, Hyundai has gained 3 points since 2022’s ratings. Hyundai is simply a very affordable brand, but it tin struggle alongside immoderate of its competitors. However, nan Elantra and Santa Fe SUVs are fantabulous options from nan Hyundai brand.