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There are much ways than ever to find and ain a awesome car. Being a utilized conveyance is simply a applicable measurement to get a “new-you-you” car reasonably priced. But not everything is simply a bully deal. Avoid making a monolithic correction erstwhile buying a utilized car by avoiding these 13 atrocious places connected your search. 

Foreclosure Sales

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Like buying a foreclosed home, buying a foreclosed conveyance spells trouble. Foreclosed vehicles person constricted warranties, and erstwhile nan warranty is up, you mightiness beryllium nan proud caller proprietor of a lemon. On uncommon occasions, nan car’s erstwhile proprietor whitethorn way it down and want it back. It’s amended to commencement caller aliases bargain from an authorized dealership. 

Pop-Up Sales


Pop-up income should only beryllium for small, impulsive purchases, for illustration trinkets aliases mini gifts. Buying a car from a pop-up waste leaves you susceptible to scams, not to mention unprofessional, unknowledgeable sellers without nan correct expertise to show you astir nan car’s history. They don’t person to beryllium truthful, either, leaving you susceptible to buying an inefficient, horrible car.  

Dealerships Pushing In-House Financing

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Many dealerships connection in-house financing, which isn’t bad successful itself. However, a third-party lender would beryllium preferable because of nan excessive, precocious liking rates offered in-house. Always shop astir to spot what you tin beryllium approved for earlier arriving astatine a dealership. That way, you won’t beryllium tempted to usage in-house financing erstwhile you’re already there. 

Online Marketplaces

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Researching your options is ever a bully idea. But committing to a car without doing your owed diligence aliases sending money without seeing nan car is simply a horrible idea. For 1 thing, you don’t person a existent consciousness of nan car’s performance, history, and information conscionable from photos. Seeing a car successful personification is nan only measurement to verify its beingness and condition. Leave nan guessing to smaller purchases, for illustration apparel aliases trinkets.  

Low-Review Dealerships

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Some one-star ratings are so unjustified aliases from a one-off bad experience. Others overgarment an disfigured image of what you’ll acquisition if you bargain astatine nan dealership. If location are accordant scary stories, you won’t beryllium nan exception. If you determine to go, beryllium prepared to adhd antagonistic reviews to nan list. 

Shady Salespeople

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Feeling pressured to adjacent nan deal? If you’re being rushed, it’s for a reason. To a shady salesperson, you’re portion of a quota to meet. While galore salespeople enactment pinch integrity and want to lucifer you pinch a car for your needs and desires, plentifulness want to adjacent nan deal, nary questions asked. 

Auction House

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Auction houses don’t person an responsibility to inspect nan vehicles they sell. Once you triumph an auction, you whitethorn person won nan car, but you won’t cognize if it moreover useful until it’s successful your hands. Then you’ll person to lug a useless conveyance location pinch you a fewer 1000 dollars little than before. 


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Not only is it a logistical nightmare to get nan car overseas, but ideate nan fees and shipping costs to get it here. Legally, it tin besides origin a batch of problems for you. If you really person your bosom group connected a vehicle, cognize nan existent costs of getting it present earlier making nan purchase. 


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There’s thing incorrect pinch looking astatine a car online to study much astir it. But if a car is for waste and there’s nary paperwork aliases different trace of wherever it’s been, you don’t cognize its history. Think doubly earlier putting a deposit down connected a car online. Don’t participate your banking aliases in installments paper accusation done an unverifiable source.    

Dealerships pinch No Refund aliases Return Policies

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No matter what, you should ever bargain from a dealership pinch immoderate benignant of refund aliases return policy. Without it, you’re stuck pinch a car you’re unhappy pinch and a costs you don’t want to make. Always inquire to spot afloat refund and return policies, and person nan salesperson elaborate connected thing unclear. 

Unsafe Locations

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No matter really bully nan woody is, ne'er meet up pinch personification successful an isolated, hidden location. It’s a speedy measurement to get retired of a car and your consciousness of security. Instead, if you’ve reviewed each of nan accusation and person what you need, work together to meet successful a public, well-lit location for illustration a engaged parking lot. 

Unlicensed Sellers

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People waste their utilized vehicles each of nan clip without a license, but it doesn’t ever make it a bully idea. Having a verified seller intends you, arsenic nan consumer, are protected from scams aliases a unspeakable utilized vehicle. So, if you announcement nan seller of a utilized car you’re eyeing has nary certifications to verify nan value of nan car, reconsider earlier taking retired nan wallet. 

Dealerships pinch Limited Warranty Options

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Warranties guarantee that you get protection from faulty parts. While utilized vehicles person usually surpassed nan original warranty time, buying a utilized car that is Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) has immoderate benignant of warranty successful lawsuit an rumor occurs pinch your purchase. Ask your car dealership if they connection CPO vehicles arsenic portion of their line-up. Many do!