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For 120 years, Ford has built immoderate of nan best vehicles connected nan market. Their committedness to excellence and building innovative vehicles has stood nan trial of time. Their trucks are top-rated, trading complete 1 cardinal models successful 2023. 

A Ford motortruck fan, particularly of nan iconic F-150? Try seeing really galore of these unsocial trucks you’ve seen before. We stake you haven’t seen them all! 

F-150 Harley Davidson Edition 

F-150 Harley Davidson Edition Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Fans of nan iconic American motorcycle salivate astatine nan show of nan Harley-Davidson Edition F-150! Enthusiasts could take from a achromatic aliases grey four-door motortruck pinch a Harley-Davidson logo and a model decal. Its supercharged 340 horsepower, 5.4L V8 motor pulls it each together. It debuted successful 2000, and nan package was disposable for nan Lightning from 2002 to 2003. 

F-150 Tonka Edition

F-150 Tonka EditionImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Yes, conscionable like those Tonka trucks! The Tuscany Motor Company built nan Tonka Edition F-150 and is nan cleanable measurement to relive puerility pinch nan existent deal. It has Tonka-inspired accents, 20-inch wheels, hood scoops, and high-performance shocks. Want 1 of your own? You only request a Lariat Crew Cab Edition of nan F-150 and nan rate to person it. Easy peasy if you person an other $76,000 lying around.

F-150 Hennessey Velociraptor 

F-150 Hennessey Velociraptor Image Credit: Ford.

This F-150 is nan closest point to a unrecorded dinosaur you’ll get! The Hennessey Velociraptor includes an ungraded FOX suspension a roaring 750 horsepower motor and is arsenic intimidating arsenic a existent life monster. Rough terrains don’t guidelines a chance against nan motortruck and was built for outdoor enthusiasts fresh to spell off-road. 

Shelby F-150 Super Snake

Shelby F-150 Super Snake SportImage Credit: Shelby.com.

Certainly you’ve heard of a Shelby before, right? What if personification took nan premier Mustang package and transcript and pasted it connected an F-150? High-performance play and practicality meet successful nan F-150 Super Snake! Inside is simply a powerful 770 horsepower motor and a lowered suspension pinch nan spot of nan emblematic F-150. First released successful 2017, you tin get an upgraded thoroughfare motortruck starting astatine astir $93K. 

Ford Ranger SkyRanger Convertible 

Ford SkyRanger ConvertibleImage Credit: Pinterest.

Yes, a convertible successful motortruck form. It seems wild, but it happened! The SkyRanger was impervious of really innovative a motortruck could get. Some models moreover came pinch chrome towing mirrors. The SkyRanger was built by Professional Auto Crafters, located adjacent Ford’s headquarters. Under 20 were built, though nary 1 tin determine betwixt 14 and 17 arsenic nan nonstop number. 

Sin City Hustler (Ford Excursion)

Ford ExcursionImage Credit: IFCAR/WikiCommons.

The Ford Excursion is simply a heavy-duty SUV that remains nan largest ever produced…until nan Sin City Hustler. The stretched out, customized painted SUV is simply a monster motortruck and limo each successful one, sitting 32 feet crossed and 12 feet high. Want 1 of your own? It’ll only costs you a cardinal dollars. 

Bigfoot Cruiser

Bigfoot CruiserImage Credit: Bring a Trailer.

Bigfoot is real and seldom seen. That’s because Ford’s Bigfoot Cruiser was portion of a now-discontinued package. Though a bummer, it’s for a bully reason; nan motortruck started respective fires, a lawsuit, and yet recalled. This is excessively bad because nan unsocial graphics reflected nan iconic monster motortruck creation well. Maybe we’ll spot thing akin (that doesn’t catch connected fire) again soon. 


NASCAR F-150Image Credit: WikiCommons.

If nan Harley-Davidson Edition wasn’t awesome capable for you, really astir nan NASCAR version? During a clip erstwhile pickup motortruck racing was trendy and NASCAR was each nan rage, Ford capitalized connected nan attraction pinch their unsocial racecar-themed truck. Think raised yellowish lettering, a NASCAR logo, and black-out rims. It was a title fan’s dream travel true!

Ford F-150 Foose Edition

Ford F-150 Foose EditionImage Credit: Mecum Auctions. 

A debased and mean machine, nan Foose Edition of nan F-150 mixed nan celebrated basking rod designer artistic pinch nan motortruck we each cognize and love. Its four-door unit cab rode connected 22-inch chrome rims and features a civilization interior. It was built pinch a 5.8-liter V8 motor pinch an intercooler to push retired 500 lb-ft of torque. 

Ford 3000 Leisure Bakkie

Ford 3000 Leisure BakkieImage Credit: FaceBook.

As nan sanction implies, nan Ford 3000 Leisure Bakkie was built for leisure. Powered by a 3-liter engine, this motortruck ne'er made it to America. Designed successful South Africa arsenic their type of nan Ford Cortina and nan European type of nan Ford Escort, you could beryllium backmost and relax pinch this truck. Can you import one? You judge can. But for illustration immoderate imported vehicle, it costs astir $2,000 unsocial to ship. 

Ford Bantam

Ford BantamImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Just for illustration nan Bakkie, nan Bantam was South Africa’s type of a Ford Fiesta, but arsenic a mini truck. It has a body-colored beforehand bumper, an different displacement from nan accustomed achromatic color. It was produced until 2011. But dissimilar nan Bakkie, you cannot import one, nary matter really severely you want it.


Ford F4000 Image Credit: Flickr.

You’ve heard of nan F-150, nan F-250, nan F-350, and now…the F-4000? Seriously? Yep. This Brazalian-built motortruck weighed 6-tons and made for aggravated cultivation use. Inside were four-cylinder diesel engines. While made pinch 2 rows of seating, anyone wanting to beryllium successful nan backmost of nan motortruck had to crawl their measurement into it.  


Ford FalconImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Ford Falcon is 1 of nan better-known Utes connected nan market, but that doesn’t make it easy to find. With its six-speed transmission and sport-tuned suspension, it remains a celebrated motortruck successful nan Australian market. Australia’s sedan-based pickups gained traction erstwhile they first premiered successful nan 1950’s and still holds up coming arsenic a saccharine dainty a pickup enthusiast successful America won’t get easily.