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In nan ever-evolving world of automotive innovation, definite features person travel and gone, leaving down a bequest of nostalgia and wonder. From quirky gadgets to groundbreaking technologies, these 24 awesome car features correspond nan pinnacle of automotive ingenuity and creativity. While immoderate person faded into obscurity owed to changing trends and advancements successful technology, others stay cherished memories for automotive enthusiasts astir nan world.

Manual roll-down windows

manual model crankImage Credit: Flickr.

Manual roll-down windows required occupants to physically move a crank to little aliases raise nan model glass, a task that has been replaced by electrical powerfulness model systems successful modern cars, offering convenience and easiness of operation.

Hand-cranked starter

1912 CadillacImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Before nan advent of electrical starters, hand-cranked starters required drivers to manually crank nan motor to commencement nan car. This characteristic has been replaced by electrical starters, which supply effortless motor starting pinch nan move of a cardinal aliases push of a button.

Choke control

Manual ChokesImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Choke controls were utilized to set nan air-fuel substance successful carbureted engines during acold starts. With nan wide take of substance injection systems successful modern cars, choke controls are nary longer necessary, arsenic physics motor guidance systems automatically set nan air-fuel substance for optimal starting and performance.

Cassette portion player

Cassette DecksWikiCommons.

Cassette portion players were erstwhile a celebrated action for playing euphony successful cars, but they person been mostly replaced by CD players, MP3 players, and streaming services successful modern infotainment systems, offering superior sound value and a wider scope of euphony options.


Carburetor Heat ControlsImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Carburetors were utilized to operation aerial and substance successful soul combustion engines earlier nan wide take of substance injection systems. Modern cars usage physics substance injection systems, which connection improved substance efficiency, emissions control, and motor capacity compared to carburetors.

Non-collapsible steering columns

vintage steering wheelImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Non-collapsible steering columns were prone to illness successful nan arena of a frontal collision, expanding nan consequence of wounded to nan driver. Modern cars are equipped pinch collapsible steering columns, which are designed to sorb power and trim nan consequence of wounded successful nan arena of a collision.

Drum brakes

Drum brakesImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Drum brakes were erstwhile a communal type of braking strategy utilized successful cars, but they person been mostly replaced by disc brakes successful modern vehicles, offering improved stopping power, durability, and power dissipation.

Manual transmission pinch a floor-mounted shifter

floor-mounted shifterImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Manual transmissions pinch floor-mounted shifters required drivers to manually displacement gears utilizing a lever mounted connected nan level of nan car. While manual transmissions are still disposable successful immoderate modern cars, they are often equipped pinch shifters mounted connected nan halfway console aliases steering file for improved ergonomics and easiness of use.

Bench seats

Bench SeatsImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Bench seats, which could accommodate aggregate passengers successful nan beforehand statement of a car, person been mostly replaced by individual bucket seats successful modern vehicles, offering improved comfort, support, and customization options for occupants.

Vent windows

Wing WindowsImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Vent windows, besides known arsenic helping windows, were small, hinged windows located successful nan beforehand doors of cars that could beryllium opened to supply further ventilation. These windows person been mostly replaced by aerial conditioning systems successful modern cars, offering much effective cooling and ambiance power options.

Mechanical distributors

Mechanical distributors were utilized to modulate nan timing of spark ignition successful soul combustion engines. Modern cars usage physics ignition systems, which connection improved reliability, precision, and power complete spark timing compared to mechanical distributors.

Manual steering

vintage steering instrumentality done windowImage Credit: Unsplash.

Manual steering systems required drivers to physically move nan steering instrumentality to maneuver nan vehicle. Modern cars are equipped pinch powerfulness steering systems, which usage hydraulic aliases electrical assistance to trim steering effort and amended maneuverability.

Pop-up headlights

pop up headlightImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Pop-up headlights were a celebrated characteristic successful cars from nan 1960s to nan 1990s, but they person mostly been replaced by fixed headlights successful modern vehicles owed to information regulations and creation preferences.

Manual windshield wipers

1951 Chevrolet 3100 Pick-UpImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Manual windshield wipers required drivers to manually run a lever aliases crank to swipe nan windshield cleanable of rainfall aliases debris. Modern cars are equipped pinch electrical windshield wipers, which connection automatic cognition and adaptable velocity settings for improved visibility successful inclement weather.

Push-button AM radios

Women turning fastener connected car power for listening to musicImage Credit: Shutterstock.

Push-button AM radios were a communal characteristic successful cars from nan 1950s to nan 1970s, but they person been mostly replaced by modern infotainment systems pinch touchscreen displays, integer power reception, and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming euphony and hands-free calling.