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Italy is location to Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lancia, and Maserati—four of nan astir celebrated and iconic names successful motoring history. 

Over nan years, these companies and much person produced immoderate awesome automobiles. But Italy, God’s racetrack, has besides made its adjacent stock of clangers.

This database contains 15 vintage Italian models that cipher likes. We person included a fewer much modern cars to capable retired nan list, but they each person a estimation they would emotion to shingle off.

Fiat Multipla

Fiat MultiplaImage Credit: Corvettec6r/WikiCommons.

While not technically vintage, nan Fiat Multipla is 1 of Italy’s astir polarizing cars. The conception was simple. Create a large, six-seater utilizing nan Bravo/Brava arsenic nan basis, pinch 2 rows of 3 seats and plentifulness of luggage space.

The execution was good. The Multipla had plentifulness of abstraction wrong for its occupants and luggage without making them consciousness cramped. The rumor was that it looked truthful different that buyers extracurricular of Italy ne'er resonated pinch it. Fiat moreover gave nan Multipla a facelift successful nan mid-2000s. So this was a awesome car that couldn’t shingle disconnected its different styling.

Alfa Romeo Arna

Alfa Romeo ArnaImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Alfa Romeo Arna is an different product. It was nan consequence of an confederation betwixt Alfa Romeo and Nissan. The Italian shaper wanted to switch its Alfasud but needed much funds, truthful it turned to Nissan.

The Arna was what came from that partnership, but it quickly became thing of a joke. The styling was dull, lacking immoderate Italian flair aliases Japanese sportiness. The handling could person been better, arsenic was emblematic of immoderate Nissans of nan era, and nan Italian electronics nether nan hood caused galore problems. The look to create nan Arna didn’t work.

Maserati Biturbo

1984 Maserati BiturboImage Credit: dave_7/WikiCommons.

The Maserati Biturbo was nan manufacturer’s effort astatine creating an Italian type of a high-performance, luxury BMW. The Biturbo became a family of executive expansive tourers, which Maserati had produced for complete 10 years.

Despite its agelong accumulation time, nan Biturbo is little fondly remembered than different Maseratis, specified arsenic nan Bora. The various engines suffered from overheating and mediocre build value passim its accumulation run. The biggest problem was that nan Biturbo ended Maserati’s engagement pinch nan American market. 

Lancia Beta Berlina

1976 Lancia Beta BerlinaImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Lancia was erstwhile astatine nan forefront of Italian car design. But that came to a crashing halt acknowledgment to nan Lancia Beta Berlina, a awesome car isolated from 1 superior issue. The Berlina and different Beta models were each progressive successful a monolithic callback successful nan UK successful nan 1980s owed to terrible rust successful areas specified arsenic nan motor mountings. 

Lancia was past forced, astatine awesome expense, to bargain backmost a full big of Betas and past supply their owners pinch replacements. This costs Lancia good complete $1 cardinal and shattered nan company’s reputation. Lancia ne'er recovered, and a fewer years later, it pulled retired of nan right-hand thrust marketplace altogether. At nan time, Britain was nan company’s biggest marketplace extracurricular of Italy.

Maserati Quattroporte 2

Maserati Quattroporte 2Image Credit: WikiCommons.

The Quattroporte is 1 of nan astir celebrated models successful Maserati’s history. The 2nd procreation debuted successful 1974. Produced until 1978, nan caller Quattroporte was a monolithic downgrade connected nan outgoing model.

Maserati was astatine nan clip owned by Citroen, and an extended Citroen SM chassis would beryllium nan car’s underpinnings. That unsocial caused issues, but much pressing was nan feeble 3.0-liter V6 nether nan hood that produced conscionable 200 hp. The Bertone styling was amazingly bland, and successful nan end, Maserati produced conscionable 12 accumulation cars.

Fiat Argenta

Fiat ArgentaImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Fiat produced nan Argenta from 1981 to 1985. It was a ample family car that replaced nan erstwhile Fiat 132. The 132 was a hugely successful car, trading complete 1 cardinal units, but nan Argenta struggled to replicate this.

Fiat simply redesigned nan 132 into nan Argenta, which meant nan 132’s mediocre trains, specified arsenic its mediocre handling, were each carried complete into nan caller model. While nan twin-cam motor nether nan hood was bully enough, nan later 77 hp diesel from an Iveco motortruck was decidedly gutless.

Lancia Voyager

Lancia VoyagerImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Following nan rust ungraded that severely wounded nan company, Lancia became a protector of its erstwhile self. It went from producing cars arsenic legendary arsenic nan Fulvia, Stratos, 037, and Delta Integrale to atrocious things specified arsenic nan Ypsilon and nan Voyager minivan.

The Voyager wasn’t moreover a Lancia. It was conscionable nan Chrysler Voyager minivan, slapped pinch a Lancia badge to waste nan conveyance successful Europe. As acold arsenic minivans went, it was average. But arsenic acold arsenic a Lancia goes, nan Voyager was criminal and showed really acold nan Italian institution had fallen. 

Lancia Gamma

Lancia GammaImage Credit: Lancia Gamma/Flickr.

The Gamma is 1 of nan finest-looking Lancias that nan Italian shaper has produced. It has sleek curves, consecutive lines, and unique styling, making it an incredibly handsome car. But it did person its flaws.

The 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter flat-four engines produced conscionable 120 and 140 hp, respectively. However, their astir important rumor was nan terrible powerfulness steering issue. Lancia engineers drove nan pump disconnected nan camshaft, which could origin a full motor nonaccomplishment pinch bent valves erstwhile turning nan instrumentality to afloat lock. This was much salient if nan motor was cold. As one-half remained unaffected, moving nan motor could consequence successful full failure.

1988 Chrysler TC By Maserati

1988 Chrysler TC By MaseratiImage Credit: Pinterest.

The Chrysler TC by Maserati is simply a unspeakable American and Italian car astatine nan aforesaid time. The thought was simple. Create an Italian sports car, bring it to North America, and waste it astatine Chrysler dealerships nether nan American manufacturer’s name. That sounds elemental enough.

The problem was, however, that nan Chrysler TC by Maserati was much Chrysler than Maserati. The first motor nether nan hood, nan 2.2-liter turbocharged inline-four, was besides 2 years late. Chrysler executives called nan TC hopeless, and dealerships crossed America struggled to waste immoderate of them.

Polski Fiat 126p

Polski Fiat 126pImage Credit: Adrian Kot/Flickr.

The Fiat 126 replaced nan iconic Fiat 500, and nan Italian shaper allowed car accumulation nether licence successful Poland. Fabryka Samochodów Małolitrażowych produced nan car, becoming nan Polski Fiat 126p.

It was inexpensive and readily available, becoming nan astir communal car successful Poland successful nan 1980s. The 126p was only a mini metropolis car, but arsenic it was nan only prime for astir families, they had nary prime but to bargain it. Demand was truthful precocious that location was a two-year waiting list, and compared to comparable cars successful nan West, nan 126p was incredibly outdated.

Fiat Strada (Ritmo) Cabrio

Fiat Strada (Ritmo) CabrioImage Credit: WikiCommons.

In nan 1980s, Fiat wanted to capitalize connected nan fame of nan Mk1 Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet. The thought of a small, convertible basking hatchback appealed to many, truthful they devised nan Strada Cabrio.

Yet, wherever nan Mk1 Golf was a handsome car, nan immense anti-roll barroom and debased waistline made nan Strada Cabrio look ungainly. Poor value control, a batch of shaking erstwhile driving it, and mediocre capacity were added to nan mixture, and nan Strada Cabrio was a look for disaster.

Fiat Stilo

Fiat StiloImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Like nan Multipla, nan Fiat Stilo stretches nan limit of vintage, but it is still worthy of a spot connected this list. The biggest rumor was nan Stilo’s drab and dreary design, which was easy to miss moreover if it was nan only car successful sight.

The problem was that Fiat was having a assurance issue, moreover though underneath nan plain exterior was a good, solid, and reliable car. Fiat had banished galore electrical and reliability problems successful nan past fewer years. Sadly, its attempts astatine becoming nan Italian Volkswagen ne'er resonated pinch nan consumer.

Covini C6W

Covini C6WImage Credit: Andrew Basterfield/WikiCommons.

Demand for a six-wheeled supercar has ne'er been exceptionally high, but that didn’t extremity Italian patient Covini Engineering from processing nan Covini C6W. The mini institution took inspiration straight from nan 1976 Tyrell P34 six-wheel F1 car and fitted it pinch a 434 hp 4.2-liter Audi V8. 

The C6W worked contempt galore expectations. Its apical velocity was besides awesome astatine 186 mph, and its Audi motor was reliable. However, the immense $400,000 value tag for a car cipher wanted didn’t work. With astir consumers still preferring their supercars to person 4 wheels, nan C6W faded into nan shadows. 

Alfa Romeo 90

Alfa Romeo 90Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Alfa Romeo only produced nan 90 from 1984 to 1987. The all-new Alfa Romeo 90 arsenic a caller car was conscionable nan erstwhile Alfa Romeo Alfetta pinch a redesigned body. In fact, nan 90 still sat connected nan aforesaid chassis arsenic nan Alfetta, pinch nan engines coming from nan Alfa 6. 

During nan mid-1980s, Alfa Romeo struggled for rate and needed to prevention money wherever possible. The 90 was its effort astatine taking nan Alfetta into a caller generation, but it gave nan nationalist nan belief that it was an all-new car. It didn’t work, and nan outdated executive car lasted conscionable 4 years.

Fiat 500L

Fiat 500LImage Credit: WikiCommons.

While it mightiness beryllium a modern car, nan Fiat 500L is truthful unspeakable it deserves a spot here. The 500L is simply a minivan type of nan reborn Fiat 500, but it was stretching nan truth a spot by utilizing nan 500 moniker successful its name. Famous for its mini size, nan 500L was thing but small.

Fiat utilized nan L suffix to denote that nan car was “large,” and contempt a accumulation tally of 10 years, nan 500L had its problems. The 500L’s mediocre build value was evident, arsenic was nan main Fiat 500 model. With guidelines powerfulness astatine conscionable 79 hp, it was a gutless minivan. Even nan astir potent 1.4-liter MuliAir Turbo, pinch 160 hp, was anemic.