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When you deliberation of high-performance sedans, galore of america deliberation of BMW. The German elephantine has produced cars for illustration nan M3 and M5 for decades and has besides built immoderate of nan champion family cars and SUVs connected nan market.

Over nan years, BMW has besides worked difficult connected special editions and unsocial concepts. Some of which are exceptionally rare.

In this list, we will look astatine uncommon vehicles and various conception cars. We will besides look astatine immoderate unsocial version BMWs you mightiness not remember.

BMW M1 Homage

BMW M1 HomageImage Credit: Miguel Mendez/WikiCommons.

The M1 Homage is simply a integer creation from Chris Bangle. As nan sanction suggests, it is simply a modern-day reinterpretation of nan iconic M1, nan first car from BMW’s M division. A sleek, streamlined, and modern creation refreshes nan M1 while staying existent to nan practice and DNA of nan original.

BMW i3 Shadow Sport

BMW i3 Shadow SportImage Credit: BMWBLOG/Pinterest.

An improbable rarity is this typical version of nan i3 electrical car. BMW unveiled this EV successful November 2015 for nan US market, pinch a Fluid Black overgarment colour positive a caller interior design. BMW would make conscionable 50 units, trading retired successful little than an hour. The i3 Shadow Sport, however, had a constricted scope of 81 miles.


BMW M3-RImage Credit: hayabusa206/Flickr.

This unsocial version of nan M3 was nan creation of Frank Gardner Racing successful Australia, successful a associated task pinch BMW. Both companies did this to conflict Porsche and Mazda. The motor had a revised camshaft, dual-pickup lipid sump, an improved aerial intake, and a caller ECU. This boosted nan powerfulness up to 322 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. 

BMW 2002 Hommage

BMW 2002 HommageImage Credit: Raphaël Belly/Flickr.

The 2002 Hommage is easy 1 of nan astir dramatic-looking BMW conception cars. The car is simply a tribute to nan 2002 Turbo of nan 1970s, pinch nan Hommage launched successful 2016 to people 50 years since nan original. BMW described nan car arsenic “a creation study that reimagines nan engineering down nan original model,” though BMW released nary accusation connected nan car’s powertrain.

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R

BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage RImage Credit: Sebastien Cosse/Flickr.

Revealed successful 2015, nan CSL Hommage R is different theatrical concept from BMW. The car pays homage to nan original 3.0 CSL Batmobile from nan early 1970s, and nan inline-six motor provided nan conception pinch 500 hp. Incredible exterior changes, specified arsenic nan caller rear helping and beforehand splitter, highlighted nan changes, arsenic did nan melodramatic BMW Motorsport overgarment scheme.


BMW M1Image Credit: WikiCommons.

The M1 is nan car that started nan BMW M story, but it astir didnt hap astatine all. Dallara worked connected nan original chassis, and Lamborghini was initially expected to build nan car. But they deed terrible financial trouble, pinch BMW taking complete nan plans and finishing what Lamborghini started. The M1 became nan cleanable car for nan caller 24-valve BMW M straight-six engine.

BMW M3 E30

BMW M3 E30Image Credit: SunflowerYuri/WikiCommons.

The M3 E30 is arguably nan top procreation of nan M3 and is nan original edition. The E30 is an existent homologation special, pinch nan car making a sanction for itself successful touring car racing. The chassis is 1 of nan champion BMW ever created, and nan statement portion was, of course, nan S14 four-cylinder engine.

BMW 2800 GTS

BMW 2800 GTSImage Credit: Hog Troglodyte/Flickr.

The 2800 GTS is simply a BMW you mightiness not person heard of. That is because it was nan merchandise of Italian coachbuilder Pietro Frua. Based connected nan BMW E9 platform, nan 2800 GTS had a unsocial body, and nan covers came disconnected nan car astatine nan 1969 Frankfurt Auto Show. The 2800 GTS was besides applicable arsenic a four-seater, and sadly, it would ne'er participate production.

BMW Isetta Bubble Car

BMW Isetta Bubble CarImage Credit: Richard Simons/Flickr.

The Isetta came during a mini-craze for bubble cars. These were small, three-wheeled machines pinch a doorway opening astatine nan beforehand of nan vehicle. The Isetta’s amazingly bully substance system made it nan world’s first mass-production car to execute 94 MPG. Bubble cars ne'er caught on, and BMW produced nan past Isetta successful 1962.

BMW i8

BMW i8Image Credit: BMW.

The i8 is 1 of nan fewer BMW conception cars that made it into production. The i8 was a hybrid sports car, showcasing what BMW could do pinch nan technology. Its substance system was awesome astatine 112 MPG, acknowledgment to nan 369 turbocharged inline-three pinch its 131 hp electrical motor. While capacity was not what BMW had hoped for, nan i8 received precocious praise for its refreshing design. 

BMW 328 Homage

BMW 328 HomageImage Credit: Daniel/Flickr.

The 328 Homage is simply a striking conception that pays tribute to nan original 1930s roadster of nan aforesaid name. BMW took nan covers disconnected nan homage successful 2011, celebrating 75 years of nan 328 arsenic it mixed nan retro cues from nan original pinch those of a modern sports car. Leather bonnet straps, a gangly BMW kidney grille, and multi-hole alloy wheels were nan standout cues from nan original 328. 

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe

BMW Pininfarina Gran Lusso CoupeImage Credit: Alessio Chiolo/Flickr.

BMW took nan covers disconnected this conception successful 2013 astatine nan Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este. Pininfarina played a monolithic domiciled successful its design, contributing to its stunning-looking conception pinch its debased and agelong shape. It had nary engine, but it would expect nan V12 twin-turbo-powered 8 Series that came a fewer years later. 

Mini Rocketman

Mini RocketmanImage Credit: Cedric Ramirez/WikiCommons.

While it doesn’t transportation a BMW badge, nan Mini sanction now falls nether nan BMW umbrella. The Rocketman was an bonzer concept, creating nan first religious Mini since nan very early days of nan car. It ne'er entered production, but nan thought showed america that a mini Mini is still possible.

BMW Z22 Concept

BMW Z22 ConceptImage Credit: hayabusa206/Flickr.

The Z22 is quirky, showcasing a futuristic four-door position wagon resembling a BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. It celebrated nan 15th day of BMW Technik GmbH, and it was afloat of electrical and integer experiments, specified arsenic a integer dashboard and a rearview show successful spot of a mirror. Despite its fantabulous design, BMW chose not to prosecute nan X22.

BMW E1 & E2 BEVs

BMW E1Image Credit: Revistadelmotor/Flickr.

This brace of electrical car concepts collapsed screen successful nan early 1990s. The first BMW EV was a modified 1602, nan 1602e, from 1972. But nan E1 and E2 are nan first existent BMW electrical cars. The E1 had a 32 kW motor, giving a apical velocity of 75 mph and a maximum scope of 124 miles acknowledgment to nan 120-volt battery. The E2 further evolved nan concept, creating a bigger conveyance much suitable for families. 

BMW M5 Touring

BMW M5 TouringImage Credit: nakhon100/WikiCommons.

The original M5 Touring from nan 2000s has go 1 of nan astir revered BMW M5s. BMW wanted to create a racetrack-capable five-door car, truthful it shoved a 5.0-liter V10 pinch 500 horsepower and 384 pounds of torque nether nan hood. Performance was impressive, pinch a constricted apical velocity of 155 mph and 0-62 mph of 4.8 seconds. For those who wanted a faster M5 Touring, customers could get nan optional velocity of 189 mph. 

1972 BMW Turbo

1972 BMW TurboImage Credit: eric/Flickr.

The 1972 BMW Turbo is 1 of nan astir celebrated BMW concepts. Showcased astatine nan 1972 Olympics, nan Turbo had gullwing doors, a shark-like body, and a 280 hp 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine. There were evident creation similarities pinch nan M1, but sadly, this fantastic-looking car would stay a concept.


BMW Z1Image Credit: WikiCommons.

There is nary arguing that nan BMW Z1 is simply a great-looking sports car. It has quirks for illustration nan retracting doors, but its aggressive, crisp lines created a fast-looking car. The Z1 was sadly fto down by nan 2.5-liter straight-six engine, taken from nan modern BMW 3 Series. With conscionable 170 hp, it did not nutrient nan capacity expected of a sports car.

BMW 7 Series Hydrogen

BMW 7 Series HydrogenImage Credit: Tom Rafter/Flickr.

Easily forgotten is that BMW erstwhile produced a hydrogen luxury sedan. This was nan 7 Series hydrogen, produced from 2005 to 2007, which was a specially prepared 760 Li exemplary that ran connected liquid hydrogen and regular gasoline. Sadly, a slow accumulation complaint fto down nan first production-ready rider car that ran connected hydrogen.

BMW 3-Series E21 Baur

BMW 3-Series E21 BaurImage Credit: peterolthof/Flickr.

Baur is simply a German institution that erstwhile had a beardown moving narration pinch BMW. The institution produced unsocial limited-edition models pinch bodies supplied by BMW. One was nan 3-Series E21 Baur, constricted to conscionable 4,500 units. The E21 Baur is rarer successful nan US, pinch only 25 examples sold.

BMW 502 Barockengel

BMW 502 BarockengelImage Credit: Georg Peter Landsiedel/Flickr.

BMW looked to rebuild aft World War 2 and introduced 2 sedans, nan 501 and 502. The 502 was a very luxurious, hand-made two-door coupe and convertible pinch an aluminum V8 nether nan hood. As it became known, nan Barockengel (Baroque Angel) suffered pinch its precocious value tag and nan unreliable aluminum V8. But this 2.0-liter powered car has go a existent collector’s item, and it was bully capable to interest Mercedes successful nan 1950s. 


BMW E36 M3 GTImage Credit: nakhon100/WikiCommons.

The E36 M3 GT is simply a scarce type of nan sedan, pinch only 3 units produced by BMW. BMW added nan GT moniker to nan M3 to bring way capacity to nan streets, and they utilized each car for testing and development. Under nan hood, nan M3 GT had a 4.0-liter V8 pinch 450 hp, reduced to 390 hp for nan street-legal version.

BMW 750iL Touring Station Wagon

BMW 750iL Touring Station WagonImage Credit: Pinterest.

The 750iL touring was common, pinch 311,068 units produced. But uncovering 1 successful bully information now is hard. What was a rarity, however, was nan position wagon version. This had features specified arsenic nan tractional power and progressive suspension of nan sedan version, but nan other agelong assemblage of a wagon. Power came from a mighty 5.0-liter V12 motor pinch 295 hp.

BMW Z8 Alpina

BMW Z8 AlpinaImage Credit: Thesupermat/WikiCommons.

Alpina is to BMW what AMG is to Mercedes. The tuning institution took nan already awesome Z8 and created nan Alpina Z8. Alpina replaced nan 4.9-liter V8 pinch a somewhat smaller 4.8-liter motor and made a touring type of nan convertible pinch only 555 units produced. Power was still beardown pinch 375 hp and 384 lb-ft of torque.