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There are aggregate reasons why a car mightiness not property well. The astir evident is possibly its creation because we each cognize trends will alteration complete time.

Gas-guzzlers person besides fallen retired of favour pinch astir car buyers these days, acknowledgment to ambiance alteration and substance prices that person reached ridiculous levels. EVs don’t look to property good either, arsenic older models don’t connection anyplace adjacent nan scope of modern cars. Finally, immoderate cars are conscionable bad and unreliable and should beryllium avoided. So, pinch that successful mind, let’s cheque retired 24 cars that aged badly.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT CruiserImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Some American cars, specified arsenic nan Ford Mustang, Dodge Challenger, and Chevy Camaro, nailed nan retro creation trend. Unfortunately, nan PT Cruiser is not connected that list.

When nan PT Cruiser first emerged, group thought nan basking rod-inspired retro car looked cool and quirky, but erstwhile they sewage down nan wheel, that illusion shattered. It conscionable wasn’t a nosy car to drive. Combined pinch a creation aged for illustration beverage alternatively than good wine, nan PT Cruiser is champion near alone.

Bugatti Veyron

Bugatti VeyronImage Credit: WikiCommons.

It’s been almost 20 years since French car shaper Bugatti gave america nan Veyron. Looking astatine nan spec sheets backmost past was for illustration reference astir alien exertion – its stats are still awesome today.

However, the Veyron’s creation didn’t property well. When parked adjacent to its successor, nan Chiron, nan Veyron looks for illustration it’s modeled aft a soap bar.

Fisker Karma

Fisker KarmaImage Credit: Indianhilbilly/WikiCommons.

The Fisker Karma luxury plug-in range-extended electrical sports sedan didn’t person a agelong life. Production started successful 2011, and by November 2012, Fisker’s artillery supplier revenge for bankruptcy pursuing 2 artillery recalls. Fisker sold nan conveyance authorities to Chinese institution Wanxiang, and they renamed nan car Karma Revero.

The Karma’s capacity ne'er lived up to nan hype. The 2 electrical motors nutrient astir 200 hp each, 0 to 60 mph takes 5.9 seconds, and nan apical velocity is 125 mph. For a sports sedan, those are disappointing numbers.

C4 Chevy Corvette

C4 Chevy CorvetteImage Credit: Mecum Auctions.

The C4 was nan first all-new Corvette since nan ’60s. Like its predecessors, it had a assemblage made from fiberglass. Chevrolet besides utilized aluminum for nan C4’s suspension and chassis, keeping weight arsenic debased arsenic possible, and it moreover made nan car practically rust-proof.

By nan 2000s, nan C4 looked dated, but it has precocious grown successful fame acknowledgment to its classical looks. However, nan interior looks for illustration a ceremony of inexpensive plastics, squares, and rectangles, and it surely didn’t property good astatine all!

5th Generation Pontiac Grand Am GT

5th-Gen Pontiac Grand Am GTImage Credit: Elise240SX/WikiCommons.

The 5th-gen Pontiac Grand Am looked cool and aggressive, particularly pinch its Ram-Air hood scoops successful nan GT coupe guise. The GT besides featured GM’s high-output 3.4-liter V6 engine, which produced 175 horsepower and 205 pounds of torque.

It sounds for illustration it’s each good, then, right? Well, not if you’re progressive successful an accident. IIHS awarded nan 1999-2005 Grand Am a “Poor” standing successful its frontal clang test.

3rd Generation Mitsubishi Eclipse

3rd-Gen Mitsubishi EclipseImage Credit: Rudolf Stricker/WikiCommons.

The 2nd procreation Mitsubishi Eclipse skyrocketed to fame acknowledgment to its starring domiciled successful nan opening scenes of The Fast and nan Furious. Its successor past appeared successful nan sequel, but it ne'er achieved nan aforesaid level of stardom.

Part of that was owed to nan modifications connected nan car successful nan movie, but possibly an moreover bigger logic was nan car itself. It ne'er looked arsenic bully arsenic nan 2nd gen car, its styling didn’t property well, it was underpowered, and nan interior was cheap.

11th Generation Ford Thunderbird

11th-Gen Ford ThunderbirdImage Credit: Kevauto/WikiCommons.

Strangely, nan aforesaid shaper that gave america nan retro-tastic 5th-generation Mustang managed to make specified a messiness of things pinch nan reincarnated Ford Thunderbird.

While it did person a sleek body, nan styling was questionable – particularly nan porthole rear broadside window. The luxury sports car wasn’t peculiarly sporty, mostly acknowledgment to nan 3.9-liter Jaguar engine, nor was it luxurious. The interior featured difficult integrative and switchgear shared pinch different models.

1st Generation Nissan Juke

2011 Nissan JukeImage Credit: IFCAR/WikiCommons.

The 1st procreation Nissan Juke whitethorn beryllium nan astir polarizing modern-day car. The British (and Australians) would opportunity that its styling is for illustration Marmite – you either emotion aliases dislike it. They’re right!

When nan Juke drives past, it either turns heads aliases stomachs. It’s a decent car and does what it says connected nan label, truthful it’s worthy buying if you tin get utilized to its frog-like design.

Mitsubishi i-Miev

Mitsubishi i-MiEVImage Credit: WikiCommons.

When new, nan Mitsubishi i-Miev was practically useless for thing different than short commutes aliases speedy trips to nan section shops. This mini egg-shaped car only offered a 62-mile range.

As we each cognize by now, pinch time, EV batteries won’t clasp nan aforesaid complaint arsenic erstwhile they’re new. You’re astir apt amended disconnected buying a play cart than a used Mitsubishi i-Miev — nan scope would beryllium similar.

Honda Crosstour

Honda CrosstourImage Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

The Honda Crosstour is simply a strange-looking creation. It started arsenic an effort to move nan Accord into an SUV-like position wagon. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

The Crosstour turtleback styling looks strange, and nan sloping tile intends nan cargo abstraction and rear rider headroom are compromised. It besides didn’t thrust arsenic good arsenic nan Accord sedan. In fact, different crossovers, specified arsenic nan Toyota RAV4 and Honda’s ain CR-V, did everything better.

1st Generation Nissan Leaf

Nissan LeafImage Credit: Nissan.

The original Leaf was ne'er a beautiful car. It looked for illustration it was styled aft a babe shoe. Unfortunately, nan Leaf now has bigger problems than its design.

The Nissan Leaf was lacking successful nan scope section successful 2010 erstwhile it was new. Who would bargain an EV pinch a 100-mile scope today? In addition, recharging tin return 16 hours connected 110V aliases 8 hours connected 220V power. At slightest nan charging times will springiness you plentifulness of clip to attraction connected your scope anxiety.

Dodge Stratus

Dodge StratusImage Credit: Dodge Stratus/WikiCommons.

The Dodge Stratus looked awesome erstwhile it first arrived and was moreover decent to drive. So what could beryllium nan problem, you whitethorn wonder? Well, it seems nan Stratus was ne'er built to last. With time, these cars create various problems and are mostly considered undependable owed to mediocre build quality.

The Stratus suffers from engine problems, transmission problems, lipid leaks, defective crankshaft sensor, bad beforehand and little shot joints, and nan database goes on.

Hummer H2

Hummer H2Image Credit: WikiCommons.

The Hummer H2 was immense successful each consciousness of nan connection backmost successful nan early-to-mid 2000s. We’d struggle to find a hip-hop video from that era that didn’t characteristic one.

The H2 was thing for illustration its subject predecessor, nan H1. The H1 was built to conquer unsmooth terrain, but nan H2 would struggle pinch thing rougher than a gravel driveway. It besides had a terrible drinking problem. Thanks to its 6.2-liter V8 chugging gasoline arsenic it was going retired of style — which it benignant of was — nan H2 only managed a dismal 11 mpg.

E60 BMW M5

E60 BMW M5Image Credit: nakhon100/WikiCommons.

Honestly, I didn’t for illustration nan E60 M5’s creation erstwhile it first arrived. It didn’t person nan timeless looks of its predecessor, nan E39. However, nan creation grew connected maine arsenic clip passed, and I deliberation it looks bully now.

The problem pinch nan E60 M5 is its engine. The people aspirated 5.0-liter V10 produced much than 500 horsepower and had a glorious soundtrack. Unfortunately, it’s well-known that it suffers from rod base failures, which tin perchance lead to catastrophic motor failure. That’s not going to beryllium a inexpensive fix!

Ferrari F512 M

Ferrari F512 MImage Credit: Mecum Auctions.

The Ferrari F512 M was nan past type of nan Ferrari Testarossa. The Testarossa is 1 of nan astir iconic ’80s cars, and its styling looks correct astatine location successful that era.

The problem pinch nan F512 M is that it’s still a 1980s Testarossa, but Ferrari tried to update it for nan 1990s by replacing nan pop-up headlights pinch immoderate fixed units, and nan taillights were now round. It didn’t work.

Renault Fluence ZE

Renault Fluence ZEImage Credit: M 93/WikiCommons.

Renault has built immoderate genuinely iconic cars complete nan years, but nan Fluence ZE surely isn’t 1 of them. It looks stylish, and it was innovative — and that innovative exertion is nan nonstop logic why it didn’t property well.

The Renault Fluence ZE was nan first modern EV that featured battery-swapping technology, which should person made it great. However, it only had a 22kWh artillery that offered a 115-mile range, and nan Fluence ZE only managed an 84 mph apical speed. Few group bought nan car, which led to nan bankruptcy of nan institution that supplied nan battery-swapping technology, and nan Fluence ZE’s depreciation worth is now successful free fall.

Audi Q7 V12 TDI

Audi Q7 V12 TDIImage Credit: Matti Blume/WikiCommons.

The Audi Q7 V12 TDI offers tons of nosy acknowledgment to its monolithic diesel motor that produces 493 horsepower and a whopping 738 lb-ft of torque. It does miss nan constituent of a diesel engine, though, arsenic they’re expected to beryllium a much frugal option, but we’re not complaining astir much power!

The existent problem present is that Audi lied. Not only did they declare nan engine’s diesel exertion came from nan Audi R10 TDI title car, moreover erstwhile they don’t stock a azygous component, Audi was besides portion of nan Dieselgate scandal. It was astir apt bully that they didn’t effort to get nan Q7 V12 TDI approved for nan U.S. marketplace because of nan 2008 financial crisis.

Pontiac Sunfire

Pontiac Sunfire GTImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Pontiac Sunfire has 1 of nan coolest names successful automotive history, truthful it’s a shame nan car ne'er lived up to it. The 1990s were a unusual time, truthful it’s difficult to show whether this car really looked bully erstwhile it first arrived. It’s surely difficult to find an perspective wherever it looks bully today.

Aside from its looks, nan Sunfire was introduced pinch a three-speed automatic gearbox, which sounds for illustration a horrible option. At slightest a five-speed manual was available. Its biggest declare to fame is astir apt that it was 1 of nan cars that led to Pontiac’s demise.

4th Generation Chevy Camaro

4th-Gen Chevy CamaroImage Credit: Rich Niewiroski Jr./WikiCommons.

The Chevrolet Camaro was an American icon earlier it went connected an eight-year hiatus. Sadly, nan past type wasn’t precisely beautiful and didn’t property well.

Sure, it had sleek and swoopy bodywork, but it looks for illustration it belongs successful nan early ’90s, and by nan clip accumulation ended, it was nan early 2000s. The 4th-gen Camaro did person updates passim its lifespan, but it wasn’t capable to make it look modern. If a car looks dated erstwhile it’s still disposable astatine dealerships, it astir apt won’t property well.

Cadillac XLR

Cadillac XLRImage Credit: Sirimiri/WikiCommons.

Cadillac has ever been competing pinch European luxury brands but successful their ain way. For decades, luxury to them meant going bigger and making nan suspension arsenic soft arsenic possible. They decided to effort thing caller successful nan early 2000s and built a much luxurious type of nan Corvette.

That’s right, nan XLR was based connected nan C6 Corvette platform. It does look great, and nan interior offers much features and animal comforts. Cadillac past hiked up nan price, reasoning it would beryllium a success. Well, nan XLR made little powerfulness than nan ‘Vette, and it weighed much owed to nan added luxury, truthful it flopped, and group still aren’t buying them today.

R56 Mini Cooper S

R56 Mini Cooper SImage Credit: M 93/WikiCommons.

The R56 Mini Cooper S was expected to beryllium a amended and somewhat much refined car than its predecessor, nan R53. It besides received a turbocharged Peugeot motor alternatively of nan supercharged Chrysler portion from nan erstwhile model.

It didn’t return agelong earlier nan problems started piling up, though. It turned retired nan motor had immoderate superior flaws, including timing loop failure. The R56 Mini besides suffers from each kinds of gremlins. In fact, it’s truthful bad that there’s really an R56 Mini survivors group connected Facebook.

1st Generation Spyker C8

1st-Gen Spyker C8Image Credit: Mr.choppers/WikiCommons.

The Spyker C8 was genuinely exquisite erstwhile it was first unveiled. This handbuilt masterpiece featured beautifully machined metals and good leather arsenic acold arsenic nan oculus could see. The sculpted bodywork had vents and intakes connected virtually each panel. A 395 horsepower Audi V8 made judge nan capacity matched its looks.

The Spyker C8’s problem was that this type of creation tends to look bully erstwhile first released, but arsenic trends change, it will look a spot daft. It turns retired that excessively overmuch of a bully point tin beryllium bad.

Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac AztekImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Ah, what tin we perchance opportunity astir nan Pontiac Aztek that hasn’t been said before? Since everything has been covered, we’ll conscionable do a speedy recap. It was ne'er a good-looking car, but it didn’t property good either, and nan styling isn’t moreover its biggest problem.

Nobody would bargain an Aztek for its looks, but nan truth that it received a marginal people successful clang tests intends it’s champion avoided — moreover by non-gearheads.

Chrysler Crossfire

Chrysler CrossfireImage Credit: GerdeeX/WikiCommons.

The Chrysler Crossfire could’ve been great, but surprisingly, it grounded miserably. Mercedes-Benz owned a chunk of Chrysler backmost then, and nan Crossfire was built connected their R170 SLK platform.

The problems weren’t pinch nan platform, however. It was each down to Chrysler taking nan retro styling excessively far, saying it was modeled aft 1930s creation deco design. If we’ve learned 1 point from this article, it’s that retro creation tin make aliases break a car. In nan lawsuit of nan Crossfire, Chrysler flew excessively adjacent to nan sun, and nan exemplary yet collapsed and burned.