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When buying aliases trading a car, 1 statement aliases nan different often gets a amended deal. Sometimes, those effects are immediate, and sometimes, they could return respective years to salary dividends. One metric that tin earnestly inhibit nan acquisition of a caller car is depreciation.

Most vehicles suffer worth erstwhile you thrust disconnected nan lot, arsenic it’s now a utilized car. But what astir 5 years down nan road? Not each cars depreciate astatine nan aforesaid rate. Here are 24 cars that person depreciated nan fastest successful 5 years. 

24. Buick Encore

2017 Buick EncoreImage Credit: Kevauto/WikiCommons.

Buick Encore claims nan lowest spot, losing only 18.94% of its worth aft 5 years. Despite its compact build, this Buick exemplary struggles to clasp its worth aft 5 years. However, it is still 1 to watch retired for value-wise. Buick showcases its committedness to lasting worth successful a challenging marketplace by managing a azygous entry.

23. Hyundai Accent

2013 Hyundai AccentImage Credit: Hyundai.

With a 19% depreciation rate, nan Hyundai Accent doesn’t fare good successful nan subcompact car category. Potential buyers must cautiously measurement Accent’s features against nan nonaccomplishment successful resale value, exploring replacement options wrong nan mini car category. In wrestling pinch marketplace dynamics, Hyundai contends pinch challenges compared to different subcompact cars. Understanding these challenges is important for making an informed determination connected your adjacent car purchase.

22. Nissan Rogue

2022 Nissan Rogue HybridImage Credit: Nissan.

At a 19% depreciation rate, nan Nissan Rogue navigates a competitory marketplace to prolong its allure arsenic a compact SUV. Amidst aggregate contenders successful this category, Nissan useful to fortify its competitory stance. Prospective buyers must measure nan Rogue’s depreciating value, fixed today’s market, which is rich | pinch replacement options.

21. Nissan Titan

Nissan TitanImage Credit: WikiCommons.

With a 19.67% depreciation rate, nan Nissan Titan surely doesn’t person a ample footprint successful nan full-size pickup motortruck category. Potential buyers seeking a reliable motortruck should measurement nan lasting finance against nan sizeable nonaccomplishment successful resale value. In nan competitory motortruck category, Nissan faces challenges and manages aggregate entries connected nan database — highlighting nan consequence of buying immoderate of nan little celebrated Nissan models successful this market.

20. Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang (Fifth Gen)Image Credit: Ford Motor Company/WikiCommons.

The Ford Mustang exhibits a 20% depreciation rate, contending pinch losing important resale worth contempt its iconic position arsenic a musculus car. With a rich | history successful capacity cars, Ford grapples pinch maintaining horsepower and nan Mustang’s worth proposition. Potential buyers must measurement nan thrill of driving against nan financial considerations of a depreciating asset.

19. Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander (1st Generation)Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Tying nan Mustang’s 20% depreciation rate, nan Mitsubishi Outlander has a setback successful its compact SUV status. With only 1 introduction connected this list, Mitsubishi intends to boost Outlander’s competitory edge. Prospective buyers request to research models striking a amended equilibrium betwixt features and semipermanent finance for a wiser automotive choice.

18. Jeep Cherokee

jeep CherokeeImage Credit: WikiCommons.

With a 20.36% depreciation rate, nan Jeep Cherokee faces a sizeable nonaccomplishment successful resale worth contempt its off-road capabilities. Jeep, portion of nan Stellantis company, has aggregate entries connected our list. Potential buyers request to beryllium alert of nan Cherokee’s depreciation, emphasizing nan request to measure priorities and expectations successful nan SUV category. However, if buying to spell off-road successful vulnerable situations, nan depreciation whitethorn beryllium nan slightest of your concerns.

17. Nissan GT-R

Nissan GT-RImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Next up, almost 1% higher to a 21.18% depreciation rate, nan Nissan GT-R prompts enthusiasts to equilibrium nan exhilaration of driving pinch nan financial implications of a depreciating asset. Despite Nissan’s efforts to uphold nan GT-R’s status, nan saturated level of title persists successful nan sports car market, urging buyers to cautiously measure their finance successful this high-performance model.

16. Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Experiencing a 21.57% depreciation rate, nan Chrysler 300 serves arsenic a cautionary example, highlighting a important nonaccomplishment successful resale worth contempt its luxurious appeal. As a captious subordinate successful Stellantis’ lineup pinch aggregate entries connected this list, imaginable buyers successful nan sedan class must measure their priorities and expectations to make informed decisions.

15. Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger R/TImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Dodge Challenger is revered arsenic a classical and iconic musculus car, pinch a important 21.75% depreciation successful conscionable 5 years that overshadows its iconic status. As different Stellantis creation, this Dodge encounters challenges maintaining nan Challenger’s classical appeal. Prospective buyers should cautiously research each options wrong nan competitory capacity car segment.

14. Hyundai Santa Fe

2022 Hyundai Santa Fe HybridImage Credit: Hyundai.

With a 21.83% depreciation rate, nan Hyundai Santa Fe experiences a important nonaccomplishment successful resale worth contempt its SUV versatility. With 2 entries connected this list, Hyundai strategically positions Santa Fe successful a competitory stance wrong nan ever-evolving SUV segment, addressing marketplace dynamics successful an effort to sphere its appeal.

13. GMC Yukon

GMC Yukon XLImage Credit: Ethan Llamas/WikiCommons.

The GMC Yukon faces a 22% depreciation, sparking interest for those eyeing a family-oriented conveyance pinch enduring value. General Motors is addressing challenges and navigating nan Yukon’s depreciation successful nan competitory automotive landscape. Given nan higher-than-expected substance prices, nan Yukon is little desirable. Potential buyers must measurement its depreciation against semipermanent family conveyance considerations.

12. Kia Sorento

Kia SorentoImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Kia Sorento is dealt pinch a 22% depreciation rate, signaling a notable nonaccomplishment successful resale worth for imaginable buyers eyeing its midsize SUV allure. As Kia addresses manufacture challenges, maintaining Sorento’s competitory opinionated is captious successful this highly contested midsize SUV segment.

11. Nissan Maxima

2017 Nissan MaximaImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Experiencing a 22% depreciation rate, nan Nissan Maxima underscores nan request for buyers to research alternatives wrong nan sedan category. By managing depreciation crossed aggregate entries, Nissan needs thief to bring worth to nan caller car market. If you’re a Nissan loyal, it is champion to shop certified pre-owned examples to debar this depreciation.

10. Nissan Murano

A NISSAN MURANO car show connected show astatine 81th International Motor Show Palexpo-Geneva connected March 3, 2010 successful Geneva, Switzerland.Image Credit: Dong liu/Shutterstock.

At a 22% depreciation rate, nan Nissan Murano’s entreaty arsenic a midsize SUV faces a important nonaccomplishment successful resale worth for those buying new. As Nissan useful to flooded marketplace challenges, efforts are directed towards positioning nan Murano competitively successful nan SUV segment. Prospective buyers should cautiously measure priorities and expectations successful this highly competitory market.

9. Chevrolet Trax 

2017 Chevrolet Trax 4WDImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Coming successful astatine a staggering 22.09% depreciation rate, nan Chevy Trax leaves overmuch to beryllium desired successful lasting worth for fuel-efficient vehicles. Chevrolet, a portion of General Motors pinch aggregate entries connected this list, faces manufacture dynamics that play a domiciled successful nan Trax’s depreciation, highlighting nan complexities of nan highly competitory compact SUV market.

8. Nissan Altima 

Nissan Altima astatine nan 2012 New York International Auto Show moving from April 6-15, 2012 successful New York, NY.Image Credit: Ritu Manoj Jethani/Shutterstock.

Navigating a 22.41% depreciation rate, nan Nissan Altima prompts imaginable buyers to cautiously see nan model’s entreaty successful ray of nan financial implications associated pinch a depreciating asset. Navigating marketplace shifts, Nissan contends pinch various factors that effect nan Altima’s depreciation since nan existent worth of a caller Altima isn’t what it utilized to be.

7. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand CherokeeImage Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

With a 22.78% depreciation rate, nan Jeep Grand Cherokee cautions imaginable buyers astir nan sizeable nonaccomplishment successful resale worth contempt its once-large marketplace share. Once again, we spot Jeep arsenic a repetition offender connected our depreciation database pinch higher prices and shifting user attraction toward inferior alternatively of pleasure.

6. Chevrolet Suburban

Chevrolet SuburbanImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Suffering a 23% depreciation rate, nan Chevrolet Suburban raises concerns astir nan cost-effectiveness for families seeking semipermanent worth retention of nan v8 vs different options for illustration hybrids. As portion of General Motors, Chevrolet contends pinch manufacture dynamics influencing nan Suburban’s value and depreciation, prompting buyers to look for much substance system successful their family vehicles.

5. Buick Enclave

2018 Buick EnclaveImage Credit: Mr.choppers/WikiCommons.

The Buick Enclave’s 24.21% depreciation complaint prompts imaginable buyers to show priorities and expectations successful this competitory marketplace conception closely. As portion of General Motors, Buick strives to navigate manufacture challenges that effect nan Enclave’s depreciation, highlighting nan value of informed decision-making successful choosing a midsize SUV successful this competitory market.

4. Chevrolet Tahoe 

2013 Chevrolet Tahoe HybridImage Credit: Chevrolet.

With a 25% depreciation rate, overmuch for illustration nan Suburban, nan Chevrolet Tahoe faces nan situation of a important nonaccomplishment successful resale value. As portion of nan General Motors family, Chevrolet faced manufacture dynamics influencing nan Tahoe’s depreciation. Those successful nan marketplace should cautiously measure priorities and expectations successful this competitory full-size SUV market. Seeing nan suburban and Tahoe connected this database whitethorn induce buyers to hold to spot really nan marketplace responds.

3. Ford Escape 

2020 Ford EscapeImage Credit: Ford.

With a 25.11% depreciation rate, nan Ford Escape highlights nan value of exploring each models for a balanced blend of features, efficiency, and semipermanent worth retention. Ford faces factors influencing Escape’s depreciation. The full SUV market, some full-size and compact, is heavy impacted.

2. GMC Yukon XL

GMC Yukon XLImage Credit: Kevauto/WikiCommons.

Managing a whopping 29% depreciation rate, nan GMC Yukon faces a sizeable situation for those eyeing semipermanent worth retention. As a portion of General Motors, GMC contends pinch nan Yukon’s important depreciation, impacting its entreaty successful nan full-size SUV category. This struggle mirrors broader manufacture challenges, urging buyers to equilibrium first finance and early value.

1. Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada SUVImage Credit: AJM STUDIOS/WikiCommons.

Topping nan database pinch nan highest depreciation rate, nan Nissan Armada faces a 29% residual worth aft 5 years. Despite its full-size SUV status, imaginable buyers should beryllium cautious of nan notable nonaccomplishment successful resale value, emphasizing nan request to research each models and brands for a much balanced blend of features and semipermanent worth retention.