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Concept cars are astir pushing creation limits earlier moving towards a discuss vehicle.

Some concepts go accumulation vehicles, and a fewer are almost identical to their conception form. However, galore ideas don’t negociate to do so.

This database will showcase immoderate of nan champion concepts that ne'er made it to production. They were a agelong excessively far, pushed designers to nan limits, and possibly arrived excessively soon.

Ferrari Modulo

Ferrari ModuloImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Ferrari 512S Modulo, designed by Paolo Martin, debuted astatine nan 1970 Geneva Motor Show. It was a low, wedge-shaped conception sports car pinch a canopy-style solid tile and an intended V12 motor producing 550 hp. 

The Modulo underwent little testing earlier reverting to a show car, but nan creation ne'er made it to production. In 2014, James Glickenhaus bought nan Modulo and restored it to moving information but kept arsenic overmuch of nan original conception arsenic possible.

Alfa Romeo B.A.T. Concept Cars

Alfa Romeo BAT 5Image Credit: WikiCommons.

This trio of conception cars wowed nan crowds astatine nan Turin Motor Shows of 1953, 1954, and 1955, and they went nether nan hammer a fewer years ago. The Berlina Aerodinamica Tecnica (B.A.T.) concepts had an Alfa Romeo 1900 roadworthy car chassis but coachbuilding bodies from Franco Scaglione.

The cars had singular designs, pinch streamlining and covered wheels playing a large portion successful their looks. The B.A.T. 5, nan first successful nan series, has a resistance coefficient of conscionable 0.23. Helping it to its apical velocity of 125 mph.

1967 Lamborghini Marzal

Lamborghini MarzalImage Credit:Matti Blume/WikiCommons.

Lamborghini’s Marzal concept car still looks dramatic, moreover successful 2024. The Bertone-designed Marzal is nan first conception to athletics nan iconic wedge creation that would go truthful celebrated successful nan decades to come.

The Marzazl had solid doors, rear-glass louvers, and rectangular headlights successful a horizontal grille. It had plentifulness of powerfulness acknowledgment to its 2.0-liter inline-six, but Lamborghini would nutrient conscionable 1 example. The institution ever viewed nan car arsenic an advertisement alternatively than a accumulation vehicle.

Mazda RX-Vision Concept

Mazda RX-Vision ConceptImage Credit: Mazda.

The Mazda RX-Vision conception is 1 of nan astir melodramatic cars nan Japanese shaper has produced. Yet, it besides looks for illustration a premier campaigner for production. It ne'er had an engine, but Mazda said nan 2.6-liter Skyactive-R rotary motor would apt spell nether nan hood.

Mazda portrayed nan conception arsenic “a imagination for nan early that Mazda hopes to 1 time make into a reality,” but truthful far, it is simply a reality that has yet to transpire. However, pinch rumors of a caller Mazda R.X. sports car, nan RX-Vision Concept whitethorn spot nan ray of time again.

1981-1985 Ford Probe

Ford Probe conceptImage Credit: Pinterest.

The conception cars were a monolithic upgrade compared to nan Ford Probe that entered production. Ford would nutrient 5 Probe concepts, pinch nan fifth, nan 1985 Prove V, nan astir radical. Aerodynamic capacity was a captious constituent of nan concept, pinch a resistance coefficient arsenic debased arsenic 0.152.

The Probe V did power really nan Probe sports coupe would look, while Probe III was nan astir production-ready of nan set. This conception would lead to nan Ford Sierra. Other innovations connected nan 5th conception were nan 1.6-liter turbo-four slanted to 70 degrees and nan flush doors, windows, and level underbody.

2010 Jaguar C-X75

2010 Jaguar C-X75Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Hybrid supercars, hypercars, and sports cars are nary longer nan worldly of dreams. However, successful 2010, Jaguar pursued nan conception earlier than others pinch nan melodramatic C-X75. The supercar had 4 electrical motors and 2 state turbines serving arsenic scope extenders, allowing for an wide scope of 559 miles. 

The 5 prototypes, however, had a 1.6-liter twin-turbocharged inline-four nether nan hood, positive 2 electrical motors to nutrient 890 hp. The C-X75, however, came astatine a clip erstwhile hybrids were not a important focus, and nan economical recession of nan early 2010s saw Jaguar sadly shelve nan project.

Lamborghini Bravo Concept

Lamborghini Bravo ConceptImage Credit: Amzamus93/Flickr.

In nan 1970s, Lamborghini worked connected nan Bravo Concept successful mentation to switch nan Uracco. Bertone undertook overmuch of nan creation activity connected nan car, which would person had a 3.0-liter 300 hp V8 nether nan hood.

It officially debuted astatine nan 1974 Turin Motor Show, and nan prototype utilized an Urraco chassis. The Bravo creation was a agelong excessively far, but immoderate of its styling features would make their measurement into nan Countach. Today, nan sole Bravo prototype is portion of nan Bertone Collection.

Lamborghini Zagato Raptor

Lamborghini Zagato RaptorImage Credit: MARCO ANTONIO DA SILVA/Flickr.

Italian coachbuilders Zagto are good known for their outlandish creations. But nan Lamborghini Zagato Raptor is simply a trim supra nan rest. The assemblage sports a Zagato “double bubble” creation and an innovative doorway design, pinch nan full mediate conception of nan car swiveling up and forward.

Under nan hood, nan Zagato Raptor had a 5.7-liter Lamborghini V12 from nan Diablo, producing 492 hp. It was wide believed that nan conception was fresh for production, but it didn’t hap for immoderate reason. The conception was undoubtedly futuristic and bolder than immoderate of Lamborghini’s designs. 

Polestar 6 L.A. Concept Edition

Polestar 6 conceptImage Credit: Polestar.

Polestar is making a sanction for itself successful nan electrical conveyance world, but 1 of its astir outlandish vehicles is nan Polestar 6 L.A. Concept. The conception will participate accumulation arsenic nan Polestar 6 unsocial version roadster.

Demand for nan conception was incredibly high, pinch nan build slots for nan 500 accumulation models filled up wrong a week. The stylish creation besides sports a potent powertrain. The conception has dual-electric motors producing 884 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. Even pinch each that power, nan scope is still impressive, pinch nan E.P.A. scope estimated astatine 370+ miles.

Hyundai N Vision 74

Hyundai N Vision 74Image Credit: Hyundai.

Out of each nan astir caller modern concepts, Hyundai’s N Vision 74 is 1 galore want to spot produced. Hyundai based nan N Vision 74 Concept connected a restored 1974 Hyundai Pony Coupe, combining a hydrogen substance compartment pinch a 62.4 kWh artillery and 2 electrical motors.

The consequence is simply a sports car pinch 670 hp and 664 lb-ft of torque. The creation and nan powertrain attracted worldwide attraction and acclaim, and nan retro-future-inspired creation continued to show really bully Hyundai’s designers are.

Hyundai RN22e

Hyundai RN22eImage Credit: Hyundai.

Alongside nan N Vision 74, Hyundai besides removed nan covers connected nan exceptional RN22e. The caller Ioniq 6 serves arsenic nan ground for nan RN22e, and this time, it has electrical powerfulness nether nan hood. The RN22e is longer and broader than nan regular Ioniq 6, and nan powerfulness output of nan upgraded motors is 577 hp.

Aerodynamic modifications specified arsenic nan caller rear helping and beforehand articulator further enhanced nan look of nan RN22e. The RN22e will preview a high-performance Ioniq 6 N model, akin to nan already-announced Hyundai Ioniq 5 N.

1995 Chrysler Atlantic

1995 Chrysler AtlanticImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The 1995 Chrysler Atlantic is 1 of nan astir fascinating cars of nan 1990s, yet it has ne'er entered production. Bob Hubbach designed it to invoke nan Bugatti Type 57 Atlantic and Talbot Lago of nan 1930s. 

Chrysler pushed connected difficult pinch nan project. The institution moreover created an all-new, 4.0-liter straight-engine for nan Atlantic. This would person utilized 2 inline-fours from nan Chrysler Neon merged. The conception was hugely popular, but sadly, contempt this fame and demand, Chrysler ne'er put nan car into production.

Peugeot Inception

Peugeot InceptionImage Credit: Peugeot.

For galore years, Peugeot’s creation connection has been tame and bland. So, location was a monolithic daze erstwhile it took nan covers disconnected its Inception electrical car conception astatine nan 2023 Consumer Electronics Show. The exterior is sleek and curvy, pinch crisp angles and claw-like taillights.

The car will usage nan early STLA Large level dedicated to Peugeot’s electrical vehicles. The upcoming electrical Peuget 3008 will usage this aforesaid platform. The Inception will ne'er go a superior accumulation car, but nan creation shows what Peugeot tin do and really acold it has travel successful caller years. 

1972 Volvo VESC

1972 Volvo VESCImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Volvo VESC won nary beauty contests, but it was an important concept. Following nan state situation of nan 1970s, substance system and less emissions were nan captious targets. This besides meant information became different area of focus. Swedish shaper Volvo was astatine nan forefront pinch nan VESC aliases Volvo Experimental Safety Car.

Massive information bumpers, a slanted beforehand end, and different information innovations helped minimize pedestrian injuries. The VESC was besides 1 of nan first cars to attraction heavy connected its crumple zones, and it had airbags successful nan beforehand and rear.

1960 Plymouth X.N.R.

Plymouth XNRImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The 1960s were a awesome play for lovers of conception cars. Plymouth’s X.N.R. highlighted nan craziness designers sometimes spell to pinch their creations. The X.N.R. utilized nan Valiant arsenic its basis, and nan roadster was an American return connected Le Mans racers of nan 1950s.

The slim sports car had a “coke bottle” design, akin to modern Formula 1 cars. This creation made its accumulation debut connected nan Chevrolet C3 Corvette. Plymouth built conscionable 1 X.N.R. concept, and successful August 2012, nan X.N.R. sold for $935,000 astatine R.M. Sotheby’s Monterey auction.

Porsche 919 Street Concept

Porsche 919 Street conceptImage Credit: WikiCommons.

When Porsche took nan covers disconnected nan 919 Street Concept, calls for its accumulation instantly began. As nan sanction suggests, it is simply a road-legal hypercar based connected nan 919 Hybrid LMP1 car that won nan 24 Hours of Le Mans 3 times, beating nan likes of Audi and Toyota.

The 919 Street would person had 900 hp and a c fibre monocoque, nan aforesaid setup utilized successful nan LMP1 racer. Porsche is looking to nutrient a caller hypercar to win nan 918 Spyder, which makes nan determination not to create nan 919 Street unusual.

1938 Buick Y-Job

1938 Buick Y-JobImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Despite its different name, nan Y-Job is an important conception car. Many judge it is nan first existent conception car, and it was undoubtedly up of its clip erstwhile it debuted successful 1938. The Y-Job had features specified arsenic hidden, power-operated headlights, an invention astir 20 years up of their time.

Power windows were different first for nan Buick, and these became a accumulation characteristic connected nan 1940 Packard 40. Wraparound bumpers and wider, lower, and longer proportions were yet much precocious features successful 1938.

1951 G.M./Buick LeSabre

1951 LeSabreImage Credit: Wiki Commons

During nan 1950s, automotive manufacturers drew dense inspiration from aviation arsenic nan pitchy property began. One of nan first to do this is nan 1951 G.M./Buick LeSabre. 

The LeSabre sported a beforehand grille akin to nan Curtis P-40 Warhawk, pinch nan fins astatine nan backmost resembling nan rudders of nan American fighter. Between nan rudders was a jet-engine intake. The conception is nan belief successor to nan Buick Y-Job, and nether nan hood, nan LeSabre had a 215 ci supercharged 3.5-liter V8 engine.

Ferrari 250 P5 Pininfarina

Ferrari 250 P5 PininfarinaImage Credit: Supercars.net.

Some of nan very champion conception cars came from Ferrari. The 250 P5 was a Pininfarina conception from 1968 that debuted astatine that year’s Geneva Motor Show. Ferrari built nan car connected P4 chassis #0862, and it was afloat functional pinch a 3.0-liter V12 nether nan hood.

It was a extremist design, pinch a transparent teardrop canopy for unthinkable visibility and gullwing doors that made getting successful and retired of nan car easy. The interior, however, was very spartan, and Ferrari decided against pursuing nan teardrop design.

Ferrari F.Z. 93

Ferrari F.Z. 93Image Credit: WikiCommons.

You apt expect automotive artistry if 2 brands for illustration Ferrari and Zagato collaborate. The Ferrari F.Z. 93 was nan objection to that unwritten rule.

Zagato wanted to morph a Ferrari 512 TR pinch creation elements from nan 1991 Ferrari F1 car. It moreover had a 4.9-liter V12 nether nan hood, producing 390 hp. The 93 besides had a “double bubble” roof, and Zagato took F1 inspiration for nan chemoreceptor designs of nan supercar. However, location is nary escaping nan truth that it doesn’t look for illustration an F1 car, and nan F.Z. 93 is simply a uncommon misstep for nan coachbuilder.

Toyota Alessandro Volta

Toyota Alessandro VoltaImage Credit: Norbert Schnitzler/WikiCommons.

Toyota’s Alessandro Volta again comes from an era erstwhile hybrid capacity cars were up of their time. Toyota launched nan Volta successful 2004, and nan conception was an awesome early attempt astatine a hybrid sports car.

Under nan hood was a 3.3-liter V6 motor pinch 2 electrical motors. Combined, these produced 402 hp, and nan Volta besides had all-wheel drive. Its c fibre chassis made it light, weighing conscionable 2,755 lbs. The three-seat compartment pinch its level level was caller arsenic nan steering instrumentality slid from near to right, meaning nan driver could usage immoderate of nan seats.

Nissan Trail Runner Concept

Nissan Trail Runner ConceptImage Credit: Pinterest.

Off-road and capacity are 2 segments that now operation much frequently. Just look astatine nan Porsche 911 Dakar aliases nan Lamborghini Hurracan Sterrato. Before some of these, though, we had nan 1997 Nissan Trail Hunter Concept.

The Trail Hunter had a humble 1.8-liter motor nether nan hood, producing 155 hp. It had all-wheel drive, and nan raised suspension gave nan Trail Runner an absorbing stance. Two spoilers were astatine nan back, and nan bumper besides housed nan spare wheel. Unlike galore modern off-roaders, nan Trail Runner was not an oversized monstrosity.

Citroën Karin

Citroen KarinImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Citroen erstwhile utilized to nutrient immoderate of nan astir “out-there” vehicles successful nan world. The Karin is among nan best, debuting astatine nan 1980 Paris Motor Show. The creation made nan Karin look for illustration a pyramid, and nan driver sat successful nan mediate pinch 2 passengers successful nan back.

Mechanically, nan Karin was rather simple. Under nan hood, a four-cylinder motor powered nan beforehand wheels and utilized nan company’s celebrated hydropneumatic suspension. While so excessively extremist for production, nan Karin is simply a reminder that Citroen could push nan vessel retired pinch its designs.

Peugeot Quasar

Peugeot QuasarImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The Peugeot Quasar is different forgotten French conception car. This conception shared galore components pinch nan 205 Turbo 16, nan Group B rally type of nan Peugeot 205. 

Following its occurrence successful Group B rally, Peugeot asked 2 designers to create a conception based connected nan chassis and motor of nan 206 Turbo 16. Gerard Welter came up pinch nan body, while Paul Bracq took connected nan situation of nan interior. His activity produced a radical, integer interior, while Welter produced a sleek, smooth, and aerodynamic-looking car. Today, nan conception is connected show astatine nan Peugeot Adventure Museum.