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In nan onshore of nan free, there’s a agelong database of cars that don’t rather make nan trim to cruise nan U.S. streets. Thanks to nan National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, aliases NHTSA for short, we’ve sewage a roster of rides that person been shown nan reddish light.

This agency, a large subordinate nether nan U.S. Department of Transportation, sticks to a beautiful noble mission: redeeming lives, dodging injuries, and cutting down connected car crashes. They’re nan last connection connected what’s ineligible and what’s not erstwhile it comes to what we drive.

From supercars that were excessively basking to grip to classics that couldn’t meet modern standards, present are 24 cars that nan NHTSA has banned from U.S. roads. 

Lotus Elise Series 1

Lotus Elise Series 1Image Credit: pyntofmyld/WikiCommons.

The Lotus Elise Series 1 kicked disconnected successful 1996. Designed by Julian Thompson, nan Series 1 focused heavy connected slashing nan curb weight and hugging nan roadworthy pinch a debased halfway of gravity. This creation accuracy meant that nan Series 1 could outpace rivals pinch bigger engines.

Every Lotus car is built pinch a driver-first mentality, aiming to present nan champion driving experience. The Elise Series 1 is nary exception. Sadly, nan Series 1 ne'er sewage nan greenish ray for American roads.

Aston Martin Virage

Aston Martin VirageImage Credit: Ben/WikiCommons.

The Aston Martin Virage is simply a legend, but not nan benignant you tin easy thrust astir successful nan States. Launched successful ’89 and bowing retired successful 2000, this beast made a comeback successful 2011, only to opportunity goodbye again a twelvemonth later. We’re talking astir a sleek 2+2 roadster equipped pinch a monster 5.9-liter AM11 V12 engine, pushing retired 490 horses. 

But here’s nan kicker: nan Virage had a little stint successful nan U.S. from 1990 to 1993. Why specified a short visit? Well, it couldn’t rather play by nan rules – missing retired connected rider airbags and failing to meet nan emanation standards. It’s a shame, really. 

Porsche Carrera 964 RS

Porsche Carrera 964 RSImage Credit: nakhon100/WikiCommons.

The Porsche Carrera 964 RS emerged astir 2 decades aft nan iconic 911 RS. This exemplary featured an upgraded motor tin of delivering 252 horsepower. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight building and nan removal of almost each non-essential features, nan 964 RS boasted an awesome power-to-weight ratio, making it an absolute powerhouse connected nan road.

While location was a U.S. variant, nan 911 RS America (964), produced successful 1993 and 1994, it was based connected nan Carrera 2 and didn’t rather seizure nan powerfulness of nan original 964 RS. 

Noble M600

Noble M600Image Credit: Edvvc/WikiCommons.

Next up is nan Noble M600. The bosom of nan M600 is simply a 4439 cc V8, snagged from a Volvo, but don’t fto that fool you. This beast is turbocharged pinch copy Garretts, letting drivers toggle betwixt a hefty 450 and an insane 650 horsepower. Zero to sixty? Try 3 seconds flat. Quarter-mile? Just complete 10 seconds.

But here’s wherever nan crippled thickens: contempt its blistering performance, you won’t find nan M600 cruising nan U.S. highways. Why? Safety concerns person it benched, alongside a sticker value that’s northbound of astir people’s location mortgages, sitting beautiful astatine astir $200,000.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Tommi Makinen Edition

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Tommi Makinen EditionImage Credit: Adrian Kot/Flickr.

The Tommi Makinen Edition Lancer Evo is simply a tribute to rally fable Tommi Mäkinen. Offered successful R.S. and GSR trims, it’s a rally beast pinch immoderate beautiful superior mods. 

The R.S. gets down to business pinch a shorter displacement ratio, rear diff lock, and optional Brembo brakes. The GSR steps it up pinch tech for illustration Active Yaw Control, ABS, and race-ready bucket seats. Both battalion a turbocharged, 276-horsepower, 2-liter motor for blistering performance. Sadly, it ne'er made its measurement to American shores, leaving america dreaming of what could person been.

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover DefenderImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Land Rover Defender traces its roots backmost to nan original Land Rover bid unveiled successful 1948. Fast guardant to nan ’90s, and you’ve sewage nan Defender rocking a 2.5-liter turbo diesel engine, first pinch nan 200TDi pushing retired 107 horsepower, later upgraded to nan 300TDi for a spot much oomph. 

The 1993 Defender 110 finds itself connected nan NHTSA’s no-fly list, banned from American roads owed to missing cardinal information features for illustration airbags. 

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

Volkswagen Polo BlueMotionImage Credit: M 93/WikiCommons.

With nan fourth-generation Polo, V.W. introduced nan BlueMotion variant, pushing nan letter cover connected biology friendliness. The BlueMotion badge is V.W.’s measurement of highlighting models that return other steps toward sustainability, and nan Polo is nary exception.

This eco-friendly hatchback received a important overhaul to trim down connected emissions and substance consumption. The modular 1.4-liter motor was tweaked for efficiency, featuring longer cogwheel ratios. Aerodynamics were improved, debased rolling guidance tires were fitted, and dense alloys were swapped retired for lighter materials. These changes propelled nan Polo BlueMotion to a whopping 70 mpg!

Toyota Sera

Toyota SeraImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Toyota Sera is simply a standout exemplary from Toyota. This 3-door, 2+2 hatchback turns heads pinch its glass roof canopy and butterfly doors, features that you’d usually expect connected a high-end supercar alternatively than a compact Toyota.

Mechanically, nan Sera mightiness not break immoderate records pinch its 1.5-liter in-line-4 engine. However, Toyota packed nan Sera pinch features for illustration an precocious situation sound system, elevating nan driving acquisition beyond conscionable getting from A to B.

Wiesmann GT MF5

Wiesmann GT MF5Image Credit: Richard de Heus/Flickr.

Wiesmann, known for rolling retired custom, hand-built rides, decided to driblet a mic pinch nan GT MF5 successful 2009. They planned to make 55 of these, but reality hit, and only 43 made it disconnected nan line. What’s nether nan hood? A V10 BMW S85 motor cranking retired 547 horsepower, each tuned for tearing up nan track.

Now, for nan sad news: nan GT MF5 couldn’t clear nan U.S. information tests. And moreover if it could, uncovering 1 would beryllium for illustration trying to snag a aureate summons to Willy Wonka’s factory. 

Lotus 340R

Lotus 340RImage Credit: Brian Snelson/WikiCommons.

In 2000, Lotus came up pinch nan 340R. It has a 4-cylinder Rover K-Series engine, nan VHPD – Very High Power Derivative, kicking retired 175 horsepower. What makes nan 340R awesome is really its lightweight build and spot-on weight distribution fto it spell from 0-60 mph successful a whopping 4.4 seconds. That’s beautiful quick, particularly for its motor size.

The logic you won’t spot it connected American streets boils down to information standards. Its compact creation doesn’t trim it pinch U.S. information regulations. While it’s technically street-legal successful nan U.K., you’ll astir apt spot nan 340R tearing up nan way instead.

Toyota Hilux

Toyota HiluxImage Credit: Ethan Llamas/WikiCommons.

The Toyota Hilux stands retired arsenic a pickup that’s built reliable and fresh for anything. It mirrors nan style of nan SR5 but sets itself isolated pinch a assortment of diesel engines. These scope from 2.0 to 4.0 liters, pinch powerfulness outputs stretching from 139 to 235 horsepower. The Hilux has a coagulated estimation for being durable, reliable, and ever up for difficult work. Plus, it offers an optional 4WD, making it a beast disconnected nan road.

Despite nan readiness of akin trucks successful Toyota’s lineup for nan American market, nan absence of nan Hilux is simply a spot of a letdown. It’s not that it’s banned; nan existent hurdle is simply a hefty 25 percent taxation imposed by nan American authorities connected imported lightweight trucks for illustration nan Hilux, making it a wallet-clenching prime for consumers.

Nissan Patrol

Nissan PatrolImage Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

The Nissan Patrol takes its cues from nan Pathfinder but feels much for illustration a related to nan Armada. The astir loved loop is nan fifth-gen, nan Y61, rolling retired from 1997 to 2013. It came successful various trims, offering engines from a 2.8-liter to a hefty 4.5-liter. Through nan 2000s, nan Patrol saw galore updates successful looks and mechanics earlier discontinuing successful galore markets by 2014. Despite this, it continued accumulation successful prime countries, including South Africa and nan Middle East.

In nan U.S., however, nan Patrol is simply a no-show. Its information features don’t lucifer U.S. standards, and it apt falls short connected emissions. 

Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen XL1Image Credit: Thomas Wolf/WikiCommons.

This plug-in diesel hybrid is nan culmination of V.W.’s activity connected 1.0-liter cars, giving an insane substance ratio of 260 mpg acknowledgment to its 47-horsepower two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine.

With accumulation kicking disconnected successful 2013 and capped astatine conscionable 250 units, nan XL1 is simply a uncommon bird. These cars went to those who put their money down early, making it a collector’s point correct retired of nan gate. Even if you wanted to bring 1 into nan U.S., you’d deed a wall, not conscionable because of import regulations but besides owed to its sheer scarcity. 

Bentley Azure Mark II

Bentley Azure Mark IIImage Credit: Perico001/Flickr.

The Bentley Azure Mark II, launched successful 2006 aft Volkswagen took complete Bentley, featured a important update from its first generation. This type came pinch a turbocharged V8 motor tin of producing 450 horsepower, combining high-end luxury pinch sizeable power. Aimed astatine nan precocious echelon of nan market, nan car was often associated pinch nan luxury of having a chauffeur. However, its readiness was restricted to regions for illustration Russia, Europe, and nan Middle East owed to its inclusion connected nan NHTSA’s nonconforming conveyance list, limiting its beingness successful nan United States.

Porsche Carrera 911 RS

Porsche Carrera 911 RSImage Credit:
Fabien Photos-Passion-Automobiles/Flickr.

The Porsche Carrera 911 RS is different exemplary that didn’t scope North American shores, overmuch to nan disappointment of location velocity lovers. Particularly, nan 1973 and 1974 versions, equipped pinch a 210-horsepower, 2.7-liter engine, were designed to outperform galore competitors acknowledgment to their lightweight construction. However, this high-performance conveyance was not permitted connected U.S. roads owed to emanation standards and information regulations.

1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution III

1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution IIIImage Credit: axisboldaslove1/Flickr.

The 1990 BMW M3 Sport Evolution III only had 600 units ever deed nan accumulation line. This car was BMW’s reply to Audi’s V8, packing a 2.5 L motor successful its arsenal. When BMW decided to push nan M3 series, they swapped retired nan E30’s lengthy 6-cylinder motor for a much compact 4-cylinder. This move cranked retired a coagulated 200 bhp successful its modular form, pinch nan competition-spec type revving up to 300 bhp astatine a screaming 8,000 rpm.

Despite its musculus and racing pedigree, nan M3 Sport Evolution III recovered itself connected nan NHTSA’s no-fly list, banned successful nan USA nether nan Show and Display regulations. However, nan communicative has a twist – this prohibition was expected to beryllium lifted aft 2015.

1993 Jaguar XJ220-S

1993 Jaguar XJ220-SImage Credit: Perico001/Flickr.

The 1993 Jaguar XJ220-S is ever much rare, pinch conscionable six units rolling retired of production. Despite its scarcity, nan NHTSA decided it wasn’t fresh for U.S. streets. 

This exemplary took nan already fierce XJ220, stripped it down for a much earthy experience, and dialed up nan power. Out went nan hidden headlights and luxurious leather trims of nan guidelines model, and successful came a tuned motor fresh to unleash a staggering 690 horsepower. Designed to blur nan lines betwixt a way monster and a roadworthy car, nan XJ220-S was Jaguar’s effort astatine making a race-ready car you could technically return to nan market store… If you dared.

1993 Lamborghini Strosek Diablo

1993 Lamborghini Strosek DiabloImage Credit: Donnie Martin/Pinterest.

The 1993 Lamborghini Strosek Diablo is what happens erstwhile you return an already chaotic Lamborghini Diablo and determine it’s not rather chaotic enough. Vittorio Strosek looked astatine nan Diablo and thought it could usage a spot more… personality. His modifications cranked up nan ocular volume: rounder bumpers beforehand and back, a caller group of headlights and move signals, and broadside mirrors that sat measurement up precocious connected nan doors for illustration they were trying to get a amended position complete nan crowd.

Even without these mods, nan Diablo’s apical velocity northbound of 200 mph was capable to make it a spot of a ineligible headache. Add Strosek’s touch to nan mix, and nan United States fundamentally said, “Thanks, but nary thanks.” So, nan Strosek Diablo ended up connected nan database of cars you’re not apt to spot connected American roads.

2002 Morgan Le Mans ’62 Prototype

2002 Morgan Le Mans '62 PrototypeImage Credit: pferdeschorschi/Flickr.

In 2002, Morgan rolled retired thing typical for classical car lovers: a constricted tally of 80 cars to observe nan 1962 Le Mans, positive 1 other typical prototype, nan “00” car. Each of these cars has a unsocial touch, pinch its number stamped correct connected nan steering instrumentality and a plaque successful nan console to people its spot successful this exclusive lineup. The catch? They sold retired faster than basking performance tickets – each sold wrong conscionable 72 hours.

But here’s nan kicker: moreover though they look for illustration they could rotation correct onto nan way astatine Le Mans, these cars are strictly off-limits connected U.S. streets. The reason? Since they were only prototypes, nan “00” car and its constricted version siblings were destined for collectors’ garages, not nan unfastened road.

1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec

1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-specImage Credit:Cars Down Under/Flickr.

The 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-spec was packed pinch cutting-edge tech for its time, including a dashboard show for motor stats and G-forces. There was moreover a jack nether nan driver’s spot for information study via laptop.

Despite its fame and techy features, nan R34 GT-R deed a wall successful nan U.S. owed to nan Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act of 1988, failing to meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. This authorities puts nan Skyline and different high-demand models for illustration nan Nissan S15 connected nan no-import list.

Fiat 126P

Fiat 126PImage Credit: KGC626/WikiCommons.

The Fiat 126P rolled retired astir 5 cardinal units from 1972 to 2000. This car was everyplace successful Europe, peculiarly successful Italy and Poland, serving arsenic nan go-to thrust for families needing to get astir municipality without breaking nan bank. Its motor was tiny, tucked distant successful nan back, delivering conscionable capable oomph to get you from constituent A to B, location betwixt nan powerfulness of a section tractor and a motorcycle.

Between Cold War authorities and an motor that would ne'er walk U.S. emissions tests, nan 126P ne'er deed American roads. 

Mazda Cosmo

Mazda Cosmo 110SImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Mazda Cosmo kicked disconnected successful 1967 arsenic Mazda’s showcase for its rotary tech, mounting nan shape for early icons for illustration nan RX-7 and RX-8. The Cosmo was luxury and powerfulness combined, particularly nan Eunos Cosmo from 1990 to 1996, which had a 300 horsepower 3-rotor motor pinch copy turbochargers.

This car was sold only successful Japan and had a hefty value tag. Only precocious has it go disposable successful nan U.S.

Rover Mini

Rover MiniImage Credit: Spottedlaure/Flickr.

The Rover Mini was launched successful 1959. With a 35 horsepower 1,200cc motor and a amazingly roomy interior for its size, it became an instant hit. Its clever engine-transmission creation moreover inspired nan likes of Lamborghini later on.

In nan U.S., nan Mini sold from 1960 to 1967, capturing nan hearts of play racers, though its mini size wasn’t perfect for American highways. Production continued nether various owners, including Rover and later BMW, until 2000, erstwhile BMW announced a modern successor. Not initially certified for American roads, nan original Minis person go collectibles, particularly arsenic they deed nan 25-year mark, allowing them to beryllium imported legally.

Alfa Romeo 8C Spider

Alfa Romeo 8C SpiderImage Credit: Simon Greig/Flickr.

Alfa Romeo has been successful nan crippled since nan early 1900s, but it has had a rocky narration pinch nan North American market. Its forte is crafting cars that thrive successful Europe’s tight, ancient metropolis streets, not precisely what nan U.S. typically goes for. After bowing retired successful 1995, Alfa Romeo made a comeback successful 2008 pinch nan 8C Competizione, a supercar by immoderate standard. Still, he only dropped astir 100 of these into nan American market.

For a while, nan U.S. only sewage nan coupe because nan convertible type didn’t meet information standards, aliases truthful said nan NHTSA. Then, successful a twist, 2016 brought a alteration of bosom from nan NHTSA, declaring nan 8C Spider was okay for import. This flip-flop trim down nan hold for these cars from nan accustomed 25 years, making them a uncommon show connected U.S. roads measurement sooner.