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Buying a utilized car tin beryllium nerve-racking and confusing, moreover for nan astir knowledgeable gearhead. If you’re parting pinch a superior magnitude of money, you’ll want to do immoderate investigation first.

To thief make your adjacent car acquisition easier, we’ve started nan investigation to find retired which are nan astir reliable vehicles connected nan utilized car marketplace today. We’ve dug done JD Power’s immense database of automotive reliability ratings and picked immoderate of nan astir highly rated models to guarantee your adjacent car won’t beryllium a lemon.

No matter what car you’re buying, you should ever cheque if it’s been successful an accident, that erstwhile owners stayed connected apical of its maintenance, and if location are immoderate recalls. Here are 24 of nan astir reliable cars connected nan utilized car marketplace today.

2011 Cadillac DTS — JD Power Reliability Score: 93/100

2011 Cadillac DTSImage Credit: Wiki Commons

If you’re looking for abstraction and comfort, you could do overmuch worse than nan Cadillac DTS. The full family tin recreation comfortably, and nan ample trunk swallows plentifulness of cargo.

The V8 motor produces 275 horsepower unless you opt for nan Platinum trim, which has 292 horses. It’s connected to a four-speed automatic, which isn’t very exciting, but it gets nan occupation done. Of course, being an older car, you won’t find each nan modern tech and gadgets here.

2020 Chevrolet Sonic — JD Power Reliability Score: 93/100

Chevrolet SonicImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Chevrolet axed nan Sonic from nan US marketplace aft nan 2020 exemplary year, but nan bully news is that they had ironed retired immoderate issues by then.

Buying a four-year-old car intends you’ll get astir of nan modern amenities for overmuch little than you’d salary for a brand-new model. With its sub-140 horsepower, nan Chevrolet Sonic isn’t nan astir breathtaking utilized car, but its excellent reliability score makes it a coagulated choice.

2021 Nissan Maxima — JD Power Reliability Score: 93/100

2021 Nissan MaximaImage Credit: Wiki Commons

If you’re successful nan marketplace for a mildly breathtaking sedan, nan 2021 Nissan Maxima is worthy considering. Again, being an almost-new car, it offers each nan animal comforts and modern tech. It besides boasts an fantabulous 93/100 reliability people connected JD Power.

Interior-wise, nan beforehand seats connection fantabulous support and are comfortable for agelong periods of time, and acknowledgment to a 300-horsepower V6 engine, nan Maxima is much than tin of agelong trips. If there’s 1 drawback, nan rear seats are a spot cramped for nan average-sized adult.

2021 Chrysler 300 — JD Power Reliability Score: 92/100

Chrysler 300C SRTImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The 2021 Chrysler 300 looks mean, packs plentifulness of power, and it’s very reliable. What much could we perchance inquire for? Chrysler’s splendid Uconnect infotainment strategy is easy to use, too, which reduces nan consequence of getting distracted.

Under nan hood, there’s a V8 motor that sends 363 horsepower to nan rear wheels. Floor nan throttle and perceive it roar arsenic it pushes into nan seat.

2021 Genesis G90 — JD Power Reliability Score: 91/100

2021 Genesis G90Image Credit: Wiki Commons

The Genesis G90 is different conveyance pinch plentifulness of power—between 365 and 420 horses, to beryllium exact. Unfortunately, these horses are besides very thirsty, truthful fuel system suffers. Even nan astir “frugal” type only manages 24 mpg connected nan highway.

The bully news is that nan G90 offers fantabulous thrust value and driving dynamics. The interior has tons of room and is simply a comfortable spot to walk time.

2013 Buick Verano — JD Power Reliability Score: 91/100

The 2013 Buick Verano connected show astatine nan 2012 Chicago Auto ShowImage Credit: YaromirM/Shutterstock.

Buying an 11-year-old car tin beryllium risky, but arsenic agelong arsenic erstwhile owners took due attraction of it, nan 2013 Buick Verano should beryllium a safe bet. It’s a compact sedan, but it still manages to swallow a batch of worldly acknowledgment to its 14.3 cu-ft of cargo space.

Compared to others connected this list, nan Verano whitethorn look a small underpowered, but some four-cylinder motor options connection immoderate excitement, acknowledgment to 180 horsepower aliases 250 turbocharged horses. It should beryllium noted that nan car’s driving dynamics are tuned much for comfortableness than fun.

2008 Lincoln MKZ — JD Power Reliability Score: 91/100

2010 Lincoln MKZImage Credit: Chuck Most/Flickr.

Buying a 16-year-old car will ne'er beryllium 100% trouble-free, but nan unassuming Lincoln MKZ does connection exceptional reliability. Make judge you cheque if nan recalls person been dealt pinch and that it has a coagulated attraction record.

If you want a solid, V6-powered, midsize luxury sedan but are connected a strict budget, nan 2008 Lincoln MKZ could beryllium what you’re looking for. However, there’s perfectly thing breathtaking astir it, truthful you’ll want to look elsewhere if you want a car that’ll get your bosom racing.

2020 Nissan Armada — JD Power Reliability Score: 91/100

2020 Nissan ArmadaImage Credit: Nissan USA

If you want luxury and are not connected a budget, Nissan’s flagship SUV is 1 of nan astir awesome vehicles successful its class. It has a very luxurious and freely cabin, and moreover nan passengers successful nan rear spot rows won’t kick astir being cramped.

With a 390-horsepower V8 engine, nan Nissan Armada offers plentifulness of oomph for a ample SUV arsenic well. The downside is that its weight mixed pinch a powerful motor intends nan substance system suffers.

2008 Acura RL — JD Power Reliability Score: 90/100

2008 Acura RLImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Back successful 2008, nan Acura RL was nan biggest sedan offered by Honda’s luxury division. For nan time, it was technologically precocious and regarded arsenic a secure vehicle, but automotive tech and information person travel a agelong measurement since then.

That being said, nan Acura RL is still a reliable vehicle, and acknowledgment to its V6 motor producing 290 horsepower, it besides offers immoderate excitement. Ensure it’s maintained decently and that each airbag-related recalls are handled.

2020 BMW X6 — JD Power Reliability Score: 90/100

2020 BMW X6Image Credit: Wiki Commons

BMW’s estimation for making coagulated cars has suffered successful caller years. However, erstwhile correctly cared for, nan Bavarian machines will supply years of service, arsenic nan 2020 BMW X6 proves.

This exemplary has earned a awesome reliability score, and acknowledgment to nan generous modular instrumentality level and powerful motor options, it’s besides a nosy and breathtaking SUV.

2020 Kia Forte — JD Power Reliability Score: 90/100

2020 Kia ForteImage Credit: Wiki Commons

If you request a powerful vehicle, we’ll pass you upfront that nan Kia Forte will time off you disappointed. Only 2 motor options are available, producing 147 aliases 201 horsepower. If you opt for nan much powerful version, you tin take betwixt a six-speed manual aliases a seven-speed automatic.

The Kia Forte’s existent forte is its coagulated estimation for reliability, on pinch its freely interior. All things considered, it’s nan cleanable prime if you conscionable want a no-frills regular driver that delivers no-nonsense dependability.

2021 Hyundai Accent — JD Power Reliability Score: 90/100

2021 Hyundai AccentImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The Hyundai Accent has been astir forever, and it’s ne'er been an breathtaking car to ain aliases drive. That hasn’t changed for nan 2021-year model. However, nary 1 would bargain a Hyundai Accent if they wanted a sports car; they bargain it because it offers years of trouble-free motoring.

Low substance consumption, fantabulous reliability, and a freely interior make this nan cleanable regular driver. To sweeten nan woody moreover further, you tin find it connected nan utilized marketplace for arsenic small arsenic $12-15,000, which makes it a bargain.

2019 Nissan Titan — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2019 Nissan TitanImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The 2019 Nissan Titan is nan first conveyance connected this database pinch a reliability people that dips into nan eighties. However, it’s still overmuch much reliable than nan mean vehicle. Americans often place nan Titan successful favour of home brands, but nan Nissan has proven itself to beryllium conscionable arsenic bully successful galore ways.

Reliability-wise, nan 2019 Titan scores amended than astir trucks successful its segment, and acknowledgment to its various trim levels, you tin find them specced pinch plentifulness of tech and luxuries. As freely and comfortable arsenic nan Titan whitethorn be, it does time off a spot to beryllium desired compared to its American rivals.

2010 Audi A6 — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2010 Audi A6

2010 Audi A6Image Credit: Wiki Commons

The 2010 Audi A6 offers European luxury for nether $10,000, and it’s amazingly reliable arsenic well. You’ll get everything European sports sedans are known for: fantabulous handling, information equipment, a premium interior, and plentifulness of power. The downside is that repairs and attraction thin to beryllium much costly than Japanese and American cars.

With 255 to 265 horsepower, depending connected nan year, nan Audi A6 is simply a very tin car, moreover much truthful if it has nan Quattro AWD system.

2021 Nissan Murano — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2021 Nissan MuranoImage Credit: Nissan USA

The Nissan Murano has soldiered connected for rather immoderate time, and by 2021, it was getting a spot agelong successful nan tooth. However, Nissan sorted that retired by adding immoderate information features and interior updates. Just for illustration that, nan Murano had discovered nan fountain of younker and remained among its segment’s apical sellers.

As you’d expect from a conveyance that’s only 3 years old, it has tons of modern tech and gadgetry. If there’s thing to constituent a digit at, it’s nan cargo capacity, which doesn’t unrecorded up to nan modular group by nan competition.

2020 Cadillac CT5 — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2020 Cadillac CT5Image Credit: Wiki Commons

The Cadillac CT5 first saw nan ray of time successful 2019 arsenic a 2020 model-year car. It was different deed for nan American luxury brand, mostly acknowledgment to its awesome reliability people and nan soft thrust value Cadillac has go known for.

It offers plentifulness of features and animal comforts, but it’s not perfect. Compared to its European rivals, nan interior does time off thing to beryllium desired, and nan cargo capacity is sub-par.

2020 Chevrolet Malibu — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2020 Chevrolet MalibuImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The first Malibu arrived successful 1964, and it’s still astir coming aft Chevy brought nan nameplate backmost successful 1997 aft a hiatus since nan early 1980s. It’s a much-loved exemplary acknowledgment to its fantabulous reliability ratings, and buying a four-year-old car intends you tin bask years of trouble-free car ownership.

Like astir reliable cars, it’s not nan astir breathtaking exemplary money tin buy, but depending connected nan trim, it’ll present betwixt 163 and 250 all-American stallions. Inside, guidelines models are, arsenic expected, very basic, and higher trims connection much luxuries and gadgets.

2020 Kia Soul — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2020 Kia SoulImage Credit: Wiki Commons

What’s not to emotion astir nan 2020 Kia Soul? It’s 1 of nan astir reliable models connected nan utilized market, and it looks tiny yet a small aggressive. Sure, it’s not fast, arsenic it’s only disposable pinch 2 four-cylinder engines: 1 that produces 147 horses, and a turbocharged type pinch 201 horsepower.

Other than its nosy exterior, nan Kia Soul offers much comfortableness than astir vehicles successful its segment. It has plentifulness of tech and information features, and acknowledgment to its ample solid areas, outward visibility is acold amended than that of nan competition.

2021 Chevrolet Corvette — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Who says sports cars aren’t reliable? The C8 Chevy Corvette is arsenic reliable arsenic immoderate different American-made car, and acknowledgment to a 490+ horsepower mid-mounted engine, it packs capacity that’ll rival a supercar.

Inside, it doesn’t rather rival Europe’s finest, but everything is hyper-modern and arsenic luxurious arsenic 1 would expect from an American sports car successful this value class.

2021 Dodge Charger — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2017 Dodge Charger Daytona 392Image Credit: Modern Mopar Magazine/Flickr.

If you want American V8 capacity but request thing practical, nan Dodge Charger is 1 of nan champion options. This is due American musculus pinch much practice than you tin shingle a instrumentality at.

As an added bonus, it besides looks mean and intimidating, truthful moreover if you don’t spell for 1 of nan powerful V8s, it’ll still tie immoderate attention. Thanks to nan Charger’s agelong lifespan, Dodge has had plentifulness of clip to robust retired immoderate issues.

2021 BMW X4 — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2021 BMW X4Image Credit: Wiki Commons

In 2021, BMW added much tech and information features to nan modular BMW X4. With its coagulated estimation for reliability, luxurious interior, and driving dynamics connected par pinch what we expect from Bavaria’s finest, nan X4 is simply a very charismatic option.

Power-wise, nan 2021 BMW X4 delivers betwixt 248 and 503 thoroughbred horses, depending connected spec. There are immoderate drawbacks, however. It’s not arsenic freely arsenic different models successful its segments, and gangly adults won’t beryllium comfortable successful nan rear seat.

2015 Infiniti Q40 — JD Power Reliability Score: 89/100

2015 Infiniti Q40image Credit: Infiniti.

You don’t travel crossed an Infiniti Q40 very often, and that’s because it was only made successful 2015. Infiniti renamed its G37 sedan Q40 for its last accumulation year, truthful it’s imaginable to find earlier cars for moreover little money arsenic agelong arsenic you cognize astir nan sanction change.

It’s built connected nan aforesaid level arsenic nan Nissan 370Z, which intends it’s an breathtaking car to drive, moreover if it’s getting a spot aged now. It has a 328-horsepower V6 engine, and each that powerfulness is sent to nan rear wheels done a seven-speed automatic transmission.

2020 Toyota Tundra — JD Power Reliability Score: 88/100

2020 Toyota TundraImage Credit: Toyota.

Knowing that Toyota makes immoderate of nan world’s astir reliable vehicles, we’re arsenic amazed arsenic you to observe that they’re not astatine nan apical of this list. Still, nan Toyota Tundra has ever offered legendary reliability, which besides goes for nan 2020 exemplary year.

The V8 motor produces 381 horsepower, and it’s practically bulletproof. However, it should beryllium noted that it’s a dense drinker. The 2020 Tundra is besides a spot dated, and it’s not arsenic refined aliases comfortable arsenic immoderate of nan competitors.

2012 Mercedes-Benz E-Class — JD Power Reliability Score: 88/100

2012 Mercedes-Benz E-ClassImage Credit: Wiki Commons

We’ve already had immoderate BMWs and Audis connected here, and Mercedes conscionable managed to compression onto nan database arsenic well. The E-Class is beautiful overmuch nan meaning of a midsize German luxury sedan, and moreover a 12-year-old exemplary will tie immoderate stares.

Its creation has aged well, it offers immoderate very decent and potent engines, and nan interior is freely and luxurious. Tech and information feature-wise, it’s outdated compared to a brand-new model, but connected nan different hand, you’ll prevention thousands compared to buying a caller car. Regarding reliability, there’s a logic why Mercedes-Benz is nan preferred marque among European taxi drivers.