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Defining what is nan worst car motor is trickier than it mightiness sound. There are unspeakable engines that could beryllium much reliable aliases don’t person nan champion powerfulness output.

Then, immoderate engines should ne'er person gone into nan cars they went into. Think of nan DeLorean DMC-12 arsenic 1 example, a sports car pinch an motor that does not befit a sports car.

This database will effort to spell done immoderate of nan worst car engines ever. Many of these were simply unspeakable designs, while others were unspeakable successful their ain unsocial way.

Oldsmobile Diesel

1980 Oldsmobile Delta 88 DieselImage Credit: NielsdeWit/WikiCommons.

It is only now that diesel engines’ inefficiencies are opening to radiance through. But successful nan 1970s, Oldsmobile’s diesel engines were immoderate of nan worst arsenic nan institution tried to mimic nan occurrence of diesel engines successful Europe.

Oldsmobile utilized its 350 ci V8 arsenic nan ground for a diesel, creating a reinforced artifact and slapping caller diesel heads onto it. Sadly, powerfulness was debased astatine conscionable 120 hp, and nan resulting motor was loud, produced heavy smoke, and would consequence successful blown caput gaskets.

Škoda 1.2 HTP

Škoda's 1.2 HTPImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Skoda’s 1.2 HTP was successful models for illustration nan Fabia and sister VW Group vehicles for illustration nan Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo. While a bully motor for compact cars, mechanical problems were excessively acquainted pinch nan HTP.

One of nan astir important issues was nan anemic hydraulic tensioner connected nan timing system, allowing nan concatenation to jump a bony aliases 2 moreover erstwhile nan car was connected a slope and parked. Oil and valve depletion was different issue, and erstwhile VW tried to hole nan issue, caller problems pinch nan butterfly and EGR valves would emerge.

Jaguar V12

Jaguar XJ-C V12Image Credit: WikiCommons.

We tin perceive nan screams arsenic we mention nan Jaguar V12 connected a database of bad engines. But nan reality was that, while a good portion of machinery, Jaguar’s V12 had problems. In nan E-Type/XK-E, issues were comparatively minor, but it was successful later models, specified arsenic nan XJ-S and XJ-12, wherever nan large problems lay.

The cooling strategy needed to beryllium better. It was not helping that it was very analyzable for mechanics to hole should an rumor arise. Keeping a Jaguar V12 moving successful tip-top information tin quickly go a costly exercise, truthful beryllium wary of that should you ain a V12 Jag.

Fiat 1.3 MultiJet 1st generation

2012 Fiat 500Image Credit: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration/WikiCommons.

The Fiat 1.3 MultiJet is nan motor astir notably recovered successful nan modern Fiat 500. Still, it besides appears successful nan Fiorino and Punto, nan Alfa Romeo MiTo, and nan Opel/Vauxhall Astra.

The biggest rumor pinch nan first procreation of this motor is its horrific lipid consumption. Fiat said nan motor would request an lipid alteration astatine 30,000 miles, but galore owners recovered that they would person to do truthful astatine 20,000 miles. Also, nan first-generation MultiJets are prone to breaking their timing concatenation and leaking coolant into nan cylinders.

Mazda Miller Cycle V6

Millenia sedanImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Mazda is nary alien to different aliases different engines. Check retired nan Wankel-Rotary recovered successful cars for illustration nan RX-7 aliases nan Le Mans winning 787B. In nan precocious 1990s, Mazda decided to create a caller V6 motor that utilized nan Miller Cycle, creating a 2.5-liter supercharged V6 nether nan hood of nan Mazda Millenia.

The Miller Cycle sees compression hap successful 2 stages, leaving nan intake valve unfastened longer. The supercharger is simply a request to support compression to boost efficiency. While that sounds great, nan supercharger causes important lipid consumption, and bad superchargers were a communal problem pinch Millennia. However, nan supercharger was little of a problem successful nan somewhat sportier S model.

BMW / PSA 1.6 Prince

Mini Cooper SEImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The PSA 1.6 (Peugeot-Citroen) motor nether nan hood of modern Mini Cooper and Mini One models. Co-produced pinch BMW, this different operation of automotive manufacturers produced an motor that was difficult to maintain, peculiarly from 2006 to 2010. 

The timing strategy is simply a peculiarly anemic constituent for nan engine. Over time, nan timing belts successful nan 1.6 Prince commencement to slacken up, which intends nan motor is not arsenic soft arsenic it was erstwhile it near nan factory. If you person nan misfortune of owning a turbocharged version, soot tin get each complete nan motor and origin a noticeable nonaccomplishment of power.

Cadillac Northstar V8

Cadillac Northstar V8Image Credit: WikiCommons.

The Northstar V8 was Cadillac’s first dual-overhead cam engine, and it helped nan American shaper drawback up pinch immoderate of its rivals successful Europe and Japan. Sophisticated and powerful, the Northstar V8 was a potent engine.

Early engines had 295 hp, but successful nan XLR-V Roadster and nan STS-V, this accrued to 469 hp. However, contempt its sophistication, nan Northstar V8 had immoderate important problems. The astir problematic of these was nan blown caput gaskets installed successful nan motor pinch a single-use merchandise that besides stretched during nan installation process. However, stretching would hap during nan car’s use, starring to coolant leaks, overheating, and, ultimately, to nan blown gaskets.

Ford 1.0-liter EcoBoost

2020 Ford EcoSportImage Credit: Ford.

The latest procreation of Ford EcoBoost engines are immoderate of nan champion connected nan market. The EcoBoost V6 nether nan hood of nan Ford GT was nan champion of nan bunch. But from 2018 to 2022, nan mini EcoSport SUV besides had an EcoBoost engine, pinch nan car built by Ford successful India.

The EcoSport could person been a amended car, but nan motor was overmuch worse. The loop that drove nan lipid pump would often deterioration retired exceptionally quickly aliases loosen themselves up. The rumor became truthful concerning that nan NHTSA would unfastened an investigation to forestall a akin problem successful North America.

Volkswagen / Audi 2.5 TDI V6

Audi 2.5 TDI V6Image Credit: WikiCommons.

The 2.5 TDI V6 motor is wide utilized successful older Volkswagen Passats and nan second-generation Audi A6. Despite some cars being good, coagulated regular drivers, flaws pinch nan V6 motor are good documented. The building of nan cylinder caput meant that nan camshafts suffered and would deterioration retired rapidly.

That rumor is down to lipid changes needing to hap much regularly. Audi and nan broader Volkswagen Group umbrella were unaware of this, and it was only erstwhile owners worked it retired for themselves that nan problem became wide known. Changing nan lipid much often will activity astir nan problem; however, that isn’t thing consumers should person to do.

Triumph V8

Triumph V8Image Credit: WikiCommons.

The 1960s and 1970s were an up-and-down clip for British motoring. Some exceptional cars came retired of nan country, but mediocre value power and build value blighted galore cars. Another to suffer was nan Triumph V8, recovered successful nan Stag and besides sold successful nan United States.

Instead of utilizing nan celebrated Rover V8 arsenic its basis, Triumph built their ain type of a V8 from scratch. While that itself wasn’t an issue, retaining nan placement of nan h2o pump from Triumph’s existing four-cylinder was. With nan motor artifact now tilted to create nan V8, nan high-sitting h2o pump became starved of cooling water. Any leaks would origin nan pump to spell dry, resulting successful motor overheating and, ultimately, an motor failure.

Cadillac V8-6-4

1961 Cadillac Series 63 deVille 4 doorway 6 model HardtopImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Cadillac is simply a pioneer of nan V8 engine, producing them since 1914 and forging a legendary estimation pinch its eight-cylinder block. However, successful nan 1980s, Chrysler V8s became big, lumbering engines pinch debased powerfulness outputs acknowledgment to nan various state crises of nan 1970s and nan emergence successful lipid prices.

The V8-6-4 was nan nadir of these big, underpowered engines. It was a clever engine, utilizing an array of sensors to show nan engine, which could past unopen down cylinders to thief prevention substance by turning nan motor into a V6 aliases four-cylinder. Sadly, nan 1970s-built machine was excessively slow to support up pinch nan engines, and nan full strategy was prone to failure. Many owners had nan strategy stripped retired of their Cadillacs erstwhile they came successful for a service.

GM 3.6 High Feature Engine

Cadillac CTS Image Credit: WikiCommons.

General Motors is 1 of nan finest motor manufacturers successful nan world. While things person been bully for nan astir part, nan 3.6 High Feature motor that debuted successful 2004 has had its adjacent stock of problems.

From 2007 to 2010, nan timing concatenation of vehicles specified arsenic nan GMC Acadia was besides known to agelong and stretch, causing a cheque motor ray to travel connected and a ample rattle nether nan hood. The rattle was astatine its worst erstwhile nan car was idling. Should you transportation connected regardless, misfires and metallic shavings successful nan lipid would appear, perchance starring to a full nonaccomplishment of nan High Feature engine.

Chrysler 2.7 V6

Chrysler 2.7 V6Image Credit: WikiCommons.

The LH 2.7-liter and 3.2-liter V6 engines were successful a wide array of Chrysler cars from 1998 to 2007. Cars specified arsenic nan Sebring and Intrepid would transportation nan powertrains, but nan 2.7-liter V6 would soon beryllium problematic and annoying.

Sludge would build up successful nan engine’s crankcase, and nan NHTSA would recieve complete 400 complaints astir nan issue. Engine repairs were not cheap, and Chrysler was soon forced to callback 1998 to 2002 models pinch nan troublesome V6 nether nan hood. The problem was soon traced to a poorly designed h2o pump that leaked coolant into nan crankcase.

Ford Triton 5.4

1999 ford f 150Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Given nan often impeccable reliability of nan Ford pickup motortruck engine, it mightiness beryllium a astonishment to spot nan Triton 5.4 motor connected this list. The 5.4-liter V8 is successful various versions of nan F-150 pickup motortruck and millions of individual vehicles.

Like nan Chrysler 2.7-liter V6, nan Triton 5.4 is besides known to nutrient a ample magnitude of sludge, which builds up successful lipid passages. The knock-on effect causes issues pinch nan cam phasers required for nan adaptable valve timing, creating a ticking sound and problem codes regarding a cam and crank mismatch. If near alone, you could 1 time find that your truck’s motor has fixed up and suffered a awesome failure.

Subaru 2.0D

Subaru 2.0DImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Japanese manufacturers are celebrated for their reliability and dependable engines. So, seeing nan Subaru 2.0D connected this database is simply a shock—the 2.0D is simply a Subaru diesel engine. Still, it differs arsenic Subaru wanted to clasp its accepted and celebrated boxer motor layout.

While it felt bully connected nan move, nan first procreation of nan motor presented an breathtaking array of problems. Injectors wrong nan motor would neglect early on, and for illustration different diesel engines, lipid soot was a important issue. The particulate select besides required a batch of attention, much than Subaru suggested that it would. Thankfully, nan later Subaru diesel engines would supply overmuch amended service.

2.85-Liter PRV ZMJ-159 V6

V6 PRV engineImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The PRV V6 is an motor developed jointly by Peugeot, Renault, and Volvo Cars. It was besides utilized successful nan DeLorean DMC-12 sports car. The motor was successful accumulation from 1974 to 1998, but it became astir celebrated successful nan DMC-12 acknowledgment to its mean capacity figures.

The PRV V6 would only nutrient 130 hp and 153 lb-ft of torque successful a car branded arsenic a sports car. This would lead to an unsatisfactory driving acquisition for many, but nan motor besides suffered from a deficiency of value control, chiefly connected DeLorean’s part. Had a much powerful motor gone into this 1980s icon, it mightiness person achieved nan occurrence it deserved. Sadly, nan mini V6 fto down nan DMC-12.

Saab 2.0 and 2.3 Turbo

Saab 2.0Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Seeing Saab connected this database mightiness daze some, but moreover nan champion get it incorrect connected occasion—the 2.0 and 2.3 turbo had nan motor codes B204 and B234, and you could find these engines nether nan hoods of nan Saab 900, 9-3 and nan 9-5.

Owners, however, recovered themselves opening their wallets much than they anticipated. The problem was that nan beforehand of nan motor overheated easily, acknowledgment to mediocre power management. The turbocharger’s thermal insulation was besides an issue, and nan precocious temperatures could origin nan crankshaft bearings to move. The B204 and B234 engines besides suffered from excess sludge statement nether nan hood.

Honda CVCC Four-Cylinder

Honda CVCC Four-CylinderImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Many will besides beryllium rather amazed to spot a Honda motor connected this list. The CVCC four-cylinder, however, was not without its faults. The 1751 CC engine, recovered successful nan original Honda Accord, would create a caput gasket leak betwixt nan 3rd and 4th cylinders each 30,000 miles aliases so.

A personification connected Hagerty said that wrong 60,000 miles of driving his 1977 Honda Civic CVCC, nan motor had eaten done 3 h2o pumps and blown a caput gasket. Following this, nan motor ne'er ran correctly, and nan CVCC was rather intelligibly not Honda’s finest hour. It was a uncommon blip connected a near-perfect record, but it is acold from nan worst motor Honda has ever produced.

2015 Honda RA615H

2015 Honda RA615HImage Credit: WikiCommons.

In 2015, Honda returned to Formula 1 by partnering up pinch McLaren arsenic a useful motor supplier. Pre-season, McLaren had excited Honda’s caller V6 turbo-hybrid engine, but it was thing short of a disaster.

On nan first time of pre-season testing, nan Honda motor suffered from various mechanical faults, and crossed nan full of wintertime testing, nan MP4-30 that ran nan motor collapsed down aggregate times. The play was a disaster arsenic McLaren vanished ninth successful nan World Constructor’s Championship. However, it wasn’t each Honda’s fault, arsenic nan shaper was forcibly pushed into returning to nan athletics 1 twelvemonth early. It had hoped to participate pinch McLaren successful 2016, but nan British squad wanted them sooner than that.

Opel 2.2 16v Ecotec

Opel 2.2 16v EcotecImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The 2.2 16 Ecotec motor is successful nan Opel Vectra and Signum, but it is besides nether nan hood of nan Chevrolet Malibu and Pontiac G5. One advantage of nan X22 versions of nan engines is that they travel pinch timing belts and not chains, making them overmuch easier to maintain.

But nan Z22 engines origin nan astir important problems. The analyzable timing strategy tin lead to nan tensioner wearing out, which is past amplified by nan faulty injection system. Other engines would suffer from excessive substance consumption, and nan problem recovered its measurement into different North American models, specified arsenic nan Saturn Vue and Chevrolet Cobalt.

2017 Honda RA617H

2017 Honda RA617HImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Another mediocre motor from Honda and its clip pinch McLaren successful Formula 1. Honda had enjoyed a overmuch much competitory 2016 season, and nan 2017 motor successful nan McLaren MCL32 was nan motor to motorboat nan squad and motor supplier up nan grid.

But it was again different reliable play for McLaren-Honda. The cars were slow and unreliable, and pre-season testing saw a near-repeat of nan horrible 2015 wintertime testing that McLaren and Honda went through. McLaren would again decorativeness ninth successful nan championship, and astatine nan extremity of nan year, McLaren near Honda arsenic nan Japanese shaper moved to Toro Rosso and past Red Bull. That has, however, worked retired rather well.

Alfa Romeo 2.0 TwinSpark 16v

Alfa Romeo 2.0 TwinSpark 16vImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Engine problems successful an Alfa Romeo are not uncommon, though immoderate of nan stereotypes are possibly a small unfair. However, nan TwinSpark 16-valve powertrain tin origin a peculiar group of problems successful nan 2.0-liter form.

Out of each TwinSpark engines, these are nan astir fragile. Oil alteration intervals request to hap much regularly past Alfa Romeo themselves say. The engines besides dislike moving successful acold conditions unless adequately warmed up. Failure to do this tin consequence successful nan engines breaking down successful speedy acceleration scenarios, and nan timing loop will request replacing each 35,000 miles.

Ford Lima

Ford LimaImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Ford Lima is 1 of nan uncommon occasions that nan Blue Oval has gotten rather severely wrong. The biggest rumor was that erstwhile placed nether nan hood of nan Mustang, they could nutrient arsenic small arsenic 89 hp. 

A musculus car is of people meant to beryllium loud, powerful, and brash, truthful an motor producing conscionable 89 hp is ne'er going to trim it. But sadly, nan Lima would find its measurement into different vehicles, too, specified arsenic nan Ranger pickup truck, nan Aerostar vans, and nan Pinto. Near nan extremity of its run, Ford squeezed retired 205 hp nether nan hood of nan Mustang SVO.

Mazda 1.3 Renesis

Mazda 1.3 RenesisImage Credit: WikiCommons.

This motor would find its measurement nether nan hood of nan Mazda RX-8, proving nan nadir of what was different a awesome sports car. That is possibly unfair, though, because galore of nan problems pinch nan RX-8 are down to faulty ignition coils, not nan existent 1.3 Renesis engine.

When you person an agile sports car pinch a rotary motor producing 238 hp, past you still person a awesome baseline. There was nan accustomed precocious lipid depletion that is communal pinch rotary engines. But acknowledgment to nan ignition coil problem, Mazda would propulsion distant galore perfectly usable Renesis engines. So nan Renesis is simply a lousy motor because of an unfair reputation, not because it could person been better.