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Mopar is Chrysler’s parts, service, and customer attraction division, and nan sanction is simply a operation of “MOtor” and “PARts.” Enthusiasts commonly usage nan sanction Mopar erstwhile referring to immoderate products built nether what utilized to beryllium nan Chrysler Corporation umbrella (it’s Stellantis now).

Back successful nan day, only Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth, and Imperial were Mopars. Eventually, AMC and Jeep were bought by Chrysler, and nan Dodge Ram lineup became a standalone brand. Chrysler has been making cars for complete a period now, and we’ve tried to see vehicles from arsenic galore Mopar brands arsenic possible. This database isn’t conscionable astir nan fastest and astir potent Mopar vehicles but besides nan game-changing models.

Plymouth Valiant

1976 Plymouth ValiantImage Credit: Paul Balze/Wikicommons.

Plymouth created nan Valiant successful nan precocious 1950s truthful they’d person an introduction successful nan increasing compact market. Thanks to its fantabulous reliability, nan Valiant became a bestseller and helped support nan institution successful business during an economical downturn.

When nan lipid situation deed successful 1973, carmakers had to displacement from gas-guzzling musculus cars to models that cautiously sipped fuel. In 1976, nan Valiant was replaced by nan Volare, which surely didn’t gain a estimation for reliability, and by 1979, nan Chrysler marque was facing bankruptcy.

Dodge Charger Daytona

1969 Dodge Charger DaytonaImage Credit: WikiCommons.

NASCAR initially utilized cars that were disposable to acquisition astatine dealerships. By nan precocious ’60s, title cars had to beryllium homologated, meaning manufacturers had to build a circumstantial number of cars to sell. Dodge had to make 500 Charger Daytonas successful 1969 to fulfill NASCAR’s rules.

Dodge added a monolithic helping and a chemoreceptor cone to its celebrated Charger musculus car. The motor of prime was a 426 Hemi V8, 1 of nan astir legendary units ever made. Dodge dominated NASCAR successful nan pursuing seasons until aero cars were banned successful 1971.

Plymouth Superbird

1970 Plymouth Road Runner SuperbirdImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The communicative of nan Plymouth Superbird is practically identical to that of nan Dodge Charger Daytona—fit aero parts and annihilate nan title connected nan track.

Today, nan Superbird is among nan astir sought-after musculus cars, and erstwhile 1 comes up for sale, it fetches ridiculous amounts of money. It wasn’t ever for illustration that. When nan Superbird was new, cipher wanted it, and dealers had to region nan helping and chemoreceptor to make it much attractive.

Dodge Power Wagon

Dodge Power WagonImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Dodge Power Wagon was fundamentally a civilian trim level of a subject truck. Dodge supplied it to nan US subject during WWII, and it’s credited arsenic 1 of nan vehicles that pioneered nan modern 4×4 drivetrain.

From there, nan Dodge Power Wagon became a very successful conveyance pinch farmers and wood workers until it was retired successful 1980. The nameplate was brought backmost successful 2005 arsenic a type of nan Ram 2500 motortruck and is still successful usage today.

Plymouth Barracuda

1971 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi ConvertibleImage Credit: MuscleCarOfTheWeek/Youtube.

In 1964, nan Plymouth Barracuda was an affordable, sporty compact car. It grew successful size and powerfulness until it culminated successful nan now-iconic Hemi Cuda.

Based connected nan E-body, nan Hemi Cuda wasn’t viewed arsenic an system car for illustration its predecessors. With a 426 Hemi V8 motor nether its hood, nan ‘Cuda was a monster, and it’s still remembered arsenic 1 of nan most fantabulous musculus cars ever.

Plymouth Road Runner

1969 Plymouth Road RunnerImage Credit: Ermell/WikiCommons.

In 1968, Plymouth wanted to make its people connected nan musculus car scene, and nan measurement they did it was axenic genius. Plymouth paid Warner Brothers $50,000 to licence nan celebrated Road Runner animation characteristic that ever managed to outrun and outsmart Wile E. Coyote.

They past built nan Road Runner connected nan Chrysler B-platform and offered it pinch a scope of V8 engines, including nan 426 Hemi. With 425 horsepower, bold styling, and a horn that went “meep meep,” nan Road Runner was an instant hit.

Dodge D Series Truck

Dodge Custom Sports Special (1964)Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Dodge introduced nan D bid motortruck successful 1960, and by nan clip accumulation ended successful 1993, it had go an American pickup motortruck icon. Part of nan logic it was truthful celebrated is that Dodge made immoderate very entertaining, high-performance versions of nan Dodge D.

The Dodge D bid ever had a masculine design, and it packed capable powerfulness to backmost up immoderate statements made by its exterior. How masculine was it? There was a exemplary called The Dude and different base nan sanction Macho Power Wagon. It doesn’t get overmuch much hairy-chested than that.

1978 Dodge Li’l Red Express / Midnite Express

Dodge Li’l Red ExpressImage Credit: sv1ambo/WikiCommons.

The Dodge Li’l Red Express was based connected nan D bid truck, but it was specified a game-changer that it deserves an introduction of its own. Decades earlier nan Ram SRT-10 existed, nan Li’l Red Express high-performance motortruck put nan fearfulness of God successful sports car drivers.

This motortruck was nan fastest American conveyance successful 1978; pinch a 0 to 60 mph clip of 7.5 seconds, it smashed Corvettes. As its sanction suggests, nan Li’l Red Express was red, and location was besides nan achromatic Midnite Express. Whereas nan reddish motortruck had a 360 V8, nan achromatic 1 was powered by nan 440.

Plymouth Fury

1958 Plymouth FuryImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Plymouth introduced nan Fury arsenic a sub-series of nan Belvedere successful 1955, but by nan clip nan 2nd procreation arrived successful 1959, it was a abstracted exemplary and 1 level supra nan Belvedere.

It was successful accumulation for 34 years and flip-flopped betwixt being sold arsenic a full-size and midsize car. At 1 point, it was moreover a full-blown musculus car, and besides offered successful luxury trim levels to compete against models specified arsenic nan Ford Galaxie 500 LTD and Chevrolet Impala Caprice.

Ram Daytona

2005 Dodge Ram DaytonaImage Credit: Paul Ellis/Flickr.

The 2005 Ram Daytona was a sporty light-duty pickup motortruck that capitalized connected nan Dodge Daytona name. It had a unsocial assemblage kit, 20-inch chrome wheels, a hood scoop, and a ample helping connected nan back, conscionable for illustration nan Charger Daytona.

Granted, successful banal shape pinch its chrome wheels and helping installed, it wasn’t nan astir applicable activity truck. However, it had a 5.7-liter Hemi V8 and was disposable successful regular and quad-cab styles, truthful it was accelerated moreover pinch nan full family onboard.

Dodge Super Bee

1968 Dodge Super BeeImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Dodge realized that Plymouth was onto thing pinch its Road Runner, truthful they devised their ain return connected it—the Super Bee. The sanction was fitting, arsenic it was built connected nan B-platform.

With bold, angry bee graphics and powerful engines, nan 1968 Super Bee was a raving success. However, by 1971, it was thing much than a low-priced car built connected nan Charger platform. Sales dropped, and it was discontinued nan aforesaid year. In 2007, Dodge brought backmost nan Super Bee sanction for usage connected nan Charger SRT-8.

Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300C SRTImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The Chrysler 300 has ever been a mean-looking car. Chrysler introduced it successful 1955 arsenic a NASCAR homologation special. It was advertised arsenic “America’s Most Powerful Car” and went connected to triumph races successful near-stock form.

Later, nan Chrysler 300 transitioned into a luxury car, but moreover nan modern versions from nan past 2 decades battalion a superior punch. With a creation reminiscent of a Bentley, a powerful V8 nether nan hood, and a wallet-friendly price, we’re not amazed it’s a immense success.

Plymouth Duster

1970 Plymouth Duster Rapid TransitMecum Auctions

Plymouth introduced nan Duster for nan 1970 exemplary twelvemonth to compete pinch cars specified arsenic nan Ford Maverick, Chevy Nova, and AMC Hornet. The Duster was only disposable arsenic a two-door coupe, arsenic those who wanted a four-door exemplary could bargain nan Valiant.

Plymouth offered nan Duster pinch a 340 V8 that sent 350 horsepower to nan rear wheels. It had various cleverly named trim packages during its accumulation run, specified arsenic Gold Duster, Space Duster, and Feather Duster. Plymouth sold 1.3 cardinal Dusters betwixt 1970 and 1976.

Chrysler Imperial

1950 Chrysler ImperialImage Credit: Richard Spiegelman/Flickr.

Imperial primitively started retired arsenic a Chrysler car exemplary successful nan 1920s, but successful 1955, it became a standalone marque and Chrysler’s luxury division. New models were introduced each mates of years, and they ever had a large V8, automatic transmission, and each nan modern features of that era.

One of nan astir awesome Imperial vehicles was nan LeBaron. In 1973, nan monolithic onshore yacht became nan longest American non-limousine accumulation car, measuring 235.3 inches successful length.

Dodge Ram SRT-10

Dodge Ram SRT-10Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Nowadays, Mopar shoves nan Hellcat V8 motor nether nan hood of a assortment of vehicles, but backmost successful nan 2000s, they decided nan Viper V10 portion was cleanable for nan Ram truck.

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 offered nan capacity of a supercar and nan practicality of a activity truck. No wonderment it became specified a monolithic hit. It besides drank substance for illustration it was going retired of style (which it did astir a decade later), truthful utilizing it arsenic a activity motortruck would trim into your profits.

Dodge Omni GLHS

1986 Dodge Omni Shelby GLHSImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Towards nan extremity of nan 1970s, nan Chrysler Corporation teetered connected nan brink of bankruptcy. What saved them was a authorities bailout and nan brilliant of nan caller CEO, Lee Iacocca, who championed nan caller K-platform to situation nan celebrated cars of that time, for illustration nan VW Golf.

The Dodge Omni was 1 of nan cars built connected nan level that saved nan company, and Iacocca reached retired to his aged friend Carroll Shelby to springiness it a high-performance makeover. With improved handling and a 146-horsepower turbocharged engine, nan Omni GLH (Goes Like Hell) was a due basking hatch. It moreover spawned nan 175-horsepower GLHS (Goes Like Hell S’more).

Dodge Charger

2023 Dodge Charger Hellcat Redeye WidebodyImage Credit: J.C./Flickr.

The original Dodge Charger from 1966 was nan company’s introduction into nan celebrated midsize segment. It wasn’t until nan charismatic 2nd procreation arrived successful 1968 that it became nan musculus car icon it is today.

It owes its superstar position to its roles successful shows for illustration The Dukes of Hazzard and arsenic Dom Toretto’s conveyance of prime successful nan Fast & Furious franchise. By nan mid-70s, nan Charger was a specified protector of its erstwhile self, and successful 1987, it was gone. In 2007, Dodge brought nan iconic musculus car back, this clip arsenic a four-door sedan, and it’s now disposable pinch nan ludicrous supercharged Hellcat V8 engine.

Dodge Diplomat

1988 Dodge DiplomatImage Credit: WikiCommons.

You whitethorn wonderment why we included nan dreary-looking Dodge Diplomat connected a database of nan champion Mopar vehicles. Well, arsenic bland and boring arsenic it is, it was surely bully capable to beryllium utilized by nan constabulary nationwide—largely acknowledgment to nan comfortable interior.

While nan Diplomat was a celebrated family car successful nan 1980s, it has almost go synonymous pinch constabulary cars from that era. Check retired car pursuit movies from nan ’80s and early ’90s and spot really galore Diplomats you tin spot.

Dodge Challenger

Dodge Challenger SRT DemonImage Credit: WikiCommons.

When Ford released nan Mustang, Chevy followed pinch nan Camaro. Chrysler, connected nan different hand, was obscurity to beryllium seen successful nan pony car title that took spot connected nan income charts.

It wasn’t until nan Dodge Challenger arrived successful 1970 that they had a existent reply to nan celebrated ponies. However, nan Challenger deed nan crushed moving and instantly started accumulating fans. Like nan Charger, it yet fizzled retired and became a badge-engineered Mitsubishi. Thankfully, Dodge brought backmost nan Challenger arsenic an fantabulous retro-styled beast successful 2008.

Dodge Viper

1991 Dodge ViperImage Credit: WikiCommons.

When nan Dodge Viper first arrived, it really lived up to its name—it would wound if not handled pinch care. It sewage a spot much mellow pinch time, but it was still a instrumentality for skilled drivers.

Its V10 motor is nan worldly of legend, and anterior to nan Viper, location weren’t immoderate V10-powered, gasoline-fueled sports cars. American carmakers person built respective supercars complete nan years, but nan Viper is ever nan first to beryllium mentioned.

Ram 1500 TRX

2023 Ram 1500 TRXImage Credit: RAM.

The Ram TRX is built connected nan aforesaid principles arsenic nan Ford F-150 Raptor, which intends it’s fundamentally a road-legal Baja racing truck. It wasn’t conscionable built to compete pinch nan Raptor; it’s made to destruct it. After all, successful Jurassic Park, nan Raptors aren’t arsenic powerful arsenic nan T-Rex (TRX, get it?), and it’s nan aforesaid successful nan automotive world.

When nan TRX arrived, nan F-150 Raptor was only disposable pinch nan 450-horsepower EcoBoost V6, and nan 702-horsepower Hellcat portion made mincemeat of it. Since then, Ford has responded pinch nan all-new Raptor R that matches nan Ram successful nan powerfulness department.

Jeep Wrangler

Jeep Wrangler RubiconImage Credit: Jeep / Stellantis

The Jeep Wrangler’s history dates backmost to WWII, and nan celebrated SUV is 1 of nan best vehicles for off-road adventures. It’s not flawless, but acknowledgment to nan monolithic action of aftermarket parts, practically each problem it throws astatine you tin beryllium fixed.

One point it didn’t person was a V8 motor option, but Jeep took attraction of that successful 2021 erstwhile it introduced nan Wrangler 392.

Dodge Dart

1970 Dodge Dart Swinger 340Image Credit: WikiCommons.

When Dodge introduced nan Dart successful 1960, it was a lower-priced full-size model. In 1962, it became a midsize car, and from ’63 to ’76, it was a compact car. As it shrunk, it besides meant Dodge could move it into a very lightweight musculus car by fitting large V8 engines nether its hood.

Eighty Darts were fixed nan 426 motor and became known arsenic nan Hemi Dart. The Dart GTS 440 was much readily disposable and still packed plentifulness of power—enough to cod respective NHRA trophies.

Jeep Cherokee XJ

2001 Jeep Cherokee XJImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The Jeep Cherokee XJ was disposable successful nan States from 1983 done 2001. It was nan first all-new Jeep creation since nan SJ Wagoneer successful 1963. Since nan SUV word hadn’t yet been coined, nan XJ was marketed arsenic a Sportwagon.

Owners and automotive journalists person raved astir nan XJ for decades, and it’s commonly recovered connected lists of nan champion cars ever made. Part of that undoubtedly stems from its bulletproof reliability.