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The Volkswagen (VW) sanction is 1 of nan longest-standing successful automobile history. Founded successful 1937, nan institution now encompasses different brands, specified arsenic Porsche, Audi, and Skoda.

Over nan years, celebrated Volkswagens for illustration nan Golf and Scirocco person emerged from their factory. Plus, a fewer rarities on nan way.

This database features 24 of nan rarest VW models. It includes low-volume accumulation vehicles, Volkswagens that person go rare, and a fewer of nan company’s champion conception cars and prototypes.

Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen XL1Image Credit: Thomas Wolf/WikiCommons.

Volkswagen produced conscionable 250 XL1s, 1 of nan astir breathtaking vehicles successful its history. The futuristic-looking coupe is simply a diesel hybrid that achieves an astronomical 260 MPG. This is acknowledgment to its highly aerodynamic body, nan 800 cc mid-mounted two-cylinder diesel, and nan 25 hp electrical motor. 

2001-2003 Volkswagen New Beetle RSi

2001 Volkswagen New Beetle RSiImage Credit: Hog Troglodyte/Flickr.

The New Beetle, introduced successful 1998, previewed Volkswagen launching a high-performance type a fewer years later. This was nan RSi, pinch a 221 hp 3.2-liter VR6 motor nether nan hood and a six-speed manual transmission. Volkswagen produced 250 RSi Beetles, and it’s not unheard of for them to waste for astatine slightest $70,000.

1965 Volkswagen Type 147

1965 Volkswagen Type 147Image Credit: Georg Sander/Flickr.

The Type 147 Kleinlieferwagon was first commissioned successful nan 1960s by nan German postal service. The Type 147 utilized nan Type 14 and nan Beetle powertrain platform, pinch parts originated from different VW vehicles. Volkswagen built conscionable 6,139 examples betwixt 1964 and 1972.

1961 Volkswagen 1500 Cabriolet Prototype

1961 Volkswagen 1500 Cabriolet PrototypeImage Credit: Perico001/Flickr.

The 1500 Cabriolet prototype is 1 of nan rarest of each Volkswagens, pinch conscionable 16 produced, each hand-built. The car was first shown to nan world astatine nan 1961 Frankfurt Auto Show, pinch nan folding apical featuring a solid rear window. The conveyance ne'er entered production, but nan Volkswagen Museum does person 2 of them successful its collection.

2001 Volkswagen Nardo W12 Coupe Concept 

2001 Volkswagen Nardo W12 Coupe Concept Image Credit: Perico001/Flickr.

Volkswagen isn’t known for supercars, but nan W12 Coupe Concept was an eager move successful that direction. The W12 supercar was ultra-reliable, moving astir nan VW trial way for 24 hours and covering up to 5,000 miles. Sadly, nan 414 hp car would not spell into production, but it proved that Volkswagen could nutrient a supercar.

Volkswagen Brezel Käfer

Volkswagen Brezel Käfer - 1950Image Credit: Perico001/Flickr.

The Brezel Kafer, aliases Pretzel Beetle, is 1 of nan Beetle’s rarest forms. The nickname came from nan style of nan divided rear window, and their wartime creation makes them exceptionally rare. The Volkswagen Museum successful Stiftung has 1 illustration connected display, making it a uncommon subsister of a wartime KdF-Wagen.

Volkswagen Phaeton W12 LWB 

Volkswagen Phaeton W12 LWB Image Credit: peterolthof/Flickr.

Volkswagen will often stock platforms and ideas pinch different companies wrong nan Volkswagen Group, specified arsenic Audi. In nan early 2000s, nan institution did little of this, resulting successful nan W12 Phaeton. Under nan hood was a 6.0-liter W12 pinch 437 hp and 413 lb-ft of torque. Volkswagen produced 24 examples, and nan car shared its level pinch nan Bentley Flying Spur.

1961-1969 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Type 34

1966 Volkswagen Karmann-Ghia Type 34Image Credit: Jameskramer/WikiCommons.

The Karmann-Ghia is 1 of nan astir beautiful of each Volkswagens. Based connected nan Bettle Type 1, nan bodywork is hand-shaped by Italy’s Carrozzeria Ghia. But nan Type 34 type is really based connected nan Bettle Type 3, and astatine nan time, it was Volkswagen’s astir costly and luxurious vehicle. Just 42,505 examples were ever produced, making them scarce successful 2024.

Volkswagen Mk1 VW Golf 16S Oettinger

Volkswagen Mk1 VW Golf 16S OettingerImage Credit: Bob J/Pinterest.

There was a desire to extract much powerfulness from nan first-generation Golf for immoderate enthusiasts. So VAG of France came up pinch nan 16S Oetinger. This was nan astir powerful accumulation Golf Mk1 ever built but besides 1 of nan rarest. The 16-valve twin-cam-head motor had 136 hp, and VAG produced conscionable 1,250 units exclusively for France and Switzerland.

Volkswagen Touareg W12 Sport

Volkswagen Touareg W12 SportImage Credit: Volkswagen.

The Toureg W12 Sport came conscionable 2 years aft VW launched nan Touareg. It had nan aforesaid W12 motor arsenic nan Phaeton W12 sedan, giving nan Touareg 135 hp much than nan modular Toureg V10 TDI. Volkswagen planned to make conscionable 500 units, but request saw a fewer extras produced. It remains 1 of nan rarest VWs of each time.

1989 Volkswagen Futura

1989 Volkswagen FuturaImage Credit: peterolthof/Flickr.

The 1989 Futura was an Integrated Research Volkswagen (IRVW) packing plentifulness of innovative exertion for nan time. This included region sensors, parking and braking assistance, and an physics parking brake. The extremist gull-wing doors besides gave nan Futura a very modern appearance. The Futura ne'er entered production, but nan original creation elements did make it onto nan accumulation ID.3 EV.

2005 Volkswagen EcoRacer

2005 Volkswagen EcoRacerImage Credit: VZpiranha/Flickr.

The 2005 EcoRacer diesel conception was a convertible, coupe, and speedster each rolled into one. Volkswagen made it nan astir economical sports car of each time, pinch a 136 hp diesel motor and a apical velocity of 142 mph. Carbon fibre made up its building and had a bold and futuristic design. Drivers could moreover region nan windscreen framework and nan tile to make nan EcoRacer a speedster.

2014 Volkswagen XL Sport

2014 Volkswagen XL SportImage Credit: Thesupermat/WikiCommons.

Volkswagen entered nan supercar section erstwhile again pinch nan XL Sport of 2014. The creation is akin to nan XL1 and is an improvement of that very car. The XL Sport has a 200 hp two-cylinder motor nether nan hood, bully capable for a 0-62 mph clip of conscionable 5.7 seconds. The motor itself comes from a Ducati 1199 Superleggera.

1986 Volkswagen Scooter

1986 Volkswagen ScooterImage Credit: bayernernst/Flickr.

The Scooter is simply a three-wheel, front-wheel thrust car aimed astatine metropolis driving. The motor was front-mounted, while nan bodywork was two-door coupe style. VW besides went pinch gull-wing doors to adhd a sportier broadside to nan 40-hp Scooter. 

1954 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Deluxe Cabriolet

1954 Volkswagen Beetle 1200 Deluxe CabrioletImage Credit: Pinterest.

The 1200 Deluxe Cabriolet is 1 of nan galore evolutions of nan original Type 1 Beetle. Under nan hood is simply a 1,192 cc motor pinch a specified 36 hp, but it is overmuch lighter than modern vehicles. VW would nutrient 202,174 1200 Deluxes. However, conscionable 1,470 of those were successful Cabriolet trim. Their rarity has made them incredibly valuable, and 1 sold for $66,125 astatine RM Sotheby’s successful 2013.

Volkswagen Golf (Mk2) G60 Limited

Volkswagen Golf (Mk2) G60 LimitedImage Credit: Perico001/Flickr.

The Mk2 Golf is sometimes viewed arsenic nan finest basking hatch of nan 1980s, pinch up to 7 different versions leaving plentifulness to take from. Some were other special, specified arsenic nan G60 Limited based connected nan Rallye. Volkswagen produced conscionable 71 Golf G60s, each from its motorsport division. Changes from nan modular Mk2 Golf included nan exclusive G60 supercharger, 16-valve engine, and Syncro all-wheel drive.

1973-1976 Volkswagen SP2

1972 Volkswagen SP2Image Credit: Eric Stainier/Flickr.

The Volkswagen SP2 is simply a singular VW, calved from Brazil’s ceasing of imports successful nan 1970s. Based connected nan Volkswagen Type 3, nan rear-mounted air-cooled SP2 is exceptionally rare, pinch conscionable 10,000 units produced successful 3 years. Rust would sadly plague nan SP2; only a fewer stay connected Brazilian roads. A fewer did sneak retired of nan state but tin waste for arsenic overmuch arsenic $50,000 successful nan US.

Volkswagen Mk1 Scirocco Storm

Volkswagen Mk1 Scirocco StormImage Credit: Rory Merriman/Flickr.

The Mk1 Scirocco Storm is 1 of nan rarest of each Sciroccos. The Storm is simply a coach-built type produced by Karmann, pinch a 108 hp 1.6-liter motor nether nan hood. This is bully capable for 115 mph. Storms are uncommon successful immoderate country, pinch conscionable 13 taxed connected UK roads arsenic of 2023.

2002 Volkswagen Magellan


Possibly 1 of Volkswagen’s ugliest concepts, nan Magellan was a transverse betwixt a car, SUV, and pickup truck. VW’s Spanish Design Center created nan Magellan, and it had 19-inch wheels, aerial suspension, and a 2+2+2 layout successful nan freely interior. The questionable-looking Magellan, however, did not advancement beyond nan conception stage.

2018 Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak

2018 Volkswagen Atlas TanoakImage Credit: Volkswagen.

The Atlas Tanoak was Volkswagen’s first foray into a pickup motortruck for nan US market. It debuted astatine nan New York International Auto Show successful 2018 pinch a V6 nether nan hood. It would go nan world’s first pickup based connected nan modular transverse toolkit. However, aft 2 years, Volkswagen decided not to put nan Atlas Tanoak into production. 

1963 Volkswagen EA128 Prototype

1963 Volkswagen EA128 PrototypeImage Credit: Hog Troglodyt/Flickr.

The 1963 EA128 was Volkswagen’s imagination for a caller luxury car pinch plentifulness of interior abstraction for occupants. The EA128 had a three-place beforehand bench, allowing nan conveyance to beryllium six group comfortably. The EA128 moreover had nan 2.0-liter air-cooled motor borrowed from nan Porsche 911. 

1949 Volkswagen T1 Prorotype

1949 Volkswagen T1 ProrotypeImage Credit: Georg Sander/Flickr.

The 1949 T1 is arguably 1 of nan astir celebrated VW prototypes. The T1 is nan prototype for nan Type 2 Transporter, proving Volkswagen could nutrient a reliable and applicable inferior vehicle. The T1 besides has nan grant of being an attractive-looking van.

1991-1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6

1995 Volkswagen Corrado VR6Image Credit: Neil/Flickr.

The Corrado VR6 would elevate nan Corrado nameplate to a caller level. The VR6 was nan high-performance type of nan coupe, pinch a 2.8-liter VR6 motor nether nan hood pinch 179 horsepower and 177 pounds of torque. It proved to beryllium a powerful, comfortable, and reliable coupe, but pinch little than 100,000 produced, it is simply a reliable find connected nan utilized car market.

2003 Volkswagen Golf R32

2003 Volkswagen Golf R32Image Credit: Tiarnan/Flickr.

It mightiness look understated, but nan Golf R32 is 1 of nan champion versions of nan hatchback. Added to nan Mk4 Golf scope successful 2003, nan R32 has a 3.2-liter VR6 motor nether nan hood pinch 237 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. This is nan aforesaid motor recovered successful that year’s Audi TT. The R32 was nan world’s first accumulation car pinch a dual-shift transmission.