24 Things You Never Want To Buy at a Gas Station | Dealer Mobil Toyota

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Gas stations are basal stops for motorists seeking substance and convenience connected nan road. However, while they connection a wide array of equipment and services, not everything sold astatine state stations is worthy your money. From overpriced snacks to low-quality electronics, location are respective items that savvy consumers should debar purchasing astatine these roadside stops. 


medicationImage Credit: Sergii Sobolevskyi/Shutterstock.

While convenient, purchasing medicine astatine a gas position comes pinch a price premium. Gas position pharmacies typically complaint higher prices for over-the-counter medications compared to drugstores aliases supermarkets. Additionally, nan action whitethorn beryllium limited, making it challenging to find circumstantial medications aliases brands. For optimal worth and variety, it’s champion to acquisition medications from reputable pharmacies wherever prices are competitory and nan merchandise value is assured.


USBImage Credit: Matthius/WikiCommons.

Gas stations often banal inexpensive physics gadgets adjacent nan checkout counter, tempting travelers pinch their convenience. However, these electronics whitethorn sacrifice value and reliability for their affordability. From USB chargers to earbuds, these gadgets whitethorn not execute arsenic good aliases past arsenic agelong arsenic their counterparts from reputable electronics retailers. For important electronics purchases, it’s advisable to activity retired established brands known for their value and durability.

Energy Drinks

RedBullImage Credit: monticello/ Shutterstock.

While power drinks connection a speedy pick-me-up during agelong drives, purchasing them astatine state stations tin beryllium costly. These beverages are often marked up importantly compared to prices astatine market stores aliases bulk retailers. Furthermore, galore power drinks incorporate precocious levels of sweetener and caffeine, which whitethorn not beryllium suitable for everyone. For a much budget-friendly and health-conscious option, see bringing your ain beverages aliases opting for alternatives for illustration h2o aliases herbal tea.

Lottery Tickets

A young female holds nan lottery summons pinch complete statement of numbers and dollar bills connected nan lottery blank sheets background. Lottery victor conceptImage Credit: Mehaniq/Shutterstock.

While purchasing a lottery summons astatine a state position whitethorn look for illustration a harmless indulgence, nan likelihood of winning large are slim, and nan costs tin adhd up complete time. Gas position lottery tickets are often impulse purchases, and predominant spending connected them tin drain your finances without yielding important returns. If you bask playing nan lottery, see budgeting a circumstantial magnitude for tickets each period and purchasing them strategically from authorized retailers.


A close-up of a heap of different utilized batteriesImage Credit: Sebastian_Photography/ Shutterstock.

Gas stations often waste batteries for communal family items for illustration distant controls and flashlights. However, these batteries are typically marked up successful value and whitethorn not connection nan champion worth aliases quality. While convenient successful a pinch, it’s advisable to acquisition batteries successful bulk from wholesale clubs aliases online retailers wherever prices are lower, and nan action is much extensive. Investing successful rechargeable batteries tin besides prevention money and trim discarded successful nan agelong run.


White insubstantial java Cup pinch reddish lid connected car roof. Paper Cup pinch basking beverage connected nan tile of nan SUV adjacent up connected nan inheritance of nan windshieldImage Credit: Aleksey Korchemkin/Shutterstock.

Gas position java whitethorn connection convenience for weary travelers, but nan value and freshness tin alteration widely. While immoderate state stations boast branded java chains aliases specialty brews, others service generic aliases old java that fails to fulfill discerning sensation buds. For java aficionados seeking a superior caffeine fix, it’s worthy seeking retired dedicated java shops aliases cafes wherever nan beans are freshly roasted, and nan brewing methods are cautiously curated.

Car Accessories

Aroma aerial freshener pinch flying caller lilac flowers successful car salonImage Credit: Shutterstock.

Gas stations often banal a assortment of car accessories, ranging from aerial fresheners to windshield wipers. While convenient for travelers successful request of a speedy fix, these accessories are typically priced higher than akin items recovered astatine automotive retailers aliases section stores. Whether you’re successful hunt of a dashboard equine for your smartphone aliases a caller group of level mats, shopping astir astatine dedicated automotive stores tin prevention you money without sacrificing value aliases selection.

Phone Chargers

The driver astatine nan instrumentality of nan car turns connected nan euphony from nan phoneImage Credit: Shutterstock.

Gas stations often waste telephone chargers and different physics accessories adjacent nan checkout counter. While convenient for travelers successful request of a speedy replacement, these chargers whitethorn beryllium of inferior value and airs information risks. Cheap chargers tin harm your device’s artillery aliases moreover origin electrical hazards for illustration overheating aliases short circuits. To guarantee compatibility and safety, it’s champion to acquisition telephone chargers from reputable electronics retailers aliases straight from nan instrumentality manufacturer.


SunglassesImage Credit: Matti Blume/WikiCommons.

While state position sunglasses whitethorn connection convenience, they often sacrifice value and protection. These sunglasses whitethorn deficiency due UV protection, posing risks to oculus wellness contempt their tinted lenses. For optimal oculus protection and durability, it’s advisable to put successful sunglasses from reputable brands aliases retailers specializing successful eyewear.

Alcoholic Beverages

 Bottles of Bud Light beer, an American ray beer, produced by Anheuser-Busch, introduced successful 1982.Image Credit: monticello/ Shutterstock.

While state stations whitethorn banal a action of brew and wine, nan prices are typically higher than those recovered astatine dedicated liquor stores aliases supermarkets. This markup is owed to convenience, arsenic state stations cater to travelers looking for speedy refreshments. To prevention money connected alcoholic beverages, it’s champion to acquisition them successful beforehand from liquor stores aliases scheme up for your outing.

Perishable Foods

Gas Station Food / SandwichImage Credit: Famartin/WikiCommons.

Gas position nutrient items for illustration sandwiches and salads whitethorn beryllium convenient for travelers connected nan go, but they often deficiency freshness and quality. These perishable foods whitethorn person been sitting retired for extended periods, expanding nan consequence of spoilage and foodborne illness. For safe and satisfying snacks, it’s recommended to patronize reputable nutrient establishments aliases battalion your ain perishable items for nan journey.

Ice Cream

Crumbled and torn insubstantial litter from a Snickers Ice Cream barroom thrown connected woody floor. Image Credit: oleschwander/ Shutterstock.

While state position freezers whitethorn connection tempting treats for illustration crystal cream, nan inconsistent temperatures tin lead to freezer pain and compromised quality. These stiff desserts whitethorn not support their texture and spirit owed to somesthesia fluctuations, detracting from nan enjoyment of nan treat. To guarantee a satisfying crystal pick experience, it’s champion to acquisition stiff desserts from market stores aliases crystal pick parlors pinch due retention facilities.


Green bottles of Garnier Fructis shampoo and conditioners connected section shop shelf.Image Credit: ZikG/ Shutterstock.

Gas position toiletries for illustration toothpaste and shampoo are often priced higher than those recovered astatine supermarkets aliases pharmacies. This markup reflects nan convenience factor, arsenic travelers whitethorn request to acquisition these items successful a pinch. However, for cost-effective and varied options, it’s advisable to shop for toiletries astatine dedicated retailers wherever prices are competitive, and nan action is extensive.

Tobacco Products

CigaretteImage Credit: Tomasz Sienicki/WikiCommons.

Cigarettes and baccy products sold astatine state stations are taxable to precocious taxes, resulting successful inflated prices compared to those recovered astatine different retailers. Smokers whitethorn find themselves paying a premium for convenience erstwhile purchasing these items astatine state stations. To prevention money connected baccy products, it’s advisable to research replacement purchasing options aliases see smoking cessation programs.

Car Care Products

Variety of car cleaning and attraction productsImage Credit: Pittigrilli/WikiCommons.

While state stations whitethorn connection a action of car lavation supplies and detailing products, these items are often priced higher than those recovered astatine dedicated car proviso stores. The convenience of purchasing these products connected nan spell comes astatine a cost, pinch state position prices reflecting nan added convenience factor. For cost-effective car attraction solutions, it’s recommended to shop astatine specialized car proviso stores aliases online retailers.

Water Bottles

Water BottlesImage Credit: Thad Zajdowicz/WikiCommons.

Single-use h2o bottles sold astatine state stations are typically priced higher than those purchased successful bulk astatine supermarkets. This value disparity is owed to convenience, arsenic travelers whitethorn opt for nan convenience of purchasing a azygous vessel connected nan go. However, for budget-conscious consumers, it’s much economical to bargain h2o bottles successful bulk aliases put successful a reusable h2o vessel for semipermanent savings.

Magazines and Newspapers

 A position of shelves pinch a assortment of magazines, seen astatine a section market store.Image Credit: The Image Party/ Shutterstock.

Gas stations whitethorn connection convenience for purchasing magazines and newspapers connected nan go, but nan prices are often higher than those recovered astatine market stores aliases done integer subscriptions. Shoppers looking to prevention connected reference materials tin opt for discounted subscriptions aliases sojourn supermarkets wherever people publications are typically priced lower.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Two Vanilla gift cards isolated against acheronian background.Image Credit: Deutschlandreform/ Shutterstock.

Gas stations whitethorn waste prepaid debit cards for added convenience, but these cards often travel pinch higher fees compared to those disposable from banks aliases online retailers. Consumers should beryllium mindful of nan fees associated pinch prepaid cards and research replacement options to minimize costs.

Fast Food

Closeup of Double Quarter Pounder pinch Cheese successful a cardboard container from McDonalds accelerated nutrient restaurant.Image Credit: ZikG/ Shutterstock.

Gas stations often connection accelerated nutrient options for travelers successful request of a speedy meal, but nan value and freshness of these offerings whitethorn beryllium compromised compared to nutrient from restaurants aliases market stores. Health-conscious consumers whitethorn for illustration to opt for fresh, healthier options disposable from restaurants aliases market stores alternatively than state position accelerated food.

Propane Tanks

Propane TanksImage Credit: Cantons-de-l’Est/WikiCommons.

While state stations whitethorn connection propane vessel refills for convenience, nan prices are often higher than those recovered astatine hardware stores aliases specialty propane retailers. Consumers looking to prevention connected propane refills should see purchasing from retailers specializing successful propane products, wherever prices whitethorn beryllium much competitive.

Automotive Fluids

Male worker is adding diesel substance additive to diesel tank. Increase combustion effciency.Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Gas stations whitethorn banal automotive fluids for illustration oil, but these products whitethorn beryllium overpriced and of little value compared to those disposable from car parts stores. Shoppers successful request of automotive fluids should opt for reputable brands from auto parts stores, wherever value and pricing are much favorable.


Book of First Class U.S. Flag everlastingly stamps. Hand holding postage for mailing a missive via nan United States Postal Service.Image credit: The Toidi/ Shutterstock.

Gas position convenience stores whitethorn waste stamps for added convenience, but nan prices are often higher than those recovered astatine station offices aliases online retailers. Consumers looking to prevention connected postage should acquisition stamps straight from station offices aliases research online retailers wherever prices whitethorn beryllium much competitive.

Travel Snacks

Inside a convenience shop astatine a state station

Gas stations whitethorn connection a assortment of recreation snacks for illustration way operation and macromolecule bars, but these items are often marked up compared to those recovered astatine market stores. Travelers looking to prevention connected snacks should acquisition them from market stores, wherever prices are typically little and nan action is much extensive.