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While plentifulness of outrageous cars are retired there, particularly nan one-off concepts often spotted astatine car shows, car manufacturers are, for nan astir part, very risk-averse.

Car designers whitethorn spell overboard sometimes, but nan legume counters and information brigade soon rein them in. Most of nan time, location isn’t arsenic overmuch money to beryllium made from going chaotic arsenic playing it safe. Luckily, sometimes blimpish carmakers really do make outrageous cars, and we’re present to observe that coming arsenic we look astatine 24 chaotic car designs.

Lexus LFA

White Lexus LFA connected racetrackImage Credit: Toyota Global

Lexus is known for its safe, comfortable, and super-reliable SUVs and sedans. However, nan Japanese luxury carmaker went disconnected nan rails and created 1 of nan astir precocious supercars nan world had ever seen.

The LFA was unveiled successful 2009 aft Lexus had worked connected nan conception for a decade. It looked wild, and a handbuilt 4.8-liter V10 motor that produced much than 550 horses proved that nan LFA was much than conscionable a beautiful face. The LFA was truthful costly to create that Toyota didn’t make immoderate money connected this task – moreover though nan car sold for $400,000.

Renault Sport Spider

Renault Sport SpiderImage Credit: WikiCommons.

French automaker Renault is champion known for its affordable mundane cars and activity vans, but successful nan early 1990s, they wanted to build thing that would beforehand them arsenic a sporty brand.

They came up pinch nan Renault Sport Spider, a exemplary that would serve arsenic a sports car for nan road and a title car successful its ain one-make series. Renault made nan Sport Spider disposable to nan nationalist successful 1996, and nan first roadworthy cars didn’t moreover person a windscreen – because racecar. The people aspirated 2-liter motor was positioned down nan driver and produced 148 horsepower.

Cadillac XLR

Cadillac XLRImage Credit: Sirimiri/WikiCommons.

For a agelong time, Cadillac was known for its luxurious onshore yachts. Their mentation of luxury meant ever going bigger and making nan suspension arsenic soft arsenic possible. We’re not judge what sewage into them successful nan early 2000s, but Cadillac thought building a boxier and much luxurious type of nan Chevy Corvette would beryllium a bully idea.

To beryllium fair, the Cadillac XLR looks excellent! It was based connected nan then-current C6 Corvette platform, and Cadillac added features and interior comforts. Unfortunately, nan XLR wasn’t successful, chiefly because it was overmuch much costly than a Corvette and offered little performance.

Dodge Viper

1991 Dodge ViperImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Dodge’s history pinch musculus cars goes each nan measurement backmost to nan 1960s. However, nan American manufacturer’s cars were beautiful bland ever since nan mid-70s. In nan precocious 1980s, Chrysler president Bob Lutz suggested that they should build a modern Cobra.

A fewer years later, nan Viper was born, and it didn’t look for illustration immoderate Chrysler merchandise earlier it. Under nan agelong hood, location was an 8.0-liter V10 motor developed by Lamborghini. Dodge didn’t moreover fuss pinch immoderate information features, making nan Viper 1 of nan astir evil-driving roadworthy cars ever.


BMW i8Image Credit: BMW.

BMW didn’t person to make nan i8; immoderate opportunity they mislaid money connected each car they sold. That’s wholly irrelevant because it’s 1 of nan coolest cars to look from Bavaria successful caller years.

The i8 was BMW’s first mid-engined car since nan M1 – and we each cognize really they struggled pinch that project. It had a c fibre monocoque and fancy hybrid tech. The motor was only a 1.5-liter 3-cylinder from nan Mini Cooper, mixed pinch a 1.5 kWh electrical motor. The BMW i8 produced 369 horsepower and went from 0 to 60 mph successful 4.2 seconds.

Mitsubishi 3000GT

Mitsubishi 3000GTImage Credit: WIkiCommons.

Mitsubishi surely wasn’t known for building fancy sports cars backmost successful nan precocious ’80s, but that was soon astir to change. In 1990, they released nan 3000GT, 1 of its era’s astir technologically precocious sports cars.

The Mitsubishi 3000GT is simply a front-engine, all-wheel thrust GT car. The motor was a 3-liter, 24-valve V6 portion successful people aspirated aliases twin-turbocharged form. The 3000GT besides featured progressive aero, AWS, and adaptive suspension.

Volkswagen Golf GTI W12-650

Volkswagen Golf GTI W12-650Image Credit: Bruno Kussler Marques/WikiCommons.

Volkswagen intends people’s car, truthful they’re chiefly producing sensible models regular group tin spend and thrust daily. Granted, they’ve built immoderate entry-level sports cars, specified arsenic nan Corrado and Scirocco, and there’s nan Golf R and GTI.

Back successful 2007, nan German carmaker decided to build thing wholly different. They took a run-off-the-mill Golf and put a 640 horsepower twin-turbo 6.0-liter W12 successful nan back. VW claimed this monster would sprint to 60 mph successful 3.7 seconds, pinch a 202 mph apical speed.

Chevrolet SSR

Chevrolet SSRImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Chevrolet has a exemplary successful each nan well-established automotive markets. They’re not known to task retired of that realm very often, but unusual things hap erstwhile they do. The SSR, a retro-styled convertible pickup truck, was 1 of those unusual things.

It was beautiful overmuch useless arsenic a truck, and immoderate opportunity it was moreover worse arsenic a sports car. Still, it does look fantastic, and we’re gladsome Chevrolet exited their bubble for a while – moreover if it’s not apt to hap again anytime soon.

Porsche 959

1987 Porsche 959Image Credit: Mecum Auctions.

Porsche whitethorn beryllium a sports car manufacturer, but they weren’t known for their chaotic designs successful nan 1980s. Evil tongues will show you that nan 911 still looks nan aforesaid arsenic successful nan ’60s.

The 959 was nary joke, and it came astir astatine a clip erstwhile Porsche was staring bankruptcy successful nan face. Building a road-going AWD sports car for Group B rallying was a crazy idea, and each conveyance costs much to build than they could waste it for.

Rover 75 V8

Rover 75 V8Image Credit: Vauxford/WikiCommons.

Another carmaker that was hemorrhaging money while processing a crazy conception was Rover. The British carmaker commissioned Prodrive to person nan Rover 75 to rear-wheel thrust and fresh a 4.6-liter V8 motor from nan Ford Mustang nether nan hood.

It’s nary wonderment nan institution yet went bankrupt – did anyone deliberation a niche merchandise for illustration this could prevention nan company? At slightest they went retired pinch a bang!

Volkswagen Phaeton

Volkswagen PhaetonImage Credit: Greg Gjerdingen/WikiCommons.

The Volkswagen Phaeton whitethorn not person a crazy design, but then-chairman of nan Volkswagen Group, Ferdinand Piëch, did person immoderate crazy demands nan car had to meet.

Perhaps nan astir pointless of them each was nan 1 that stated owners should beryllium capable to thrust nan Phaeton each time astatine 186 mph pinch a 122 °F exterior somesthesia while maintaining nan interior somesthesia astatine 72 °F. The Phaeton’s apical velocity was electronically constricted to 155.3 mph, truthful why group nan barroom truthful high?

Ford GT40

1965 Ford GT40Image Credit: WikiCommons.

Henry Ford II was truthful irritated and disappointment aft Enzo Ferrari pulled a sneaky move connected him successful a business woody that it resulted successful nan GT40. Ford decided to crush Ferrari astatine its ain crippled – nan 24hrs of LeMans.

Ford based nan GT40 connected nan Lola Mk6, 1 of nan astir precocious racing cars of nan time, hired Carroll Shelby to thief move it into a title car, and slapped a large V8 successful nan back. The rest, arsenic they say, is history, and Ford won nan 1966 LeMan.


EdselImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Edsel was different 1 of Ford’s pet projects, but dissimilar nan GT40, Edsel collapsed and burned. You’d deliberation a institution that altered nan automotive scenery everlastingly done sheer invention would cognize better, but that intelligibly wasn’t nan case.

Ford was known for its mundane vehicles and workhorses, and nan Edsel marque was created to return a coagulated chunk retired of nan premium market. Ford didn’t do their homework, though. Their investigation was shoddy, nan trading was overhyped, Edsel’s build value near a batch to beryllium desired, and location was a recession. It’s astir apt nan worst point Ford has ever done.

Toyota Aygo Crazy

Toyota Aygo CrazyImage Credit: Brian Snelson/WikiCommons.

The Toyota Aygo is simply a mini metropolis car designed to thrive connected nan constrictive streets successful European cities. A 3-cylinder 1.0-liter motor powers it, truthful we’re not talking precocious capacity here. Toyota past decided to move it into thing extraordinary.

Toyota ripped retired nan rear spot to fresh nan 1.8-liter motor from nan MR2 and Celica successful nan middle. They past fitted a turbocharger connected it, truthful it produced astir 200 horsepower. The Aygo Crazy’s exterior besides lived up to nan name, arsenic Toyota went each retired and fitted wider fenders, ample wheels, and a large wing.

Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth ProwlerImage Credit: Alexander Migl/WikiCommons.

At a clip erstwhile Plymouth was successful a staring title pinch death, and each their cars were alternatively bland, nan Prowler emerged arsenic nan company’s savior. We each cognize that didn’t happen, but nan Plymouth Prowler was a awesome car.

The retro basking rod-looking instrumentality was dissimilar immoderate different caller car. Naysayers will moan astir really it only had a V6 and car transmission, but nan Prowler is severely underrated and deserves much respect.

Renault Clio V6

Renault Clio V6Image Credit: Brian Snelson/WikiCommons.

Renault built nan Clio V6 to beforehand their caller MkII Clio, though they only stock a fewer parts. The modular Clio is simply a small, front-engined hatchback, chiefly utilized arsenic a metropolis car aliases grocery-getter.

The Clio V6 featured a widebody, and nan motor was placed wherever you’d typically find nan rear seats – meaning it was rear-mid-engined, for illustration a supercar. It moreover had its ain racing bid for a while, taking complete wherever nan Renault Sport Spider near off.

Volvo P1800

Volvo P1800ESImage Credit: Robotriot/WikiCommons.

Volvo has been astir for almost 100 years now, and during that time, it’s ne'er been known for its outstanding sports cars. The only objection was erstwhile it released nan P1800 backmost successful 1961.

The P1800 looks thing for illustration a Volvo. It was truthful stylish that it became nan conveyance of prime for Roger Moore’s character, Simon Templar, successful nan TV bid The Saint. It didn’t conscionable look good, though. It was reliable arsenic well. Irv Gordon and his Volvo P1800 clasp nan world grounds for nan highest mileage car. When Irv passed distant successful 2018, nan P1800 had covered complete 3.2 cardinal miles.

Volkswagen W12 Nardo

Volkswagen W12 NardoImage Credit: Lebubu93/WikiCommons.

Volkswagen leader Ferdinand Piëch tasked Giorgetto Giugiaro and nan Italdesign squad to creation a VW sports car and what a sports car it was. The W12 Nardo was shown astatine nan 2001 Tokyo Motor Show. It featured a 600 horsepower motor – capable to nonstop it from 0 to 60 mph successful 3.5 seconds and connected to a apical velocity of 221.8 mph.

By February 2002, a Volkswagen W12 coupé snatched up each nan world records for velocity classes complete 24 hours astatine nan Nardò Ring. The VW covered a region of 4,809.8 miles astatine an mean velocity of 200.6 mph). That’s an awesome people’s car.

MG XPower SV

MG XPower SVImage Credit: Letdorf/WikiCommons.

MG had built immoderate nosy cars successful nan past, but by nan clip nan XPower SV came to be, it was a specified ammunition of its erstwhile self. The carmaker was besides going bankrupt. Creating a very niche capacity car alternatively than processing caller versions of its halfway family cars would evidently lick each its problems… aliases truthful they thought.

The MG XPower SV sports car was developed successful Italy, vanished successful nan UK, and featured an American 4.6-liter V8 from nan Ford Mustang. It looked terrific, and it flopped spectacularly. By nan clip nan institution entered administration, they’d only sold 9 XPower SVs.

Lincoln Blackwood

Lincoln BlackwoodImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Lincoln has been Ford’s luxury section since 1922. The institution was mostly known for its luxury sedans, but successful 1998, nan Lincoln Navigator SUV took North America by storm. For nan first time, Lincoln had now sold much vehicles than Cadillac. Conquering nan pickup motortruck marketplace was nan adjacent evident move.

Enter nan Lincoln Blackwood, a luxury pickup motortruck based connected nan Ford F-Series. Unfortunately, it wasn’t arsenic bully arsenic nan Ford. It was besides rather useless since nan furniture had a permanently mounted tonneau cover. Needless to say, it was a monolithic flop and was discontinued aft 1 year.

Honda NSX (1990)

Honda NSX (1990)Image Credit: Rutger van der Maar/WikiCommons.

While Honda had produced immoderate nosy and sporty cars complete nan years, it was known for its durable and somewhat boring mundane vehicles. Nothing was boring astir nan NSX, though.
Formula One fable Ayrton Senna helped create nan mid-engined aluminum-bodied wonder. The NSX was truthful bully it humiliated Ferrari and its 348. Even nan McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray said it was amended than each nan cars he’d utilized arsenic references erstwhile processing nan McLaren.

Mercedes 190E Evo II

Mercedes 190E Evo IIImage Credit: Matti Blume/WikiCommons.

Mercedes-Benz needed a car that could hit nan E30 M3 successful nan DTM racing series, and nan reply was nan 190E Evolution II. In bid to homologate it for racing, Mercedes had to build 500 road-legal cars.

The M-B 190E Evo II had a immense assemblage kit and an moreover bigger helping – and it was functional, too. Under nan hood, nan road-going car had a 2.5-liter inline-four motor that produced 232 horsepower.

Lancia Stratos

Lancia StratosImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Lancia has ever experimented and innovated pinch its cars. The things they did weren’t ever successful, but astatine slightest they tried. However, they took things to a full caller level pinch nan Lancia Stratos.

It featured a Ferrari-derived 2.4-liter V6 motor that was mounted down nan driver. It was a rally UFO that didn’t look for illustration thing other retired there. The Stratos dominated nan World Rally Championship for years, and it still looks awesome today.

1967 Toyota 2000GT

1967 Toyota 2000GTImage Credit: Mecum Auctions.

Toyota chiefly focuses connected sturdy mundane cars, truthful nan 2000GT came wholly retired of near field. The sporty Toyota is undoubtedly nan astir beautiful Japanese car ever made, and it tin moreover clasp its ain against immoderate legendary European models.

The 2000GT was styled for illustration a Japanese E-Type, but it’s not each show and nary go. A raspy 2.0-liter straight-six produced 150 horsepower, which was decent successful 1960.