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Luxury cars tin unreality nan imagination of moreover nan astir sensible gearhead. This is particularly existent for nan bargains you tin often find connected nan utilized car marketplace – possibly nan 1 spot affordable luxury really does exist.

Even nan champion luxury cars are known to severely depreciate pinch time, truthful location are undoubtedly bully deals to beryllium had. Those are different from nan ones we’ll attraction on, though. We compiled a database of tempting luxury cars you should debar utilizing reliable sources, specified arsenic Consumer Reports, U.S. News, RepairPal, J.D. Power, and CarSurvey.

The pursuing luxury models are successful nary peculiar order. One point they each person successful communal is that they person capable problems to make you propulsion your hairsbreadth retired arsenic you watch them drain your slope account.

F01 BMW 740i

F01 BMW 740iImage Credit: Wiki Commons

The older BMW 740 models offered practically bulletproof reliability, but that’s not nan lawsuit pinch nan F01 bid that arrived successful 2008. Gone was nan V8 motor recovered successful its predecessors, replaced by nan infamous N54 inline-six.

This BMW motor is fantabulous erstwhile it works. Unfortunately, it’s mostly known for its Vanos solenoid and high-pressure pump failures, arsenic good arsenic galore different problems. If you travel crossed a inexpensive 740i of this generation, it’s bound to origin you headaches.

2nd To 4th-Gen Range Rover

Range Rover P38Image Credit: Wiki Commons

All Range Rovers and Land Rovers travel pinch various issues, but immoderate are amended than others. We’ll time off nan first-generation Range Rover disconnected this list, arsenic it’s a reasonably basal but competent off-roader.

The second, third, and 4th generations from 1994 to 2021 are attraction nightmares. Thanks to each nan tech and animal comforts, they each suffer from wiring and electrical issues. Each procreation besides has its ain mechanical problems. The 4th procreation Range Rover received a below-average reliability people from J.D. Power.

Lincoln Blackwood

Lincoln BlackwoodImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Quality-wise, nan Lincoln Blackwood is nary worse than a Ford pickup from nan early 2000s. It has its issues, but you tin remedy those. The main problem pinch nan Blackwood was that Lincoln built it to look beautiful alternatively than really being useful.

Lincoln is known for its premium vehicles, not activity vehicles. The Blackwood was nan slightest applicable motortruck astatine nan time. Its furniture had a imperishable tonneau cover, which severely constricted nan cargo capacity. The motortruck was besides exclusively disposable pinch rear-wheel drive, making it useless off-road.

Jaguar S-Type

Jaguar S-TypeImage Credit: Wiki Commons

In nan precocious ’80s, Ford acquired a struggling Jaguar, and successful bid to reconstruct it to its erstwhile glory, they began readying a midsize luxury sedan. Jaguar introduced nan S-Type successful 1999, and despite its unusual design that harkened backmost to nan ’60s, it was a deed pinch buyers.

Ford/Jaguar built nan S-Type connected nan Ford DEW97 platform, and it didn’t return agelong earlier owners began complaining astir reliability issues. Today, nan S-Type is arsenic inexpensive arsenic ungraded because cipher wants it.

2014-Present Maserati Quattroporte

QuattroporteImage Credit: Maserati.

Few cars depreciate arsenic accelerated arsenic Maseratis. These stylish machines are known to beryllium unreliable, and acknowledgment to their Ferrari-derived parts, they’re notoriously costly to maintain.

Due to shoddy build quality, problems tin hap aft conscionable a fewer 1000 miles. Electrical gremlins are usually nan main culprit, but location person besides been suspension problems and a faulty automatic transmission, among others.

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque ConvertibleImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Another Land Rover product, nan Range Rover Evoque, is arsenic unreliable arsenic stylish. There isn’t a circumstantial twelvemonth aliases procreation that’s bad; you should debar each Evoques.

They suffer from a bunch of engine-related problems, faulty electronics and airbags, faulty turbo, consequence of catching fire, and wide build value issues. Some of this is covered nether warranty, but that only applies to newer models.

2011-2019 Jaguar XJ

2017 Jaguar XJImage Credit: Yauhen_D/Shutterstock.

The Jaguar XJ looks stylish, but nan beauty is only tegument deep. Underneath its beautiful exterior lies an absolute scary show of reliability issues.

Let’s conscionable opportunity there’s a logic why you tin bargain nan Jag XJ for a specified fistful of dollars. J.D. Power gave it a 79/100 reliability score, which intends you tin expect it to walk immoderate clip astatine your section garage. According to CarEdge, nan estimated attraction costs for nan first 10 years are astir $18,000.

Tesla Model X

Photograph of a Tesla exemplary X adjacent nan beach, sun is setting, doors are open.Image Credit: canadianPhotographer56/Shutterstock.

The Tesla Model X is infamous by now, and only nan astir ardent Tesla fans are consenting to take sides it. It received a 1/5 bottom-of-the-barrel reliability standing from Consumer Reports.

Tesla’s SUV suffers from rust issues, navigation/infotainment strategy freezing, acceleration issues, and mediocre assemblage integrity. The thrust value was besides considered bumpy and uneven, and aggregate owners person complained astir nan Falcon doors.

E90 BMW 335i

E90 BMW 335iImage Credit: Wiki Commons

BMW is among driving enthusiasts’ favourite brands acknowledgment to its nosy cars pinch fantabulous handling. The E90 BMW 3-Series tin beryllium picked up inexpensive connected nan utilized marketplace these days, and fewer cars tin clasp a candle to it successful nan nosy department.

One point to beryllium alert of is that nan 335i comes pinch nan N54 engine, and that portion is known to beryllium troublesome. It whitethorn beryllium worthy it if you tin prime nan car up for a opus and negociate to hole it yourself. If not, move on.

3rd-Gen Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover DiscoveryImage Credit: WIkiCommons.

Like immoderate different Land Rover, nan Discovery Sport offers exceptional off-road capability. In addition, it comes pinch a bully interior and a turbocharged engine, making it a very competitory action successful nan midsize SUV market.

However, it besides comes pinch immoderate superior reliability issues, specified arsenic caput gasket failure, main base failure, electrical problems, and a clogged radiator. Consumer Reports gave nan 3rd-gen Discovery an wide people of 44 retired of 100, and only nan Tesla Model X scored worse.

2015-Present Alfa Romeo Giulia

Alfa Romeo Giulia QuadrifoglioImage Credit: Autoweek USA/WikiCommons.

The Alfa Romeo Giulia is oh-so-desirable. It looks great, drives moreover better, and makes each nan correct noises. Unfortunately, it’s besides very unreliable, and location person been aggregate recalls.

For immoderate reason, Italian carmakers can’t fig retired really to make an electrical strategy that really works. Owners study that they person knowledgeable problems arsenic early arsenic 1,500 miles, and J.D. Power gave it a reliability people of 77/100.

2015-Present Jaguar XF

JAGUAR XF SEDANImage Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

We move connected to nan 3rd Jaguar connected this list, and for illustration nan Italians, it seems nan electrical systems stump nan British. The Jaguar XF looks excellent, and nan driving acquisition is what you’d expect; that’s astir apt why it’s nan brand’s best-selling model.

As mentioned, nan electrics are nan main problem pinch nan XF, but there’s more. Its interior value isn’t arsenic bully arsenic what nan title offers, and location person been problems pinch nan substance pump and a leaking brake line. The Jag XF has besides seen a whopping 19 recalls complete nan years. According to RepairPal, yearly attraction costs $1,066 connected average.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

Alfa Romeo StelvioImage Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio is portion of nan iconic Italian brand’s North American comeback, and let’s work together they’re not disconnected to a awesome start. They’ve had to callback nan luxury SUV a mates of times, and Consumer Reports gave it a reliability standing of 1 retired of 5.
Owners person reported electrical problems, motor problems, and various different issues. It’s a shame because nan Stelvio has each nan makings of a awesome SUV – isolated from reliability.

2007-2015 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

2007-2015 Mercedes-Benz C-ClassImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Back successful nan day, Mercedes-Benz was known to overengineer their cars. That whitethorn person made them much analyzable and costly to fix, but they seldom collapsed down successful nan first place. Those days are agelong gone, though.

The Mercedes-Benz C-class suffers from various problems pinch nan electronics and sensors and has besides seen a alternatively ridiculous 35 recalls. J.D. Power scores it 74/100 for reliability – little than nan troublesome Alfa Romeo Giulia!

Lincoln Corsair

Lincoln CorsairImage Credit: WikiCommons.

For immoderate reason, Ford has a amended estimation for building reliable vehicles than its luxury division, Lincoln. Unlike nan Lincoln Blackwood, which did everything wrong, nan Lincoln Corsair does galore things right. It looks good, it’s spacious, and nan interior is an fantabulous spot to walk time. That’s not capable to dress up for its downfalls!

Consumer Reports gave nan Lincoln Corsair a 1/5 reliability rating. Lincoln has moreover recalled nan car a mates of times – erstwhile because of imaginable driveshaft failure, which could lead to terrible accidents.

2018-Present Audi A6

Audi A6 SedanImage Credit: Audi.

Audi has built immoderate of nan champion European cars, and there’s nary denying that they changed nan automotive segment pinch its Quattro AWD system. However, nan latest A6 does travel pinch immoderate problems.

Consumer Reports scored it a paltry 1 retired of 5 for reliability, which makes it 1 of nan worst German cars of modern times. It suffers from various electrical gremlins and mechanical issues, and it each stems from accrued tech successful modern cars.

Mercedes-Benz CLA

Mercedes-Benz CLAImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Like nan Mercedes-Benz C-class, nan CLA fails to impressment america owed to its mediocre reliability ratings. Considering that nan CLA shares galore of its parts pinch nan entry-level A-class, it’s besides costly for what you get.

Consumer Reports gave nan 2022 CLA a mediocre standing wide owed to a debased predicted reliability people and proprietor satisfaction. In fact, it’s nan worst-rated luxury conveyance successful nan entry-level car class.

2012-Present Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S 2022 astatine nan agrarian roadImage Credit: Shutterstock.

At first, nan Tesla Model S blew nan title retired of nan water, but pinch time, that h2o wreaked havoc connected nan EV. The Model S suffers from a agelong database of analyzable issues.

At first, Consumer Reports was impressed pinch nan Tesla Model S, truthful overmuch truthful that they highly recommended it. Then, aft a large wind of reliability issues and complaints, they revoked its “recommended” rating, noting a “worse-than-average wide problem rate. J.D. Power besides scores it 75 retired of 100.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220

Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220Image Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

The Mercedes-Benz W140 S-class is 1 of nan champion and astir reliable cars nan German shaper has ever built. Its successor, nan W220, didn’t fare arsenic well. Granted, it had immoderate large shoes to fill, but it grounded to measurement up successful practically each measurement imaginable.

While nan W220 S-class surely looked good, it suffered from a plethora of reliability issues. Most of them were related to nan electronics, but moreover nan aerial suspension strategy was known to fail.

2013-Present Maserati Ghibli

Maserati GhibliImage Credit: WikiCommons.

The Maserati Ghibli surely looks nan part, and erstwhile it works, it’s a awesome Italian GT car. We’d moreover opportunity it’s 1 of nan champion successful its class. The problem is that it’s truthful unreliable we wouldn’t touch 1 pinch a ten-foot pole.

In existent Maserati fashion, nan Ghibli comes pinch electrical issues, arsenic good arsenic immoderate mechanical ones. At slightest nan marque is accordant successful their inconsistency.

Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI

Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDIImage Credit: Wiki Commons

Volkswagen’s first-generation Touareg helped them build a coagulated instauration for its luxury SUVs and inferior conveyance lineup. However, nan V10 TDi type wasn’t their top effort.

One could reason that diesel engines are expected to beryllium a much frugal option, and therefore, nan 305-horsepower V10 is simply a spot pointless. However, we for illustration nan crazy reasoning down a V10-powered SUV, truthful that’s not an issue. The Touareg V10 is known to beryllium very unreliable, and uncovering parts and a mechanic to hole it tin beryllium a problem. Go pinch 1 of nan much communal engines, and life will beryllium overmuch easier.

2011-2018 Volvo S60

Volvo S60Image Credit: Wiki Commons

For decades, Volvo had a estimation for making immoderate of nan astir reliable cars ever. Their sporty P1800 moreover holds nan world grounds for highest mileage. Something went incorrect on nan way, and they’re nary longer connected nan database of nan astir reliable brands.

One illustration is nan previous-gen S60, which suffers from troublesome transmission, electrical problems, and motor reliability connected high-mileage units. It saw 21 recalls during its accumulation run, and J.D. Power scored it 77/100 for reliability.

E60 BMW M5

2008 BMW M5Image Credit: BMW.

The E60 BMW M5 is portion luxury sedan, portion supercar. Inside, it offered each nan tech and animal comforts from its era, and nether nan hood, it had a V10 engine. The V10 produced nan champion sound this broadside of a Ferrari, and it besides tended to self-destruct.

Ironically, it was crowned motor of nan twelvemonth successful 2005 because nary 1 knew it would eat its ain rod bearings astatine that time. All nan M5 V10 engines person this problem; owning 1 will yet costs a fortune.

F10 BMW M5

BMW M5Image Credit: Peter.shaman/WikiCommons.

After realizing that nan E60’s V10 motor was suicidal, BMW decided to return to nan trusty V8. Yet, nan F10 BMW M5 came pinch a full laundry database of problems of its own.

Some of its issues were engine-related, and it besides suffers from issues pinch nan cooling system. There were drivetrain constituent failures and suspension constituent failures; nan database goes on. Being a BMW high-performance car, fixing it will besides costs a fortune.