Audi MMI System Not Working [Screen Problems fix]

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In this article, I americium going to explicate to you nan main reason(s) why your Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) strategy is not moving and supply you pinch actionable steps you tin return to hole this problem.

Without wasting immoderate much time, let’s get into it!

Causes For nan Malfunction of nan Audi MMI Screen

There are various reasons why your Audi MMI surface whitethorn extremity working, including nan ones below:

Low Battery Voltage

The astir communal origin of an unresponsive aliases blank Audi MMI surface is simply a debased artillery aliases insufficient voltage reaching nan screen. The MMI strategy relies connected dependable artillery powerfulness successful bid to usability properly.

If nan artillery is aged and incapable to clasp a complaint aliases location are faulty electrical connections resulting successful voltage drops, nan MMI surface whitethorn move off, freeze, aliases go unresponsive.

A debased artillery whitethorn beryllium incapable to supply nan accordant 12+ volts required for nan surface to operate. Similarly, corroded artillery terminals aliases loose ligament connections tin interrupt powerfulness delivery.

As nan conveyance artillery discharges complete time, nan voltage whitethorn dip beneath nan basal period for nan screen, causing it to malfunction aliases move disconnected completely.

If your Audi’s artillery is much than 3-4 years old, getting it tested aliases replacing it pinch a caller artillery tin often resoluteness MMI surface problems related to insufficient voltage.

Checking for loose wiring aliases corroded terminals that request cleaning will besides thief support unchangeable voltage to nan delicate surface components.

Keeping your artillery decently charged and maintained is cardinal to keeping nan MMI surface powered connected and functioning.


While Audi’s MMI strategy is 1 of nan champion cutting-edge innovations of nan brand, nan strategy is really very delicate to somesthesia whether acold aliases hot.

Your MMI surface whitethorn person stopped moving because of overheating.

I retrieve successful 2011 galore Audi models had MMI interface issues immoderate of which were caused by overheating.

The institution had to update nan MMI strategy for it to activity properly. So, overheating whitethorn beryllium nan logic your Audi MMI surface won’t travel on. 

Check nan interior compartment somesthesia and effort to trim it if it is excessively basking past cheque if nan surface works. 

A Blown Fuse

A blown fuse whitethorn beryllium different logic your Audi MMI surface is not working.

The fuse powers nan MMI surface truthful if it is defective, nan full MMI strategy including nan surface won’t work. You want to cheque nan rider compartment fuse container to norm this out.

In your owner’s manual, find nan fuse that powers your car’s display, past spell to nan fuse container and find it. Pull it retired of nan slot and cheque it for immoderate defects.

If it is okay, location should beryllium a mini metallic barroom connecting 2 pins. If it is darkened aliases missing, you whitethorn want to switch it pinch a caller one.

However, you want to get precisely nan aforesaid fuse because installing nan incorrect fuse tin moreover lead to a fire.

There is simply a Glitch successful nan MMI Software

The package moving nan MMI strategy whitethorn beryllium glitching aliases it conscionable crashed.

This could beryllium nan consequence of different issues including outdated package aliases having excessively galore programs moving astatine nan aforesaid time. The strategy gets overwhelmed and immoderate functions specified arsenic nan touch surface extremity working.

Software issues tin beryllium impermanent truthful you mightiness want to springiness nan strategy clip and spot if nan surface starts moving normally. You tin besides difficult reset nan MMI module.

The MMI Unit Failed

The full MMI portion tin besides neglect starring to nan Audi MMI Screen Not Working.

The portion uses fibre optic cables, and while these cables transmit information quickly and activity extraordinarily, nan full strategy will neglect if location is moreover 1 constituent of nonaccomplishment successful nan cable.

It whitethorn beryllium difficult to cognize which cablegram has grounded so, often, you will request to switch nan full MMI unit. You tin besides consult an Audi work supplier to find which cablegram grounded and whether nan portion should beryllium replaced.

Water Damage

Another imaginable logic for nan Audi MMI surface not moving is h2o harm to nan MMI module aliases nan amplifier.

Water harm tin beryllium a consequence of a leakage from nan rear model washer tube into nan amplifier successful nan trunk. It tin besides beryllium owed to excessively overmuch moisture successful nan cabin.

If h2o harm is nan issue, you whitethorn request to switch nan module aliases amplifier and past reprogram it. You whitethorn request master thief pinch this.

Screen Hardware Failure

There whitethorn person been beingness harm aliases surface hardware failure.

The components of nan MMI strategy specified arsenic nan graphics card, show driver, and nan surface itself tin get physically damaged and neglect complete time.

Check nan surface to guarantee it is not damaged successful immoderate way. Have a master Audi work supplier cheque nan different components of nan strategy to norm retired this cause.

Touch Screen Calibration Errors

An unresponsive surface tin besides beryllium a consequence of touchscreen calibration errors. If nan touch input was not aligned decently pinch nan display, you whitethorn person issues pinch nan surface not moving over.

Some of these issues see non-functional aliases inaccurate responses to touch commands.

Take your car to nan nearest Audi work centre to person nan surface calibration checked.

Interference from Other Devices

Did you precocious instal aftermarket accessories to nan MMI system? If yes, it could beryllium electromagnetically interfering pinch nan MMI system. The interference could besides beryllium from different physics devices specified arsenic wireless transmitters.

How to Fix an Audi MMI Screen that Is Not Working 

Now that we person established nan astir communal reasons for your Audi MMI surface not working, really past tin we hole nan issue? Here are a fewer solutions:

  • Perform a difficult reset. You whitethorn request to cheque your owner’s manual connected really to do this aliases consult an Audi work provider.
  • Have your Battery checked and replaced if needed.
  • Replace nan fuse if blown. Make judge to get nan correct fuse pinch nan correct amperage to debar moreover much superior issues.
  • Replace nan MMI unit. This will beryllium nan champion action if you fishy nan full portion has grounded aliases if location is important harm to awesome components of nan system.
  • Install a caller screen. If you announcement beingness harm connected nan screen, it whitethorn beryllium a bully thought to conscionable switch it.
  • Check nan amplifier and switch it if it has important damage.

Other imaginable fixes see updating nan MMI software, reducing compartment temperatures if it is excessively hot, and inspecting nan MMI portion connections to make judge thing is loose.

I must, however, mention that it is ever advisable to an Audi-authorized work supplier whenever you person defects pinch nan MMI system. While you tin hole insignificant issues yourself, doing awesome repairs whitethorn void your warranty.
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