Before You Ride: Motorcycle Maintenance and Safety Check List | Dealer Mobil Toyota

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While motorcyclists tin bask a level of velocity and handling matched by fewer different vehicles, motorcycles are besides a spot riskier than riding astir successful a car aliases motortruck because of those merits. While immoderate superior cyclist should ne'er caput retired without astatine slightest wearing a helmet and apt immoderate assemblage protection, location are respective elements of rhythm attraction that you should beryllium mindful of earlier revving it up and heading off.


This is nan astir basal precaution. Look for signs of leakage, thing for illustration lipid streaks aliases ungraded down your fork tin bespeak that nan fork’s seals are failing. If location are drips nether your bike, that could beryllium coolant, oil, fuel, etc. If nan leaking has been a prolonged issue, you whitethorn request to clear retired your motorcycle to fig retired nan problem. Lastly, cheque nan pivot points and moving parts for immoderate motion of deterioration aliases trouble, particularly your kickstand pivots, swingarm, and suspension linkages.

Remember Your Fuel

Unless you thrust passim nan winter, you request to alteration your fuel. Since gas gets stale erstwhile it idles for excessively long, break retired a siphon pump to purge nan aged gas, past reload pinch thing fresh.

Change Your Oil

Neglecting to alteration retired nan lipid and switch your select tin make a immense dent successful your bike’s capacity and life.

Check nan Battery

Some riders disconnect their batteries successful winter, past recharge erstwhile each 1-2 months. While reconnection is usually each you request to spell cycling, this is simply a different lawsuit if your motorcycle was sitting for nan full play arsenic your artillery whitethorn person gone dead. New batteries should beryllium easy to complaint but if your artillery is simply a fewer years old, nan complaint mightiness not last, aliases charging it whitethorn return ages; if you announcement either issue, it whitethorn beryllium champion to bargain a caller replacement. you mightiness besides see investing successful a maintenance charger truthful that your batteries will beryllium fresh to spell astatine immoderate time.

Check nan Tires

Unless you are rocking a centrifugal tricycle, you only person 2 wheels to activity with, and driving astir pinch moreover 1 compromised tyre is simply a awesome information concern. Confirm that your aerial unit is safe for riding and cheque that your tread’s extent will springiness you nan traction you need. If your aerial unit and tread are good, cheque for cracks aliases rot wrong nan sidewall of your tires.

Inspect nan Chain

The concatenation is among nan astir captious components but each of that vulnerability to nan elements tin loosen aliases degrade it. Confirm that it is arsenic tight and lubricated arsenic it should beryllium and consciousness free to cleanable it and reapply lubricant arsenic needed.

Check All of Your Fluids

Oil and gasoline are only immoderate of nan liquids that bikes need. Brake fluid and coolant besides matter and arsenic antecedently mentioned, tin leak retired if nan motorcycle remains stationary for agelong periods of time. Double-check your fluid levels and past either refill them arsenic needed aliases switch them retired for caller ones.

Remember Your Cables

Oil and grease will barren up wrong your cablegram lodging arsenic clip passes and this tin power nan capacity of your clutch and throttle. Check your clutch, brakes, throttle, choke, and each different cables to corroborate that they activity arsenic intended without immoderate fraying.

Clean It Up

Confirm that your motorcycle is thoroughly cleaned. Not only will this support your motorcycle looking good, but it besides safeguards nan overgarment and tin moreover support nan motorcycle functioning successful bully condition.


Take nan clip to inspect your motorcycle earlier you thrust will guarantee it is successful bully moving bid and forestall mechanical issues down nan line. Making judge your lights, brakes and tires are decently maintained tin besides forestall you from getting successful an accident. Motorcycle accidents tin hap for a number of reasons and tin beryllium a existent threat for riders. In Spokane County, Washington unsocial location were 161 accidents resulting successful 14 deaths successful 2022. Make judge your motorcycle is maintained decently tin thief you debar an mishap and bask a soft ride.