Meet the world's most beautiful hypercar, Bugatti Bolide

Meet the world's most beautiful hypercar, Bugatti Bolide

KUALA LUMPUR: Among cars like Mercedes AMG One, BAC Mono, and Gordon Murray T50, the Bugatti Bolide has been crowned as the world's most beautiful hypercar. The announcement was made at the 1985 established 36th Festival Automobile International in Paris by an expert jury mainly consisting of design professionals from several fields.

Bugatti Bolide award

The Chiron-embarrassing track monster is due for deliveries in 2024. And as per the automaker, the car's design concept will not be changing much before production begins.

Bugatti Bolide hypercar

What powers the Bugatti Bolide?

Powering the world's most beautiful car is Molsheim's quad-turbo W16 mill making a maximum power of 1,824 bhp on 110 octane racing juice. On the performance front, the car touches a century sprint in 2.17 seconds and can attain a top speed of 500 kmph.

Bugatti Bolide engine details

Not to forget, the car's 1,800 kg rear wing generates downforce at 318 kmph which Bugatti admits is an 'extreme' figure.

Bugatti Bolide cabin

Achim Anscheidt, Bugatti's design director said, “The Bolide was an entirely different challenge for our design team, and a kind of mental experiment where we stripped the car back to its W16 quad-turbocharged heart and rebuild it with the bare minimum to create the most extreme Bugatti yet.” He added, “The key for us was to respect the technical requirements of Bolide, focusing first on the function and only then developing the form."

Bugatti Bolide - world's most beautiful hypercar

On the award, he said, “It’s an honour for us that the resulting design has won such a highly coveted award, voted for by experts in our field. Praise must go to the entire design team, each dedicated to their craft in harmonising and perfecting all aspects of the Bolide’s design during an innovative four-months, purely digital process.”

Bugatti Bolide top-view

36th Festival Automobile International in Paris other category winners include - Mercedes GLA, Audi Q4 e-Tron Sportback, Honda e, and Maserati MC20.

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Bugatti Bolide rear image

As for the most beautiful hypercar, Bugatti will only be building 40 units of the Bolide. Interested individuals can get their hands on this beauty for €4 million (approx. RM19m).

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