TVS, BMW Motorrad joint venture to spawn electric motorcycle

TVS, BMW Motorrad joint venture to spawn electric motorcycle

MANILA: TVS Motor Company and BMW Motorrad are extending and expanding their long-term partnership in developing new platforms and technologies — including electric vehicles.


  • What is the goal of TVS and BMW Motorrad in their extended partnership?

    TVS and BMW Motorrad will work together in developing, selling, and manufacturing future products such as an electric bike.
  • What are the products that TVS and BMW Motorrad have developed so far?

    The two motorcycle makers have so far developed the BMW G 310 R, BMW 310 GS, and the TVS Apache RR 310.
  • TVS and BMW Motorrad will develop products based on common platforms, which will tailor to the global requirements of customer segments in various markets. The motorcycle companies will retail their products globally.

    TVS will continue to bring engineering, design, manufacturing, and supply chain capabilities. The first product through this cooperation will be showcased in the next 24 months, TVS said in a release. 

    BMW CE 04

    "The new world of future mobility encompasses a strong play through alternate solutions, including electric mobility," TVS Joint Managing Director Sudarshan Venu stated in a release. 

    He added: "Expanding this successful partnership to EVs and other newer platforms will create opportunities to deliver advanced technology and aspirational products to global markets and bring valuable synergies to both companies.”

    In April 2013, TVS and BMW Motorrad signed a long-term strategic partnership to manufacture sub-500cc motorcycles for the globe. This collaboration has resulted in three products on the 310cc platform: BMW G 310 R, BMW 310 GS, and the TVS Apache RR 310.

    TVS apache RR310


    With over 100,000 customers, the products have been well accepted in all the leading markets like the EU, USA, Japan, China, and India. The success of this cooperation has been the steppingstone of extending and expanding the partnership, TVS added. 

    In the Philippines, TVS offers a wide range of two-wheel and three-wheel vehicles in more than 500 outlets nationwide

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