BMW Coolant Level Low Warning [How to Fix]

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Owning a Bimmer comes pinch a batch of perks, for illustration sheer driving pleasure, sportiness, and a touch of tech and luxury.

However, complete nan years, moving arsenic a mechanic has taught maine that owning a BMW besides comes pinch its stock of quirks.

One of these is nan coolant level informing ray connected your Idrive infotainment system.

In this article, I americium going to explicate what this informing means, nan main causes, and really to hole and reset this fault.

Let’s get into it!

What Does Coolant Level Low Warning Mean connected a BMW?

Now, successful bid to understand what this connection really means, it’s important to first cognize what coolant is(not everyone does).

In simple, coolant, besides known arsenic Antifreeze, is simply a liquid that circulates done your motor and acts arsenic a coolant and a lubricant.

The intent of this fluid is to little nan somesthesia of some nan motor and its parts and forestall corrosion.

Your BMW has a typical type of sensor (Coolant Level Sensor), which is meant to measurement nan magnitude of coolant successful your car.

And erstwhile it detects a debased level, it will nonstop this informing connection to pass you astir nan situation.

So, successful elemental terms, nan debased coolant level informing coming up connected your BMW’s Idrive surface simply intends nan conveyance detected that nan coolant level is debased and needs to beryllium filled up.

BMW Low Coolant Level Alert Causes

Now that you person a amended knowing of what nan debased coolant level informing connection means,

let’s return a look astatine immoderate of nan astir communal causes that whitethorn beryllium responsible for triggering this alert from my experience.

There are 3 imaginable reasons for nan debased coolant level alert connected a BMW:

1. Low Coolant Level Due to Normal Usage

Over time, arsenic you thrust your BMW, nan motor operates astatine precocious temperatures,

and nan coolant people depletes complete clip arsenic it circulates done nan motor to modulate nan temperatures

That is why BMW recommends that you cheque your coolant level each 6 months.

2. There is simply a Leak successful your BMW’s Cooling System

The 2nd origin for this debased coolant informing light, particularly if nan antifreeze runs retired faster than normal, is simply a leak successful nan cooling system.

There are a batch of places wherever coolant tin leak connected a BMW, however, from moving connected BMWs for a agelong time, I person recovered nan pursuing are nan astir communal places wherever you tin find a leak:

Cracked Coolant Reservoir:

The integrative coolant reservoir mounted successful nan motor bay is prone to cracking complete time.

Inspect your reservoir cautiously for immoderate hairline cracks aliases thicker fissures. Even mini cracks tin let coolant to leak out.

Faulty Pipe Connection nether nan Intake Manifold:

In galore BMWs, particularly nan 3 series, location is simply a integrative tube relationship nether nan intake manifold that connects nan rubber h2o hose to nan head.

This integrative tube is hidden from position but is prone to cracking and nonaccomplishment complete time. The consequence is simply a awesome coolant leak that quickly drains nan system.

This relationship is known to beryllium a communal rumor and tin consequence successful coolant leakage if it fails.

Thermostat Housing Crack:

The thermostat lodging is different communal leak area you should cheque connected your Beamer.

The thermostat lodging is simply a captious constituent of your BMW’s cooling system.

It’s wherever nan thermostat resides and helps modulate nan system’s coolant flow.

Over galore power cycles, nan integrative lodging tin create cracks that consequence successful leaks.

Leaky Radiator:

The radiator connected your BMW plays a important domiciled successful keeping your motor from overheating by dissipating nan power from nan coolant.

Over time, these components whitethorn create cracks aliases holes that let coolant to leak out.

Of course, this database is not exhaustive location are different places wherever your German instrumentality tin leak, for illustration nan h2o pump, radiator hoses, and different coolant pipes.

3. Malfunctioning Coolant Level Sensor

The last communal origin of nan “engine coolant level excessively low. Top up nan coolant astatine nan earliest opportunity” connection is simply a faulty coolant level sensor.

As I mentioned earlier, nan coolant level sensor is responsible for monitoring nan magnitude of liquid successful your engine.

This sensor is located nether your coolant vessel and tin neglect aft immoderate clip owed to moisture, debris, and heat.

If this sensor fails it will nonstop mendacious readings to your BMW’s ECM, and it will judge that nan coolant level is low, moreover erstwhile location is plentifulness of coolant successful nan system.

The easiest measurement to find if a sensor is malfunctioning is by checking your coolant level. The sensor is apt damaged if nan level is betwixt nan minimum and maximum, but you still person a warning.

How to Fix and Reset nan Low Coolant Level Alert connected a BMW

Now that I person explained nan starring causes of this problem fto america now look astatine really you tin hole it.

I urge you do nan pursuing steps:

Step 1: Top Up nan Coolant

Check nan coolant level apical disconnected if it is beneath nan minimum mark, and thrust a bit. Then move disconnected nan engine, disconnect and reconnect nan artillery terminal to reset nan system.

The “Coolant Level Too Low” informing should disappear. If not, past spell to measurement two.

Step 2: Replace nan Coolant Level Sensor

If nan coolant level is good past chances are nan sensor is nan main culprit of this problem.

I personally urge changing nan full h2o vessel since it comes pinch a caller sensor.

This should hole nan problem.

Step 3: Pressure Test to Find Leaks

If nan supra steps do not hole nan problem and nan antifreeze runs retired faster than normal,

then it is imaginable that location are leaks successful your cooling system.

You will request to get a unit trial done to easy spot wherever nan leaks are,

I counsel taking your BMW to a qualified independent car technician for illustration maine aliases simply taking it to nan nearest BMW Dealership.

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