BMW Engine Temperature Too High [Causes & Fix]

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Getting nan “Engine Temperature excessively high, thrust moderately” alert connected your BMW is simply a beautiful scary experience.

After all, you don’t want your motor to overheat and origin imperishable harm to nan motor.

So, what causes this connection to popular up connected your dashboard, and really do you hole it?

In this article, I americium going to explicate precisely that; let’s get into it!

BMW “Engine Temperature Too High” Meaning?

Now, let’s look astatine what this informing connection really intends connected your BMW.

In elemental terms, nan “the motor somesthesia excessively high” alert is simply a informing that your BMW motor is getting excessively hot.

This intends that your cooling strategy isn’t doing its occupation properly, and nan motor is heating up faster than it tin beryllium cooled down again by extracurricular aerial and coolant.

Your BMW is equipped pinch a typical sensor known arsenic an Engine somesthesia sensor aliases Coolant somesthesia sensor.

This sensor is located successful nan motor itself and monitors nan somesthesia of your BMW’s coolant.

The ECT will trigger this informing connection connected your dashboard erstwhile it reaches a definite level.

BMW Overheating: Quick Fix Table

Cause Fix
Thermostat Stuck Closed Replace nan thermostat. The location varies pinch nan BMW model. Refer to nan owner’s manual aliases consult a mechanic.
Bad Electric Water Pump Check nan h2o pump. If malfunctioning, get it replaced by a master Bimmer mechanic aliases BMW dealership.
Malfunctioning Coolant Temperature Sensor(s) If existent motor somesthesia is correct, switch nan coolant somesthesia sensor.
Low Coolant Level Turn disconnected nan engine, fto it cool, and cheque nan coolant level. Top disconnected pinch distilled h2o and anti-freeze arsenic needed.

What Causes BMW Engine Temperature Too High Warning?

Now, let’s spell into much item astir what causes nan BMW Engine Temperature Too High informing to popular up connected your dashboard.

This informing ray tin beryllium triggered by a number of different issues, but based connected my acquisition from moving connected BMWs complete nan years,

Here are nan astir communal causes of this warning:

1. Thermostat Stuck Closed:

The astir communal origin of this informing is simply a thermostat that is stuck closed.

The thermostat connected your Beamer is responsible for controlling nan somesthesia of your motor by opening and closing a bypass valve to modulate coolant flow.

If nan thermostat sticks closed (or is faulty), it prevents coolant from flowing done your engine, which tin origin overheating.

When nan somesthesia reaches a definite constituent nan PCM will prime up connected this and show nan motor somesthesia excessively precocious alert.

2. Bad Electric Water Pump:

Your Bimmer is equipped pinch electrical h2o pumps, which are responsible for circulating coolant done your motor and radiator.

If your electrical pump fails, nan motor will overheat because it cannot move coolant effectively.

Based connected individual acquisition arsenic an car technician, h2o pump nonaccomplishment is beautiful communal erstwhile it comes to BMWs,

I would opportunity that aft nan thermostat, nan h2o pump is nan astir communal origin of precocious motor temperatures successful BMW vehicles.

3. Malfunctioning Coolant Temperature Sensor(s):

Your BMW has a somesthesia sensor that tracks nan coolant temperature. This sensor relays information to nan car’s computer, providing specifications connected motor heat.

With meticulous somesthesia data, nan machine tin correctly gauge motor overheating risk. But if nan sensor fails, nan machine lacks precise somesthesia information.

It whitethorn past mistakenly reason nan motor is overheating, moreover erstwhile temperatures are normal. In short, nan sensor allows nan machine to make informed overheating assessments. Without meticulous sensor data, overheating determinations go unreliable.

4. Low Coolant Level:

The 4th and last communal origin of nan “Engine somesthesia excessively high” informing connected your BMW is simply a debased coolant level.

If your BMW’s reservoir is quiet aliases astir so, it will not beryllium capable to move capable coolant done nan motor to support it astatine its normal operating temperature.

As a result, your car will show this warning. Fortunately, checking nan coolant level is very simple.

How to Fix and Reset Engine Temperature Too High Warning connected BMW

Lastly, let’s look astatine what you should do erstwhile you get a basking motor temp informing connected your BMW.

1. Turn disconnected nan Engine and Check nan Coolant Level

I urge that you first move disconnected your motor and fto it cool down.

Then, cheque nan coolant level successful your BMW’s reservoir to spot if it needs to beryllium topped off.

If so, adhd immoderate distilled h2o and anti-freeze until it reaches nan due level (between min and max).

2. Replace nan Coolant Temp Sensor

If nan existent motor temp is correct, but nan “engine somesthesia excessively hot” informing connection is still appearing,

then it could beryllium that nan coolant somesthesia sensor needs replacing.

3. Check nan Thermostat

If nan coolant level is good and you are still getting nan motor overheating alert,

It’s apt that your thermostat needs to beryllium replaced (since Bayerische Motoren Werke vehicles usage a integrative thermostat)

The location of nan thermostat will alteration depending connected nan model; for example, a 3-series thermo location will beryllium different than a 5-series and X3.

If you’re not judge wherever nan thermostat is located, cheque your owner’s manual aliases inquire a master mechanic to thief you retired pinch this task.

4. Get nan Water Pump Checked

If nan thermostat is good and moving arsenic it should, past nan adjacent point you should cheque is nan h2o pump.

I personally urge that you get nan h2o pump checked by a master Bimmer mechanic aliases BMW dealership.

If they find that it’s not moving properly, they tin switch it for you,

If it is moving properly, they will diagnose t nan problem and fto you cognize what is incorrect pinch your car.

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