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A Jet Ski is besides known arsenic a h2o scooter, which group usually tow pinch their SUVs to bask reactional activities during their trips. Kia Soul is simply a luxurious vehicle, but it does not incorporate a tow package.

Can a Kia Soul Pull a Jet Ski? Kia Soul tin propulsion a Jet Ski that weighs betwixt 2400 to 2500 pounds depending connected its size and weight. Select nan ramps for their installation and connect nan trailer hitch connected nan rear broadside of nan SUV. Adjust nan trailer pinch these hitches, position and unafraid nan Jet Ski connected it.

You person to instal nan hitches arsenic an aftermarket summation if you want to usage these SUVs for hauling. Class I hitches are champion for towing purposes because these tin easy grip a weight of astir 2000 pounds.

How do you propulsion a Jet Ski pinch Kia Soul?

It is basal to see upwind conditions, velocity limits, and tyre unit erstwhile hauling a pitchy skis pinch your SUV. Moreover, towing tin besides summation nan braking distance, truthful it is basal to support a safe region betwixt your Kia Soul and different vehicles connected nan road.

Select nan Jet Ski and ramps

You person to prime nan pitchy skis and ramps according to nan circumstantial models of your SUV. The mixed weight of Jet Skis and trailers should not beryllium much than nan towing capacity of your vehicle.

They are disposable successful different designs, sizes, and accessories. Moreover, their weight tin besides alteration according to their sizes and designs.

These usually measurement betwixt 500 to much than 1000 pounds. You person to usage nan ramps specifically designed for hauling these recreational items.

Avoid exceeding nan maximum towing capacity because it tin overload nan motor and transmission components, starring to superior damage.

It is besides basal to cheque nan weight-carrying capacity of your conveyance while attaching nan pitchy skis to them. You tin spot nan towing capacity connected nan proprietor manual aliases sojourn nan original website of your manufacturing marque to spot nan features of different models of vehicles.

Install trailer hitch

Kia Soul is not equipped pinch immoderate tow package, truthful you person to prime nan trailer hitch for your SUV. Select nan hitches according to nan gross weight of nan pitchy skis.

Use nan people I hitches pinch these SUVs because of their compatibility. Raise nan vehicle, region nan rear wheels, and inspect nan mounting points beneath nan rear broadside bumper.

Connect nan hitches pinch these mounting points and unafraid them pinch bolts. You tin besides unafraid their connections pinch information chains truthful trailers cannot travel out.

Adjustment of trailer

You person to set nan jet-ski trailer wrong nan hitch. Selecting nan ramps according to nan size and weight of pitchy skis is basal to alteration nan consequence of harm and mishandling.

Lower nan trailer and insert nan coupler wrong nan balls. Fix nan relationship of nan trailer pinch these balls by utilizing nan information chains and cables.

Safety chains are adjuvant to support nan ramps connected pinch nan rear broadside bumper erstwhile hitches neglect to execute their function.

Position pitchy skis connected trailers

You person to position nan pitchy skis connected nan trailer aft attaching them pinch hitches. Carefully load these vehicles connected nan trailers and position them successful nan halfway to support stableness while driving.

Many group do not usage straps to unafraid their location erstwhile walking a short distance. However, I ever unafraid them pinch straps truthful they cannot travel disconnected nan ramp supports and collide pinch different vehicles.

Last year, I was towing a pitchy skis pinch my 2017 Kia Soul, and I utilized nan ample rubber straps to necktie these, and I tied nan straps connected nan designated points.

Tighten nan straps to debar uneven movements, disturbing wide stableness and control.

Ensure unafraid driving

You person to travel these considerations for safe driving aft hauling pitchy skis pinch your SUVs. Ensure that trailer lights activity truthful different drivers tin easy place their beingness during debased ray conditions.

Drive slow and support a region of respective inches from different cars connected nan roads because of accrued braking distance.

Maintain nan tyre unit to nan recommended level and lubricate nan bearings to debar uneven noises and mishandling.

How overmuch weight tin a Kia Soul tow?

Kia Soul is simply a subcompact SUV that provides accommodation for 5 passengers. Depending connected their circumstantial models, these tin easy tow weights of 2400 to 2600 pounds.

The models from 2020 to 2022 tin person a towing capacity of 2400 pounds. It shows that you tin haul vehicles that measurement little than 2400 pounds.

Kia Soul 2018, 2014, and 2019 models person a weight carrying capacity of 2500 pounds. Its 2023 exemplary contains a highly businesslike motor that tin easy haul a weight of 2600 pounds.

However, aged models, including 2011 and 2012, tin transportation little than 2400 pounds.

Why is Kia Soul not recommended for towing?

You tin tow respective lighter-weight vehicles, including campers, trailers, and pitchy skis, pinch them. It is basal to debar hauling pinch Kia Soul because of their delicate components.

However, depending connected their respective models, these SUVs person a towing capacity of 2400 to 2500 pounds. Towing pinch these subcompact SUVs is not recommended because it tin impact respective components.

You tin void your vehicle’s warranty erstwhile you propulsion a trailer, camper, aliases pitchy skis pinch them. It intends you cannot get a free repair from nan manufacturers successful lawsuit of immoderate superior damage.

Repairing expenses for your SUV summation because of a voided warranty. In addition, it tin besides impact nan transmission strategy and braking components.

The rumor besides comes erstwhile you haul heavier loads pinch them, which is much than their towing capacity.

It besides disturbs stability, particularly during windy conditions. Following nan rules and restrictions for towing vehicles while driving connected highways is besides necessary.

Decrease your velocity while accelerating, braking, and moving astatine turning points.

Why would you propulsion a Jet Ski pinch Kia Soul?

Many group want to return nan reactional instrumentality to bask their travel while performing different activities. These usually usability successful h2o because these are h2o scooters.

You cannot move them connected barren and coagulated roadworthy surfaces. You person to tow them pinch your vehicles for easy proscription to your camping location.

In addition, my friend bought a caller pitchy skis from nan market, and he towed it pinch his SUV alternatively of booking a abstracted conveyance to prevention his cost.

It shows that you tin besides return nan caller ones to your location by pulling them pinch your vehicles because these are lightweight. Some vehicles person much towing capacity, and they tin easy propulsion 1 aliases much pitchy skis without showing immoderate antagonistic impacts connected their components.

Sometimes, these go faulty, and you person to return them to nan dealerships. You tin tow nan faulty and damaged ones pinch your subcompact SUV for repair.

Moreover, smaller SUVs are much fuel-efficient than larger ones and pickup trucks. You tin prevention your substance expenses while doing this.

These are smaller successful size and person little weight than nan towing capacity of nan Kia Soul. It is simply a convenient towing action for short distances and level roads.

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