Check Gauges Dodge Ram 1500 [Meaning & Fix]

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Seeing nan reddish “check gauges” alert connected your Dodge Ram instrumentality cluster tin beryllium a spot alarming, particularly if you’ve ne'er seen it before.

Fortunately, Over nan years moving arsenic an Auto technician, I’ve travel crossed galore different situations wherever nan cheque gauges ray comes on.

In this article, I’ll spell complete immoderate of nan astir communal causes for this alert and really to hole them.

Let’s get to it!

What Does “Check Gauges” Mean connected a Dodge Ram?

In simplest terms, erstwhile nan “check gauges” alert illuminates connected your Dodge Ram 1500 dashboard, it’s trying to alert you to a imaginable issue.

This usually intends that 1 aliases much of nan gauges successful your motortruck are registering readings that are retired of nan normal range.

It could beryllium an rumor pinch nan electrical strategy aliases possibly an denotation that 1 of your vehicle’s captious fluids, for illustration motor oil, transmission fluid, aliases antifreeze, is moving debased aliases has dried up (Leading Causes Below).

Important Gauges connected nan Dodge Ram 1500

Now that I person concisely explained what nan informing connection means, let’s look astatine nan important gauges.

The main gauges connected your Ram Pickup are that are connected nan Dodge Ram 1500:

  • Coolant Temperature Gauge
  • Engine Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Battery Voltage Gauge
  • Fuel Gauge

Dodge Ram Check Gauges Message Leading Causes

Now that you cognize what nan “check gauges” really mean connected your Dodge and nan main gauges of your Ram Pickup,

Let’s look astatine nan starring causes of this informing connection based connected my acquisition arsenic a mechanic (Ordere d From Most Common to Least).

1. Faulty ECM/PCM

The astir communal origin of nan “check gauges” informing connection is simply a faulty ECM/PCM (Electronic Control Module).

The ECM controls your engine’s performance, substance efficiency, and emissions, including nan voltage regulator.

If this constituent fails(which is beautiful communal connected Dodge trucks),

it tin origin nan cheque gauges alert to travel connected since nan voltage regulator is integrated into nan ECM.

2. Bad Battery

The 2nd astir communal origin of this correction connection is simply a bad battery.

A anemic aliases failing artillery tin origin nan “check gauges” ray to travel connected successful your Dodge Ram 1500.

The artillery provides powerfulness to each of nan truck’s gauges and sensors.

If it is not supplying capable voltage, it whitethorn origin erroneous readings from gauges and sensors, triggering nan “check gauges” informing light.

A artillery nary longer tin of holding a afloat complaint aliases that is drained excessively debased tin origin nan gauges to malfunction and show improper readings.

The artillery connected your Dodge Ram typically lasts 3-5 years earlier needing replacement,

If yours is complete 3 years old, nan chances are it needs a replacement

Other things related to nan artillery tin besides origin this message, including:

  1. Corroded Battery Terminals
  2. Loose Battery Terminals
  3. Battery Wiring issue

3. Low Engine Oil

Low motor lipid tin origin debased lipid pressure, which tin lead to nan “check gauges” connection erstwhile nan unit drops excessively low.

The motor will beryllium starved of oil, which tin origin harm to your motor and different components.

Low centrifugal lipid connected your conveyance tin beryllium caused by things for illustration leaks, not topping disconnected nan oil, aliases moving your motor debased connected oil.

A bad lipid unit sensor tin besides origin this ray arsenic well, and it’s prone to failing connected Ram Trucks.

4. The Coolant Level is excessively low

Another anticipation is that nan coolant level is excessively low, causing nan motor coolant somesthesia gauge reference to beryllium extracurricular nan normal range.

Since a debased coolant level will lead to a precocious coolant somesthesia connected your Dodge Ram.

This triggers nan “check gauges” light. Low coolant could beryllium owed to a leak successful nan cooling strategy aliases simply needing to apical it off.

5. Faulty Alternator

The alternator connected your Truck is responsible for charging nan artillery and powering immoderate of nan electrical components successful your vehicle.

If nan alternator is not moving properly, it won’t beryllium capable to complaint nan artillery properly.

This will origin nan artillery voltage to driblet drastically and nan “check gauges” alert to travel on.

6. Failing Fuel Pump

The sixth and last communal origin of nan cheque gauges informing your Dodge Ram is simply a bad substance pump.

The substance gauge connected your motortruck is simply a mechanical instrumentality that moves up and down arsenic nan substance level successful your vessel changes.

If nan substance pump is not moving properly, it won’t beryllium capable to move erstwhile necessary, which will origin your cheque gauges ray to travel on.

How to Fix and Reset Dodge Ram “Check Gauges” Alert

So, what should you do? Firstly, while nan motor is running, cautiously observe each nan gauges connected nan dashboard.

Identify immoderate that aren’t displaying their emblematic readings. This will springiness you a hint astir what mightiness beryllium causing nan warning.

Here are things to look astatine depending connected nan malfunctioning gauge:

Battery Gauge Out of Range:

  1. Get nan ECM Checked
  2. Check nan Battery Voltage and switch it if needed
  3. Check nan artillery terminals for corrosion aliases looseness.
  4. Test nan alternator, if it sounds 12.5 volts aliases little past get it replaced.

Engine Oil Gauge retired of Range:

  1. Check nan Oil Level and Top up if needed
  2. Ensure nan Oil Pump is Working Properly
  3. Check nan Engine lipid unit sensor 
  4. Look for immoderate signs of lipid leaks and hole if location are any

Coolant Temperature Gauge retired of Range:

  1. Check your coolant level and adhd if it is beneath nan minimum mark
  2. See if you don’t person immoderate coolant leak somewhere. If not, you’re bully to go.

Fuel Level Gauge retired of Range:

Lastly, if nan substance gauge connected your Dodge Ram 1500 is nan 1 that is retired of nan emblematic range, past I urge having nan substance pump checked.

If each gauges of your Pickup look normal, but you are still getting nan “check gages” warning, past it’s apt nan artillery voltage was excessively low, aliases nan ECM is failing.

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