Ford Pass Points to Dollars Calculator [Rewards Value]

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In this article, I explicate really FordPass Rewards Points construe into existent dollar savings done an easy-to-use calculator.

You gain up to 10 Points for each $1 spent connected eligible purchases astatine participating Ford dealers.

To make it elemental to understand nan worth of your Points balance,

I’ve created a conversion calculator wherever you tin input your Points, and it will automatically cipher nan dollar magnitude you tin redeem.  

FordPass Rewards Points Overview

FordPass Rewards Points are a loyalty rate earned by Ford owners. You summation points done purchases and servicing your Ford conveyance astatine participating dealers.

Points tin past beryllium redeemed for discounts and savings connected your adjacent Ford purchase.

For example, gain Points connected your lipid change, past redeem those Points to prevention money connected your adjacent tyre rotation.

It’s a elemental measurement to gain rewards to little nan costs of maintenance, parts, and accessories for your Ford vehicle.

The much Points you bank, nan much you prevention done nan program.

FordPass Points to Dollars Calculator

Ford Pass Points to Dollars Calculator

Enter your Ford Pass Points:

Ford Pass Points Conversion Chart

Ford Pass Points Dollars
200 $1.00
500 $2.50
1,000 $5.00
5,000 $25.00
10,000 $50.00
20,000 $100.00
30,000 $150.00
45,000 $225.00
50,000 $250.00
75,000 $375.00
100,000 $500.00

Understanding FordPass Rewards Points

Joining nan Program

If you want to subordinate FordPass Rewards, each you request to do is motion up for a FordPass account. It’s not required for you to ain a Ford vehicle.

After creating your relationship and accepting nan position and conditions, you’ll beryllium automatically enrolled successful FordPass Rewards.

Earning Points

You gain FordPass Rewards Points successful a fewer different ways:

Purchasing aliases Leasing a New Ford Vehicle

When you take to lease aliases determine to get a caller Ford conveyance from a participating trader and activate nan FordPass Connect modem wrong 60 days, you’ll gain 42,000 Points (75,000 for diesel vehicles).

Even if your caller conveyance doesn’t person a modem, you still gain Points by joining wrong 60 days of purchase.

Servicing Your Vehicle

Every clip you person your conveyance serviced astatine a participating Ford trader and salary for Ford, Motorcraft, aliases Omnicraft parts and labor, you gain 10 Points per $1 spent.

Special Offers and Promotions

Keep an oculus retired for typical location offers aliases limited-time promotions to gain other Points.

You tin besides gain Points by utilizing a FordPass Rewards Visa card.

 Redeeming Points

The champion portion astir earning Points is getting to redeem them! You tin usage your Points toward immoderate qualifying service, parts, aliases accessories astatine a participating Ford dealer.

You tin besides put them toward nan acquisition of a caller Ford vehicle.

Points tin beryllium redeemed astatine immoderate participating dealer, sloppy of wherever you earned them. There’s nary limit connected really galore Points you tin gain aliases redeem.

Just retrieve that Points expire aft 730 days of relationship inactivity.

Checking Your Balance

It’s easy to cheque your FordPass Rewards balance. Simply log into your FordPass relationship online aliases successful nan app. You’ll spot your life Points earned and disposable balance.

Your trader tin besides look up your equilibrium for you.


FordPass Rewards makes it easy to gain valuable Points and put them toward existent savings. Whether you’re purchasing, servicing, aliases accessorizing your Ford vehicle, you tin accrue Points to redeem erstwhile it’s clip for your adjacent work sojourn aliases parts purchase.

The programme gives you elasticity to slope rewards from your Ford purchases and past use from those savings later on. Check your Point equilibrium regularly, and redeem them strategically for maximum value. With FordPass Rewards, you get money backmost for being a loyal Ford owner

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