Ford Territory Problems [Common Issues & Recalls]

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In this article, I’ll talk nan astir prevalent issues associated pinch nan Ford Territory SUV.

Drawing from my firsthand acquisition arsenic an car technician, insights from owners, and online organization discussions, I’ve compiled this list.

While it isn’t exhaustive, it provides a snapshot of imaginable concerns you mightiness brushwood if considering this vehicle.

Without wasting immoderate much time, let’s get into it!

Please Note: It’s important to understand that not each Ford Territory SUV will acquisition these problems. These are conscionable communal issues that person been reported by a conception of users.

Many owners person had seamless experiences pinch their vehicles, truthful it’s ever basal to measure each car individually.

Ford Territory Common Issues astatine a Glance

If you are looking for a speedy answer, present are nan astir communal issues pinch nan Ford Territory

  • Frequent doorway fastener actuator failures time off drivers incapable to unfastened nan doors
  • Flimsy model regulators often break, causing windows to get stuck and cease functioning
  • Sometimes nan tailgate seals let h2o intrusion that leads to premature rust
  • Faulty assemblage power modules randomly move connected interior lights, draining nan battery
  • Power model switches and doorway locks extremity moving without warning, perchance trapping occupants inside
  • Climate power systems successful nan SZ exemplary person aggregate issues crossed each settings
  • Unaddressed recalls whitethorn lead to different problems
  • The V6 diesel motor has costly problems for illustration grounded substance pumps and needs very diligent maintenance
  • The petrol motor besides leaks and has issues pinch thrust belts
  • Bushings, shot joints and driveline components deterioration retired prematurely, requiring predominant repairs
  • Electrical gremlins plague nan interior electronics

Ford Territory Recall History 

Date Issue Affected Vehicles
2023 (UAE only) Poor welding of steering file bracket successful UAE models 53 
Aug 2011 Fuel return tube whitethorn abstracted and leak substance nether vehicle 3,399 
May 2012 Faulty broadside curtain airbag sensor 134 
Sep 2012 Poorly installed trim tin restrict accelerator pedal 302 
Feb 2015 Ignition move connector whitethorn disengage while driving 17,875 
Nov 2017 Defective output shaft velocity sensor 10,514 

Ford Territory Problems successful Detail

Now, let’s look astatine nan astir communal quirks erstwhile it comes to nan Ford Territory successful much detail.

Climate Control Disappointments

Owners of nan third-generation Territory SZ models reported galore problems pinch nan aerial conditioning and heating systems.

This would beryllium a awesome inconvenience successful a spot pinch utmost upwind for illustration Australia.

Potential buyers should meticulously trial nan ambiance power successful each settings. Any unusual noises apt bespeak impending failure.

With nan Territory’s history of recalls, I’d besides verify immoderate applicable ones were addressed.

Average Engine Reliability

Both nan diesel and petrol engines successful nan Territory person had reliability issues. The 2.7L V6 diesel seems mean astatine best, pinch costly problems for illustration grounded high-pressure substance pumps being common.

As it’s nan aforesaid motor utilized successful definite Land Rovers, its weaknesses are good documented. The diesel’s analyzable turbocharged creation apt contributes to its woes.

Meanwhile, nan people aspirated petrol has been much reliable, but still prone to leaks and thrust loop problems. Neither motor leaves maine assured successful nan Territory’s mechanical durability complete nan agelong run.

Frequent Exterior Woes

The Ford Territory seems to person its adjacent stock of exterior problems based connected proprietor reports.

The doorway fastener actuators apparently neglect frequently, leaving drivers incapable to fastener aliases unlock nan doors.

Replacing these would beryllium an inconvenient and apt pricey repair. The integrative model regulators besides sound flimsy and prone to breaking, a mediocre creation successful my opinion.

And nan tailgate seals person allowed h2o intrusion, starring to premature rust issues – decidedly a interest for utilized car buyers.

Problematic Interior Electronics

Inside, nan Territory’s electronics look unreliable arsenic well. The assemblage power modules look to malfunction often, randomly turning connected interior lights and sidesplitting nan battery.

As an owner, I’d beryllium continually worried astir coming retired to a dormant battery.

The powerfulness model switches and doorway locks besides apparently extremity moving regularly, which would beryllium very frustrating.

Some owners reported being trapped wrong erstwhile nan locks failed! In general, nan interior electronics sound for illustration an Achilles bottommost for nan Territory.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, present is what I personally think:

The Ford Territory is simply a decent SUV erstwhile taken attraction of decently successful position of maintenance.

I urge that you instrumentality pinch nan petrol variants and ideally spell for nan past procreation (SZ) pinch debased mileage.

There are immoderate things I personally for illustration erstwhile it comes to this SUV. Some of those include:

  1. Great Handling
  2. Fun to Drive
  3. Incredible Comfort
  4. Very Practical
  5. Great Looking Design
  6. Rugged and Robust Design
  7. Can past longer if good taken attraction of

I would for illustration to perceive your thoughts. Leave a remark below.

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