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The Kia Forte is simply a full-size car pinch exceptional ratio and respective upgrades. They person a circumstantial weight according to nan chassis designs and amenities successful nan rider compartment.

How Much Does a Kia Forte Weigh? The mean weight of Kia Forte is astir 2617 to 3792 pounds (1187 to 1720 kg); nan 2008 to 2009 models are 2617 pounds (1187 kg), nan 2011 to 2014 variants measurement 2791 pounds (1.39 US tons), 2016 exemplary is 2871 pounds, 2017 variants is 2976 pounds, 2018 to 2020 exemplary is 2855 pounds, and 2021 to 2023 models are 2769 pounds (1255 kg).

The heavier variants of these cars person much compartment features and appealing legroom.

What is nan mean weight of a Kia Forte?

Models of Kia Forte pinch years Weight (In pounds) Weight (In kg) Weight (In US tons)
2008 and 2009 Kia Forte 2617 pounds 1187 Kg 1.30 tons
2010 Kia Forte 2740 pounds 1242 Kg 1.4 tons
2011 to 2013 Kia Forte 2791 pounds 1266 Kg 1.395 tons
2014 Kia Forte 2837 pounds 1286 Kg 1.41 tons
2015 Kia Forte 2844 pounds 1290 Kg 1.422 tons
2016 Kia Forte 2871 pounds 1302 Kg 1.435 tons
2017 Kia Forte 2976 pounds 1349 Kg 1.487 tons
2018 Kia Forte 2855 pounds 1295 Kg 1.42 tons
2019 Kia Forte 3792 pounds 1720 Kg 1.89 tons
2020 Kia Forte 2762 pounds 1252 Kg 1.38 tons
2021 to 2023 Kia Forte 2769 pounds 1255 Kg 1.38 tons

Their cabins are spacious, pinch respective features and precocious instrumentality clusters. Comfortable seats, much legroom, and relaxed driving are a fewer salient specifications of these automobiles.

However, nan mean weight of Kia Forte ranges from 2617 to 3792 pounds, according to their trims, designs, and dimensions. The variants from 2008 to 2009 measurement astir 2617 pounds (1187 kg).

Their gross conveyance weight standing (GVWR) varies from 3792 to 3968 pounds (1720 to 1800 kg). The GVWR of these cars varies according to their dimensions, trim levels, and designs.

However, nan 2010 Kia Forte is 2740 pounds (1.4 US tons). The limits alteration according to nan chassis dimensions and specifications.

You tin prime their 2011, 2012, and 2013 variants that measurement astir 2791 pounds. The models of 2014 person an mean weight of astir 2837 pounds (1286 kg).

In addition, nan 2015 version is 2844 pounds (1.422 US tons). The 2016 cars measurement 2871 pounds, and nan 2017 models are astir 2976 pounds (1349 kg).

However, nan 2018 exemplary is astir 2855 pounds (1295 kg). The cars of 2019 are heavier than galore different versions because of their dimensions and different framework properties.

They are 3792 pounds (1.89 kg) because of their manufacturing characteristics and a dense engine. 2020 models are astir 2762 pounds (1252 kg).

However, nan variants from 2021 to 2023 are astir 2769 pounds (1255 kg).

Factors that impact nan weight of Kia Forte

Many factors tin summation aliases trim nan weight of Kia Forte variants.

Gas vessel size and capacity

The Kia Forte variants are disposable successful nan automobile marketplace because of their continuous manufacturing since 2008. The shaper launched nan first exemplary successful 2008 successful nan automobile market.

All variants person a circumstantial state vessel pinch a substance aliases state holding capacity. The state tanks of these vehicles play a domiciled successful expanding their weight.

The older automobiles from 2008 to 2010 person state tanks pinch a capacity of astir 13.2 US gallons (49.9 liters). These are small-sized containers, and these variants are lightweight.

However, nan latest automobiles from 2019 to 2023 person state tanks pinch an mean capacity of astir 14 US gallons (52.99 liters).

For example, nan 2019 car has a substance vessel pinch a capacity of 14 US gallons, which makes it heavier. The models of these vehicles from 2011 to 2018 person state tanks of astir 13.2 US gallons.


They person adaptable dimensions according to their designs and trims. However, a fewer cars are large-sized pinch sleek frames and appealing exteriors.

Their cabins person much headroom and circumstantial legroom to summation nan drivers and passengers’ comfort. The mean tallness of these car variants is astir 56.5 inches (4.70 feet).

In addition, their mean magnitude is almost 182.6 inches (15.21 feet). Their widths alteration according to their models and trim levels.

Furthermore, nan mean width of Kia Forte models is astir 70.9 inches (5.90 feet). Their mean dimensions are 182.6×70.9×56.5 inches (LXWXH).

The models pinch much lengths and widths are heavyweight because of nan manufacturing material. Manufacturing companies usage much metallic materials to make their exterior and interior.

Therefore, they are heavier than different models. For example, nan dimensions of nan 2019 Kia Forte are astir 182.7×70.9×56.5 inches (15.22×5.90×470 feet).

Weight of nan engine

Kia Forte variants person adaptable trims because of manufacturing limitations. They person GT-line, LX, and LXS models pinch high-performance engines.

These engines person peculiar dimensions and weights. Furthermore, they person a capacity of astir 2.0L pinch 4 combustion cylinders.

They tin nutrient a precocious horsepower of astir 147 hp because of their designs. They person GT trims pinch 1.6L engines that nutrient 201 hp pinch a torque scope of astir 195 pounds-feet.

The engines pinch 2.0-liter capacities are large-sized because of their banal manufacturing properties.

These engines make nan cars heavier than nan models pinch small-sized engines. However, nan manufacturers instal nan engines according to nan framework sizes of these cars.

Number of compartment features

The car compartment features and amenities summation weight because these things are heavy. However, nan manufacturers of Kia Forte person installed respective amenities successful nan rider compartments of these vehicles.

These car variants person comfortable, appealing, and soft seats. The compartment has circumstantial legroom, and these properties summation nan weight of these cars.

You tin place nan ambiance power strategy connected nan instrumentality cluster of these vehicles. They person ventilated seats pinch a heating mechanism, and you tin find adjustable driver’s seats pinch power-based regulation.

Furthermore, these cars person large-sized airbags, which are heavy.

The seats of these car cabins person seatbelts that summation nan weight of these vehicles. Moreover, you tin place nan information mechanisms wrong their cabins.

These information systems amended conveyance information connected adaptable terrains. Similarly, these cars person a unsighted spot assistance strategy that makes nan compartment heavy.

They person rear cross-traffic collision informing mechanisms that make them heavy. The models pinch much compartment features and information mechanisms are heavier than nan different variants pinch minimum specifications.

What is nan heaviest Kia Forte model?

Kia Forte has respective models pinch adaptable characteristics, appealing compartment features, and precocious upgrades. A fewer variants measurement little than nan others because of their small-sized frames.

However, different models person large-sized chassis pinch respective compartment features and high-performance engines.

The 2019 Kia Forte is nan heaviest variant, pinch an mean weight of astir 3792 pounds (1.89 US tons). It has a 2.0-liter high-performance motor that produces 147 hp.

In addition, it is heavier because of nan large-sized state vessel pinch a precocious capacity. It has an mean capacity of astir 14 US gallons (52.9 liters).

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