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Porsche created a batch of buzz erstwhile they celebrated their 75th day pinch their splashy Mission X conception car past year. While conception cars are fantastic, astir ne'er move beyond nan conception stage. But could Porsche’s Mission X beryllium an exception? It’s a tantalizing anticipation to dream about.

According to a study from Motor1, Porsche CEO Oliver Blume teased that nan German automotive icon will determine whether they manufacture nan Mission X later this year. (What a clip to beryllium alive!)

A Dream Car With Dreamy Specs

According to Motor1’s report, there’s overmuch speculation regarding really overmuch powerfulness nan Mission X could generate. Some judge it’s 1,500 horsepower, while others deliberation it’s 1,700, perchance more! Their study speculates this monstrous supercar will person astatine slightest 2 motors, 1 per axle, to support an all-wheel thrust layout. Porsche has yet to uncover these specs.

The Mission X will tout a 900-volt architecture, pitting it against nan Rimac Nevera, a supercar engineered to person 500-kW charging capabilities.

The German automaker announced that nan Mission X would person much important downforce figures than their 911 GT3 RS (992). The GT3 RS is nary slouch, generating 409 kg and 860 kg of full downforce astatine 124 and 177 miles per hour, respectively. The study from Motor1 notes that nan Mission X could perchance complaint its artillery almost doubly arsenic accelerated arsenic nan Taycan Turbo S. It’s worthy noting that nan 2025 Taycan tin now complaint its artillery from 10 to 80 percent successful astir 18 minutes aft Porsche upgraded it from 270 to 320 kilowatts.

Porsche has made it known that nan Mission X will athletics staggered wheels, pinch nan beforehand being 20 inches and nan backmost being 21 inches, and that its wheelbase will beryllium 107.5 inches. It’s besides known that nan Mission X will beryllium nether 47 inches tall, astir 177 inches long, and 78 inches wide. The Mission X will besides person a artillery battalion mounted down its seats. Motor1’s study adds that erstwhile Porsche debuted nan conception car past year, they said nan Mission X would person a power-to-weight ratio of astatine slightest 1 horsepower per kilogram of nan vehicle.

After nan killer, record-breaking tally that Porsche precocious had astatine nan Nurburgring pinch their latest Taycan, wherever that gorgeous conveyance made it astir nan challenging 12.94-mile circuit successful a blazing 7 minutes and 7 seconds – it’s breathtaking to ideate what nan Mission X could do connected nan track.

Author: Jarret Hendrickson

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