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Kick sensors are located nether nan Lexus NX’s rear bumper, allowing you to unfastened nan tailgate without utilizing your hands and pressing nan cardinal fob button. You person to activity your ft nether nan halfway of nan SUV’s rear bumper. These mobility sensors observe objects’ beingness from nan signals that bounce back. These antennas emit signals to observe ft activity and bounce backmost to nonstop information.

Lexus NX footwear sensor not moving tin beryllium owed to beingness obstructions, abnormal footwear sensors, incorrectly aligned sensors, ungraded and debris accumulation, surgery sensors, incorrect ft movement, cardinal fob issues, damaged antenna, and interferences from nan surrounding objects and devices.

I had nan Lexus NX 2 years backmost and faced nan aforesaid issue. I had bags successful some hands because I was returning from nan market store. I was not capable to unfastened nan tailgate pinch my hands. I waved my ft nether nan halfway of nan SUV, but nan gross could not open.

I tried it for 10 to 20 seconds but faced nan aforesaid problem. I thought I had forgotten nan cardinal fob connected nan rate antagonistic of nan market store. I checked my pocket, and nan cardinal fob was wrong it. I placed nan market bags speech and opened nan tailgate manually.

Problems Solutions
Physical obstructions Carefully instal sticker and towing vehicle
Electric faults Replace frayed wires
Disabled footwear sensors Enable nan footwear sensor from nan settings menu
Incorrectly aligned sensor Visit dealerships to correct its position
Dirt and debris accumulation Cleaning pinch a barren cloth
Broken sensors Replace surgery sensors
Incorrect ft movement Maintain region of 3.9 inches
Key fob issues check nan cardinal fob to guarantee its functioning
Damaged antenna Install caller footwear sensors and region nan aged ones
Radio interferences Turn disconnected nan power and electrical devices

Physical obstructions

Kick sensors successful your vehicles extremity functioning because of beingness obstructions that do not let nan antenna to bespeak nan signals.

You tin look nan problem erstwhile you instal nan motorcycle racks pinch nan rear bumper of your SUV to tow bikes aliases bicycles for trips and their proscription from 1 spot to another.

In addition, galore group for illustration to instal stickers connected nan rear bumper for a cool and sporty exterior appearance. These stickers and motorcycle racks obstruct nan functioning of these sensors, and they cannot observe nan foot’s motion.

The rumor besides comes because of nan incorrect installation of motorcycle racks and different towing vehicles. Moreover, galore group do not cognize astir nan correct installation of nan rear bumper sticker, and they unintentionally adhere them to nan sensor surface, which causes obstructions successful their functioning.

It is basal to instal nan stickers cautiously and distant from these devices. Furthermore, getting thief from nan mechanic for nan correct installation of towing vehicles is better.

Electric faults

kick sensors are connected to your vehicle’s electrical system. Their antenna takes powerfulness from your SUV’s artillery to nonstop signals and observe nan beingness of an entity erstwhile it bounces back.

They extremity moving because of electrical faults, and you cannot unfastened nan tailgate while waving your ft nether nan bumper.

Electric faults travel from dormant Lexus NX batteries that cannot proviso capable powerfulness to nan electrical parts. In addition, you tin besides look issues because of frayed electrical cables that powerfulness these devices.

Check nan electrical wires that tally from your vehicle’s electrical strategy to this device. Replace nan damaged wires pinch caller ones and guarantee their unafraid relationship pinch sensors.

Disabled footwear sensors

You person to alteration nan sensors from nan main paper of your vehicle. Use nan touch surface and spell to nan settings to activate this feature.

People often deactivate this characteristic and past hide to activate it again. You cannot unfastened nan tailgate by kicking your ft erstwhile nan strategy is deactivated.

You person to activate nan footwear sensors from nan settings menu. In addition, you tin besides publication nan proprietor manual to get accusation astir their method of activation.

Incorrectly aligned sensor

Kick sensors go irresponsive successful Lexus NX because of their incorrect alignment. The rumor comes because of its incorrect mill installation.

These cannot observe nan activity of a ft because you are waving it successful a peculiar place. Moreover, rear-side collisions and accidental impacts besides impact their alignment.

I knowledgeable nan problem while opening nan tailgate because of nan incorrect alignment of nan sensor. Last night, my SUV collided pinch roadworthy hurdles, and I ignored it because location was nary awesome scratch aliases damage.

The adjacent day, I tried to unfastened nan tailgate by kicking my foot, and it did not work. I waved my ft backmost and distant respective times, and it started functioning. I realized that nan rear-side effect affected their alignment.

I moved to nan dealership for their installation astatine nan correct position.

Dirt and debris accumulation

Kick sensors are mounted adjacent to nan crushed aboveground and are much susceptible to roadworthy elements and water-related damage. Water and mud splashes from nan bedewed and muddy roads respectively travel connected their aboveground and impact their normal working.

Mud splashes time off nan barren mud furniture connected their surface, interrupting nan awesome transmission, and they cannot place nan moving objects.

In addition, particulate tin besides travel connected them because of off-road trips. Poor attraction besides makes these parts soiled and grimy. Moreover, h2o splashes from bedewed roads besides travel successful interaction pinch these devices, expanding their chances of malfunctioning.

Use a barren cloth to support these devices clean, and debar utilizing a damp cloth. Damp cloth increases nan consequence of electrical faults because of water-related damage.

Broken footwear sensors

Broken footwear sensors cannot usability correctly because of their damaged components. In addition, these go dormant and cannot admit nan ft movement.

These devices tin break during accidental cases and rear-side collisions. These tin besides deterioration retired because of their regular usage for extended periods and age.

The rumor tin besides travel erstwhile nan rear extremity of your Lexus NX hits nan roadworthy hurdles during reversing. Furthermore, insignificant collision pinch curb surfaces besides damages their components.

You cannot repair nan surgery sensor, truthful you person to switch it pinch a caller 1 to reconstruct its functioning.

Incorrect ft movement

These are mobility sensors and usability aft identifying your ft movement. These cannot usability erstwhile you incorrectly activity your ft nether your SUV.

You should not touch your conveyance while opening nan tailgate. Maintaining a important region betwixt your ft and nan exterior assemblage sheet is necessary.

In addition, you person to footwear your ft astatine nan location wherever these sensors are installed. You should support a region of astir 3.9 inches from your Lexus NX to usage this feature.

Key fob issues

You person to support nan cardinal fobs successful your pouch while opening nan tailgate pinch footwear sensors. The cardinal fob sends power signals to nan receiver devices, truthful they let nan opening of nan latch.

They extremity moving and do not let nan tailgate latch to disengage because of dormant and faulty cardinal fobs.

The dormant cardinal fob cannot transmit power signals to nan machine system. Check nan cardinal fob erstwhile these devices extremity functioning and guarantee they are not dead.

Damaged antenna

These sensors incorporate antennas that transmit nan signals for recognition of moving objects. When they collide pinch your foot, nan signals reflect, allowing nan tailgate latch to open.

You tin perceive nan buzzing sound erstwhile you move your ft backmost aft nan tailgate opening. Damaged antennas of footwear sensors do not let them to transportation nan signals.

You person to switch these devices pinch caller ones erstwhile their antenna gets damaged. Its replacement requires $500 to $800, depending connected your conveyance and its model.

Radio interference

Kick sensors extremity functioning because of power devices and metallic entity interferences. Radio devices emit power signals that origin interruptions successful awesome transmission from nan antenna.

In addition, metallic objects besides disrupt their normal moving because of electromagnetic fields. It is basal to move disconnected nan unnecessary devices from your Lexus NX that merchandise nan power signals.

Moreover, you tin besides look issues because of electrical constituent interferences. Turning disconnected nan windshield wiper and heaters is amended to hole nan problem.

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