LLumar Pinnacle vs. Stratos | Extensive Comparison

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Both nan Pinnacle and Stratos model tints are from nan aforesaid brand, LLumar. However, it doesn’t mean that some of them are aforesaid and connection nan aforesaid benefits.

To explicate to you really these model tints disagree from 1 another, I person talked astir LLumar Pinnacle vs. Stratos successful item below.

Go done nan comparison beneath to find retired which tint would beryllium nan correct prime for your car. 


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A Bit About LLumar Pinnacle

FormulaOne® Pinnacle® automotive tint is 1 of nan astir celebrated tints from LLumar. Featuring precocious ceramic technology, this ceramic tint provides exceptional power and infrared (IR) rejection to guarantee comfortableness and convenience.

Also, because it has a powerful nano-ceramic composition, this model tint protects nan car interior from damaging UV rays and helps trim irritating glare significantly. 

Moreover, arsenic it doesn’t person immoderate metallic dye successful its composition, it doesn’t interfere pinch immoderate power aliases electrical signals aliases alteration nan quality of nan glass.

LLumar Pinnacle

A Bit About LLumar Stratos

Often known arsenic FormulaOne® Stratos™, nan LLumar Stratos is different premium automotive model tint from LLumar. This Nano-Ceramic tint is specially designed to create a sleek look and supply other privateness for you and your belongings.

Moreover, arsenic it features a proprietary, non-metal Hybrid-Matrix construction, this tint offers fantabulous protection against UV rays, heat, and glare.


Because of specified bonzer protection, this tint not only gives privateness but besides ensures nan utmost comfortableness for your car interior.

Another awesome point astir Stratos Tint is that it is scratch resistant and holds shattered solid together for safety. 

For information and privacy, nan LLumar Stratos is rather unbeatable. 

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LLumar Pinnacle vs. Stratos

Here is simply a summary of nan differences betwixt LLumar Pinnacle and Stratos for a speedy glance. Go done it for an first idea.

PropertiesLLumar PinnacleLLumar Stratos
Tint TypeCeramicNano-Ceramic
Tint ConstructionAdvanced Ceramic Non-metal Hybrid-Matrix
UV Protection99%More than 99%
Heat Rejection53%63%
LLumar Stratos

Differences Between LLumar Pinnacle and Stratos

Let maine explicate nan important differences betwixt LLumar Pinnacle and Stratos truthful that you understand moreover better.

Tint Type

Even though they are from nan aforesaid manufacturer, some nan Pinnacle and Stratos features different building and tint type. 

For starters, LLumar Pinnacle is simply a ceramic tint pinch precocious ceramic technology. Its powerful creation cuts power and glare importantly and keeps nan interior cool and comfortable. 

Also, arsenic it didn’t usage immoderate metallic aliases dyes successful its composition, this tint doesn’t change nan glass’s original quality aliases disrupt immoderate physics signals.

On nan different hand, LLumar Stratos is simply a Nano-Ceramic windows tint pinch a Non-metal Hybrid-Matrix construction. 

This building not only gives you an other spot of privateness but besides ensures greater comfortableness and convenience. 

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UV Protection

The UV rejection capabilities of some nan LLumar Pinnacle and Stratos are excellent.

Because nan Pinnacle tint has an precocious ceramic construction, it blocks 99% of vulnerable UV rays to support nan interior incredibly cool and comfortable. It besides puts little restraint connected your aerial conditioning system.


However, LLumar Stratos is simply a spot much effective successful blocking harmful UV rays. As it is simply a high-performance tint, it tin artifact much than 99% UV rays for maximum compartment comfort. 

Heat Rejection

As these model tints person different exertion and building types, their power rejection capabilities besides disagree greatly. 

For instance, LLumar Pinnacle provides 53% power rejection to nan users. It is rather capable to support nan car cool during hot, sunny days.

However, LLumar Stratos has 63% power rejection capabilities, dissimilar galore different tints successful nan market. 

With specified a precocious level of power rejection, this tint ensures nan utmost comfortableness and privacy, 


One large quality betwixt LLumar Pinnacle and Stratos is successful their prices.

Even aft offering immoderate astonishing features, nan LLumar Pinnacle is moderately priced. You won’t consciousness immoderate load to bargain this tint.


Whereas nan value of LLumar Stratos is beautiful high. Because it provides amended protection and privacy, this tint is ace costly and mightiness not beryllium successful nan fund of each user. 


Andy’s Opinion

The chat of LLumar Pinnacle vs. Stratos is fascinating. Even though some these model tints are from nan aforesaid manufacturer, they are different from 1 another.

While Pinnacle offers a wide scope of services pinch 7 different colour ranges successful a budget-friendly value tag, it tin beryllium a awesome prime for you. 


But past again, if you want improved capacity pinch maximum privateness and protection, past you should bargain nan LLumar Stratos.

However, arsenic it is highly-priced, it mightiness beryllium a spot retired of your budget.