Mercedes B4 Service [Checklist & What to Expect]

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As a Mercedes-Benz owner, fewer things provoke much uncertainty than nan “Service B4 Due” connection popping up connected your dashboard.

What precisely does your German instrumentality need? And is this attraction work really necessary?

In this article, I will explicate what nan Mercedes B4 work is, what’s included, and why it’s important.

Without wasting immoderate much time, let’s get into it!

Mercedes B4 Service Quick Answer 

If you are looking for a speedy answer, past present is what nan “B4” Includes:

Service Summary
Oil and Filter Change Replacement of aged lipid pinch caller synthetic oil, and changing nan lipid select to region impurities and replenish basal additives.
Cabin Air Filter Replacement Renewal of compartment aerial select to support cleanable interior aerial value and forestall odors.
Brake Fluid Flush and Fill Refreshing brake fluid to support due levels and forestall corrosion.
Fluid Level Top-Off Ensuring each basal fluids, including coolant, transmission, and powerfulness steering, are astatine nan required levels.
Tire Inflation Check and Correction Inspecting and adjusting tyre unit to forestall uneven wear, heighten substance economy, and amended conveyance handling.
Brake Inspection Comprehensive introspection of brake components to place and reside issues proactively.
Maintenance Counter Reset Resetting nan vehicle’s attraction antagonistic to support way of work intervals and stay connected schedule for early services.
Spark Plug Replacement Inspection and imaginable replacement of spark plugs to guarantee optimal motor capacity and combustion.
Sunroof Inspection, Cleaning & Regreasing Detailed cleaning of sunroof drains and channels, on pinch lubrication of nan tracks, to forestall leaks and guarantee soft operation.
Tire Pressure Adjustment Verification and accommodation of tyre unit according to shaper specifications to beforehand moreover tread deterioration and amended substance ratio and conveyance handling.

What is B4 Service connected a Mercedes?

The B4 work falls nether Mercedes-Benz’s Flexible Service System (FSS), which divides attraction into “A” and “B” type services, alternating astir each 10,000 miles aliases 1 twelvemonth of ownership.

The B4 work signifies nan 4th awesome work interval successful your Mercedes’ lifespan, occurring astir 80,000 miles aliases 8 years of operation. It comes astir 1 twelvemonth aft an A4 work visit.

While B4 work includes immoderate modular items, Mercedes adds a fewer further captious attraction tasks circumstantial to nan B4 service. This keeps cardinal components operating optimally astatine this mileage interval to support capacity and reliability.

When is Mercedes B4 Service Due?

If you’re drafting a blank connected erstwhile your Mercedes is owed for B4 service, don’t sweat it. The convenient FSS strategy takes nan guesswork retired of attraction scheduling.

Once you’ve crossed nan 70,000- 80,000-mile aliases 7-8 twelvemonth mark, nan Mercedes will intelligently show driving conditions and fto you cognize erstwhile work is owed via messages for illustration Service B4 Due.

What Does Mercedes B4 Service Include?

The B4 is 1 of nan astir broad attraction services for your Mercedes. Here are nan cardinal items performed:

1. Air Filter Replacement 

A cleanable aerial select is important for allowing due airflow to nan motor for optimal capacity and substance economy. Your Mercedes technician will region nan aged clogged select and instal a caller Mercedes-Benz genuine aerial filter.

2. Spark Plug Replacement 

Spark plugs are perfectly captious for igniting nan fuel-air substance successful nan combustion chamber. After 80k miles of service, your existing spark plugs person apt knowledgeable immoderate erosion and wear.

For optimal ignition and motor performance, nan technician will instal a caller group of Mercedes mill spark plugs pinch caller electrodes.

3. Sunroof Inspection, Cleaning & Regreasing 

 If your Mercedes is equipped pinch a sunroof, nan B4 work includes thorough cleaning and re-greasing of nan sunroof rails and guides.

Over time, dirt, debris and deficiency of lubrication tin origin nan sunroof to instrumentality aliases grind erstwhile operated.

The technician will cleanable each aged grease and grime from nan tracks earlier applying caller Mercedes-approved lubricant to support nan sunroof gliding smoothly for years to come. This whitethorn besides trim centrifugal strain and noise.

4. Oil and Filter Change

The aged motor lipid and lipid select are drained and replaced pinch Mercedes-approved afloat synthetic lipid and a caller Mercedes lipid filter. This maintains due lubrication and keeps contaminants from circulating done nan engine.

5. Tire Pressure Check

Under-inflated tires deterioration unevenly and wounded substance economy. Your technician will analyse and set tyre pressures arsenic needed for information and maximum life.

6. Brake Inspection

The brake pads, rotors, calipers and afloat brake strategy cognition are inspected to spot immoderate issues earlier they go serious. Catching problems early connected a B4 sojourn saves money down nan road.

7. Fluid Level Checks

All fluid levels including coolant, transmission, powerfulness steering, and windshield washer fluid are examined and topped disconnected if low. Maintaining due levels is cardinal for strategy functionality.

8. Service Light Reset

The B4 work reminder ray is reset to show afloat miles until your adjacent service. This lets you cognize nan B4 attraction is complete.

Mercedes Service B4 Checklist

If you are readying connected doing this work yourself, present is simply a adjuvant printable checklist of tasks you request to perform.

Task Status
Synthetic Oil Change
Oil Filter Replacement
Air Filter Replacement
Cabin Air Filter Replacement
Spark Plug Replacement
Clean Sunroof Rails
Check Fluids
Check Tire Pressure
Check Brake Components
Reset Service Counter

Why is Mercedes B4 Service So Expensive?

Expect to salary upwards of $700 aliases much for B4 work astatine nan Mercedes-Benz dealership. As a luxury automaker, Mercedes goes nan other mile to supply an exceptional ownership experience, which comes astatine a cost. Here are immoderate cardinal reasons B4 work demands a premium:

  • Factory-Trained Technicians – Mercedes techs complete extended training to work these analyzable vehicles utilizing proprietary devices and methods expertly. This specialty commands higher labour rates.
  • Specialized Equipment – Mercedes dealers put heavy successful diagnostic scanners and devices only disposable to certified repair shops. This instrumentality isn’t cheap.
  • Genuine Parts – Components for illustration filters and spark plugs are Mercedes-branded and engineered to strict specifications for optimal performance.
  • Brand Reputation – As a prestige brand, Mercedes tin request much for some vehicles and certified service. Customers expect white-glove treatment.

While nan dealership is mostly worthy nan bid of mind, you tin prevention hundreds utilizing a decently vetted independent Mercedes master for B4 service,

Based from my ain individual acquisition arsenic a mechanic and a car repair shop owner, nan mean costs astatine a qualified car shed for nan B4 work is $450.

How to Save connected B4 without Sacrificing Quality

Here are tips to prevention money connected your Mercedes B4 work without compromising quality:

  • Ask Around – Speak to chap Mercedes owners astir independents shops they spot for service. Word-of-mouth recommendations speak volumes.
  • Review Check – Verify nan shop has beardown reviews specifically for servicing Mercedes-Benz vehicles. General repair shops often don’t trim it.
  • Confirm Expertise – The shop should person ASE certified technicians pinch Mercedes training and years of acquisition moving connected nan brand.
  • Ask About Parts – Only Mercedes-branded aliases OEM-equivalent value components should beryllium utilized – debar inexpensive aftermarket parts.
  • Get a Written Estimate – Review a elaborate estimate truthful you cognize precisely what labour and parts are being billed. No surprises.
  • Check Warranty Impact – Will non-dealer work void immoderate facet of your Mercedes mill warranty? Get this answered upfront.
  • Reset Verification – Ensure nan independent shop tin decently reset nan Mercedes B4 work reminder ray erstwhile nan occupation is complete.

While dealerships consciousness safer, an independent master pinch proven Mercedes expertise tin perchance prevention you large connected B4 work without cutting corners.

My Overall Thoughts

Keeping up pinch scheduled attraction for illustration B4 work is important for ensuring your prized Mercedes-Benz continues moving beautifully for years and thousands of miles to come.

While nan dealership offers bid of mind, you tin perchance prevention money utilizing a decently vetted independent shop without sacrificing quality. No matter wherever you go, beryllium judge to usage genuine Mercedes fluids and parts.

Following nan manufacturer’s recommended attraction intervals will support your Mercedes operating reliably and comfortably good past 200,000 miles. With due care, your Mercedes tin present galore much miles of smooth, powerful, and luxurious performance.

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