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Awful drivers beryllium successful each benignant of car, but it’s nary concealed that immoderate cars person unspeakable drivers. Sometimes, you cognize by nan car’s color that they’re going to swerve successful beforehand of you aliases abruptly stop.

The statement will beryllium arsenic agelong arsenic cars and their abhorrent drivers proceed to exist. Here are immoderate individual cars and car brands pinch nan worst drivers, from driver opinions to studies done connected messy drivers and their vehicles.  

Ford Bronco Sport 

Ford Bronco Sport Image Credit: Alexander Migl/WikiCommons.

Some group opportunity nan Bronco Sport is for nan older generations who wanted a Ford Bronco erstwhile they were young and couldn’t person one. But we wonderment if nan existent logic why Bronco Sport drivers are truthful bad is because nan hood reflects nan sunlight straight backmost into nan driver’s face, making it intolerable to see. No matter nan reason, watch your backmost erstwhile you spot 1 connected nan road. 

Nissan Altima

2013 Nissan AltimaImage Credit: Nissan.

Is anyone surprised? The Nissan Altima (or astir Nissan cars) is known for being unreliable astatine best. At its worst, inferior drivers flock to Altimas. It could beryllium because of nan affordability and really easy it is to get your hands connected one. Or possibly they entreaty to “live fast” benignant of group because hitting 90,000 miles spells decease for nan car. We don’t know; we conscionable telephone them for illustration we spot them.  

Ford F-150

2024 Ford F-150 PlatinumImage Credit: Ford.

This mightiness beryllium different lawsuit of nan sheer amount connected nan road, making it much apt that a bad driver would beryllium down it arsenic opposed to F-150 drivers ever being inherently wrong. But galore group person noted their annoyance and hatred of group driving F-150s, particularly pinch LED headlights. Remember drivers, there’s nary request to person nan biggest and brightest headlights for your truck. 

Ford Mustang

1964 Ford MustangImage Credit: GPS 56/WikiCommons.

Mustangs of each makes and models thin to person drivers pinch a “lead foot” reputation. Whether it’s a classical exemplary aliases nan latest edition, you must intimately watch Mustang drivers. Whether it is trying to title different drivers aliases revving their engines, location are plentifulness of unfun surprises pinch Mustang drivers connected nan road. 


Mercedes-Benz CLAImage Credit: Wiki Commons

It whitethorn interest a mendacious consciousness of superiority from driving a luxury vehicle, but Mercedes drivers are typically impatient, aggressive, and self-important. This turns into erratic driving and speeding, possibly moreover a mediate finger. With each of those qualities, it’s nary wonderment group person had horrible experiences pinch Mercedes drivers.  

Kia Soul

2014 Kia SoulImage Credit: Kia.

If nan drivers were really hamsters, we could forgive them. But usually, they’re conscionable humans pinch unspeakable driving skills. You honk astatine them, but they don’t care. Internet forums show scary stories of Soul drivers who swerve successful and retired of postulation aliases trim group off. It could beryllium because immoderate Souls are prone to motor stalling, idling, etc. Or it is because Kia Souls is 1 of nan apical stolen vehicles, truthful you’re seeing a getaway car?

Nissan Versa

2016 Nissan VersaImage Credit: Nissan.

You knew nan Altima wasn’t nan only Nissan appearing connected nan list. The Versa mightiness beryllium conscionable arsenic bad. As 1 of nan cheapest cars connected nan marketplace pinch tons of interior space, nan car is accessible to galore drivers. The much drivers, nan much apt you will find a rotten egg. Or a batch of unspeakable eggs swerving successful beforehand of you aliases not paying attention. 

Chrysler Town & Country Minivans

Chrysler Town & CountryImage Credit: WikiCommons.

Soccer moms (and dads), we cognize there’s a batch to juggle. But we request of you–keep your eyes connected nan road! The Chrysler Town & Country often has older drivers who whitethorn unintentionally origin issues…or don’t attraction anymore. Either way, immoderate minivan is simply a full batch of car without a full batch of consciousness down nan wheel. 


Mazda CX-5Image Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

Bad Mazda drivers whitethorn beryllium a byproduct of a successful brand. You’ll spot astatine slightest 1 Mazda connected nan database of lousy driver threads crossed nan internet. Some group moreover study immoderate superior RBF connected nan road, too. So, if you don’t want your feelings hurt, enactment distant from a Mazda while driving connected nan road. 


Lexus LX 570Image Credit: Dinkun Chen/WikiCommons.

Citing much money than brains is nan logic why Lexus drivers are truthful bad; here’s yet different car marque pinch nan worst drivers. While a Lexus is simply a beautiful vehicle, their drivers perpetually look connected dashcam cameras of accidents. Primarily to blasted nan driver for not being astatine responsibility for nan accident. 

Ram Trucks

Dodge RAM 1500 ClassicImage Credit: Tony Webster/WikiCommons.

Ram trucks are immoderate of nan first to popular up connected a unspeakable driver list, and Ram arsenic a full ranks precocious connected nan database of brands pinch nan worst drivers. LendingTree identified them astatine nan apical of their database of worst drivers.

One mentation is that Rams are 1 of nan champion entryway trucks for caller motortruck drivers, making it accessible for little knowledgeable drivers to return connected nan road. 


Tesla Model S 2022 astatine nan agrarian roadImage Credit: Shutterstock.

While Tesla drivers deliberation they’re redeeming nan satellite 1 complaint astatine a time, they’re not redeeming group from their unspeakable driving. Teslas person 1 of nan highest mishap rates astatine 23.5 accidents per 1,000 drivers. This mightiness beryllium because Teslas are accelerated aliases because they person had issues that person required mass recalls from its autopilot software. 


BMW i4 xDrive40Image Credit: BMW.

According to a LendingTree study, BMW drivers person nan highest DUI rates, making them immoderate atrocious drivers. Like Mercedes and different luxury vehicles, BMW drivers whitethorn person a consciousness of entitlement, making them little considerate of different drivers connected nan road. If they’re already driving nether nan influence, their different antagonistic traits won’t get better.