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Toyota Tundra is simply a half-ton motortruck pinch a reliable design. However, immoderate exemplary years person been affected owed to framework corrosion issues, specifically successful 20 acold ambiance US states pinch precocious roadworthy brackish content. However, nan institution launched a callback and various customer restitution programs to facilitate nan owners by offering free-of-cost repair work.

What Year Toyota Tundra Has Frame Recall? Toyota Tundra framework callback covers nan 2000-2003 exemplary years manufactured betwixt nan periods January 1999 to September 2003. It involves preventive measures for illustration spraying nan corrosion-resistant compound connected nan frame’s rear portion and replacing parts pinch perforation greater than 10mm.

This article will screen nan information callback issued by nan shaper for nan Tundra framework corrosion issue. We will explicate its reasons, consequences, coverage, eligibility criteria, and replacement process for faulty parts.

Reasons for Toyota Tundra framework problem

The main logic for nan Tundra framework callback is corrosion owed to various reasons. Over time, vulnerability to biology elements, specified arsenic roadworthy salt, moisture, and highly acold climates, tin lead to rust formation. It weakens nan structural integrity, posing a information consequence to drivers and passengers.

The problem is much fierce successful acold ambiance states, causing holes successful nan motortruck framework and harm to different components.

It is unfastened to everyone, irrespective of location, facing terrible corrosion problems different than normal deterioration and tear pinch framework aging.

However, penchant has been fixed to residents of 20 states for illustration Connecticut, Delaware, Columbia District, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin, and West Virginia, to sanction a few.

Consequences of Toyota Tundra Frame Corrosion

Weakening of nan Toyota Tundra framework leads to harm to different components and associated terrible information risks. The portion astir affected by nan corrosion is nan rear transverse member.

The shaper has provided nan abstraction nether nan motortruck to necktie nan spare tyre pinch this framework part. Perforation of nan rear transverse personnel owed to excessive corrosion tin lead to detachment of nan spare tyre nether nan moving vehicle, posing terrible information risks for nan postulation down it and causing an accident.

Its different consequence tin beryllium harm to nan rear brake lines, compromising their braking capacity and expanding nan stopping distance. As a result, nan motortruck tin clang pinch different vehicles owed to uncontrolled cognition because of brake loss.

Furthermore, this motortruck has 2 transverse members and straps arsenic a portion of its framework to clasp nan substance tank.

Some owners person complained astir nan falling of substance tanks nether their trucks while running, starring to catastrophic accidents and, successful immoderate cases, occurrence owed to clash produced owed to vessel dragging connected nan road.

The structural weakness resulting from corrosion besides impacts nan wide capacity and drivability of nan vehicle.

Toyota Tundra exemplary years affected by framework recall

This framework callback specifically targets exemplary years 2000 to 2003. Owners of trucks from these years tin cheque their conveyance recognition numbers (VINs) against nan database provided by Toyota to find if their conveyance is eligible for nan recall.

The World Manufacturer Identifier (WMI) codification for nan eligible vehicles is 5TB. The constricted number of 2007-2008 models besides person this installation disposable arsenic a portion of extended warranty sum by Toyota to resoluteness nan problem.

Eligibility criteria for Toyota Tundra trucks for callback program

The first portion of nan framework callback programme eligibility is that nan conveyance must autumn wrong nan specified exemplary years 2000-2003 and 2007-2008. Next, you person to cheque that its VIN is wrong nan scope provided by nan shaper connected its website aliases alternate channels.

If you person registered a Tundra successful immoderate acold ambiance authorities arsenic per nan database provided by Toyota, past nan adjacent measurement is to execute its ocular inspection.

If immoderate holes connected nan rear parts of nan framework are larger than 10 millimeters successful diameter, you are eligible for nan repair program.

Any conveyance not successful drivable information owed to immoderate different problem, condemned aliases scrapped and damaged owed to immoderate roadworthy mishap is not eligible for this offer.

Toyota Tundra framework callback coverage

This callback covers nan replacement aliases repair costs for eligible vehicles. It includes some parts and labour associated pinch nan replacement.

If corrosion and harm to rear transverse members, brake lines, and substance vessel mounting straps are not significant, Toyota will use a corrosion-resistant compound connected those areas of nan framework to protect them from further damage.

In lawsuit of perforations successful those parts, nan shaper will switch them free of cost. In lawsuit of harm to its building beyond repairs, you person to switch its full assembly.

Therefore, Tundra owners request to interaction their section dealership for circumstantial specifications regarding sum and eligibility depending connected nan information of their vehicles aft nan framework inspection by nan technicians.

The shaper will besides supply rental cars during your motortruck astatine nan repair shop aliases immoderate hold successful nan repair process owed to nan unavailability of parts.

Besides this recall, Toyota has besides launched a constricted work run for nan 2000-2003 models for remedial measures to framework harm owed to corrosion.

Instructions by Toyota for a rusty Tundra frame

Toyota instructed each Tundra owners to visually inspect nan rear portion of nan framework and transverse members for immoderate signs of excessive rust. In lawsuit of immoderate problem, region nan spare tyre from nan transverse personnel to forestall accidents and debar nan consequence of pursuing vehicles.

Next, they should sojourn immoderate authorized dealers to inspect these parts of nan framework to do repair aliases replacement procedures arsenic per requirement.

In lawsuit of nary problem, nan shaper advises each nan owners, particularly successful acold climates, to use a corrosion-resistant chemic connected nan framework to protect it and guarantee its longevity.

Procedure for framework replacement nether callback issued by Toyota

If a Toyota Tundra is deemed eligible for nan framework recall, nan process involves scheduling an assignment pinch an authorized dealership.

Trained technicians will region nan spare tyre and inspect nan conveyance to corroborate nan beingness of corrosion connected nan respective parts. They will switch nan framework if nan perforations are larger than 10 mm.

They will switch it if nan rear cross-member area has holes larger than 10mm. The adjacent measurement is to switch nan substance vessel mounting straps. After that, technicians will cleanable nan rusty area and use a corrosion-resistant compound (CRC) connected each rear portions of nan frame.

In immoderate cases, it is challenging to switch rear transverse members, and they will spell for complete replacement.

Other parts requiring replacement are brake lines, load sensing proportioning valve, and nuts and bolts holding nan substance vessel straps. The institution will screen nan costs associated pinch nan replacement, including parts and labor.

Is nan Toyota framework callback for nan Tundra still available?

The deadline for nan customer restitution programme to repair nan beforehand information of nan framework was nan extremity of 2012.

The 2nd portion of nan programme to use CRC to nan rear portion of nan framework continued aft that deadline nether nan Tundra BXD run to facilitate nan 2000-2003 exemplary motortruck owners.

Toyota besides offered a constricted work run for 2000-2003 models pinch framework perforation problems until April 2012.

Moreover, location is besides a people action colony for an extended warranty for 2007-2008 models having excessive corrosion connected nan truck.

You should sojourn nan dealership aliases interaction their Customer Experience Center for circumstantial details.

How overmuch does nan proprietor person to salary for nan Toyota Tundra framework recall?

Frame information recall, customer restitution program, and constricted work run offered free-of-cost services to nan vehicles fulfilling nan eligibility criteria and passing nan inspection.

However, if your Tundra motortruck exemplary is not covered nether immoderate of these offers, you person to salary varying amounts depending connected nan grade of repair required.

It tin scope from $1000 to $12000, from replacing parts for illustration brake tubes aliases vessel mounting straps to a complete framework swap.

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